[EM Event] Sentencing for Olivia Kanlocke – Friday, 4/6 – 7:30pm EST

April 04, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

by Barnaby

Citizens of Britannia,

As you are no doubt aware, Olivia Kanlocke recently turned herself in to face punishment for suspected crimes against the kingdom. After a thorough investigation, a decision has been reached, and the former Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard will be sentenced, in public, at Castle Britannia three evenings hence.

As her actions in support of the criminal Janus endangered the lives of those she had sworn to protect, all citizens are encouraged to attend this sentencing. Though it may be with a heavy heart, Justice must be served. Signed,

Brother Lian Vinre, Royal Council


WHEN: Friday, 4/6

TIME: 7:30 EST

PLACE: Castle Britannia, Trammel

This is the FINAL EVENT in the “Path Forwardstory arc that began in March of last year. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read THIS POST if you are not familiar with the story.


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