[EM Event] Rosemerry’s Dismay

January 20, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EMEvent] Rosemerry’s Dismay

Posted on January 20, 2012 by EMFio

Rosemerry sat and looked about the empty shop. She had only just received the deed and began preparation to decorate and stock the shop with the help of the kind citizens. And now she had before her a pile of letters stating for various reasons why she couldn’t get the goods she needed to open her shop.

Letters from farmers stating why there was no fruits and vegetables.

Letters from the rancher about why there would be no milk and butter.

Notes from the merchants stating they couldn’t deliver her goods even if she could get them made.

And now she looked at a letter from an unscrupulous character claiming he could get her the goods she needed…  at a price… one she could not afford given she had nothing to make anything with much less make any money. She crumpled up that one and tossed it at the fire.

Rosemerry walked through her shop and blew out the candles one by one.

“Best not waste those either, “ she mumbled to herself. “Things seem to be getting harder and harder”

She locked the door behind her as she had made up her mind to see if she could get more information as to why there were problems fillings her orders. Rosmerry always believed if there was a problem it should be handled face to face.

A messenger approached her and she nodded.

“Oh yes. Please deliver this to Donal at Empath Abbey.” He took the message and shuddered. She looked strangely at him as he walked away. She then began walking towards the Inn that had become her home recently. “Such troubling things indeed.”

Later at Empath Abbey…

Taryn walked in the door after going to the market and watched Donal walking around the lab getting frustrated and realized he was looking for something  and not finding what he was looking for.

“Anything I can help you with?” she asked as she set down a few small pouches on the table.

He looked through a shelf full of bottles and mumbled to himself. then realized she had said something to him.

“Hrmm, I can’t seem to find an empty bottle in which to mix a new potion,” he looked back at her after climbing a a small step ladder to look on another shelf. “Didn’t you get those supplies I asked for?”

She shook her head at him laughing a bit, “I just got back, but i couldn’t get most of the supplies.” she frowned as he walked past her and looked through the pouches without a word. “The shop owners are having troubles getting things they need from suppliers and the merchants apparently are refusing to ship many items.”

“Refusing?” Donal suddenly stopped his searching and looked at Taryn. He then went to his desk and retrieved a letter from Rosemerry. He handed it to Taryn and began searching again.

Taryn looked at her old mentor and was concerned but read the letter.

Dearest Donal,

I want to thank you again for all the help you and Taryn have given me to start my life anew in Britain. However it seems I’ve come across some problems getting goods and services to begin baking and distilling again.

I’d like for Taryn to come with me to help me manage my way around the towns and see what’s going on myself. As long as she doesn’t make me jump through too many of those gates she likes to throw around. You know how lost I can get these days, but still despise those things. But I really feel like this is something that needs to be looked into and I’m hearing stories of caravans and travelers being attacked. So her company would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Taryn looked at Donal.

“Do I assume this mean you want me to help Rosemerry?” she looked at the monk still chasing down an empty bottle and smiled, as Donal waved his hand and nodded towards her.

[OOC] Please meet with Taryn at the Councilor’s Hall on Sunday, Jan 22nd at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)

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