EM Event: See for Yourself… (Monday Oct. 8th)

October 07, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the Sonoma EM Events website:

Daniel handed Dupre the chess piece. “See for yourself. It is the original. The craftsmanship can only be that of Lord British. I am convinced.”

Dupre turned the Bishop piece over a few times. “I Concur. But What to do now?”

” I know what I am doing. I am sneaking this piece back before Blacktorn sees it is missing.”

“Daniel You better get used to calling him Lord.”

Daniel nodded and picked up the piece. “I hope to see you tomorrow then…as planned?”

“At the counselor hall in Britainnia Monday October 8 at 6PT 9 ET.”

Daniel seemed to vaporize and Dupre sat at his desk alone. A wry smile crossed his face.

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