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Professor Grimm awaited us at the counselors hall in Britain.

-“Good evening, its nice to be whit you here again!

I had enough time to recuperate me from the horrible things which I saw in the netherworld!

You can’t imagine what kind of things I saw there!

It’s a terrible place!

Not even my worst enemy I want to see there.”

*tiers filling his dry eyes*

” I saw creatures which I can’t even describe…

Scenes of horror and violence!

Oh my God…”

*looks down to the floor*

“Now i know why…

Why this elemental creature attacking Sosaria!

I know who we have to give the blame for all what happened!

Millenniums ago the humans where not the owner of this land.



The royals of the elements where the Kings and Lord of this land…

Of our land…


They and the humans lived century’s of time in peace together!

We, the humans, became stronger and our population was growing very fast!

we learned hot to use magic and how to make powerful weapons.

We started to claim more and more space of their land.

Finally it culminated in a war!

Humans against the royals of the elements…

After decades of war our mages found a way to ban them in the netherworld!

And we won the war…

Since the experiment of my friend failed, there is a crack in the netherworld.

Now they are here to claim their land back from us!

When i was there in the netherworld, I tried to find a friendly solution…

I was hoping that there could be a way to live in peace together!

But they are full of hate and enviousness against us!

I am afraid that the only way to resolve the problem is the war against them,

till i found a way to close the crack!

Today your quest is it to fight against the elementals,

so i am able to get close to the crack.

I need to do some more researches on the crack.

Hopefully I will be able to invent something very soon!

For today I gave you enough information’s.”

The professor took us outside and told us to kill everything that was around so he could get close enough to the crack.

A gate opened up and took us to the entrance of the Underworld.

He guided us trough the Underworld towards the entrance of the Stygian Abyss.

We traveled towards the silver sapling tree.

When we came near the garden we where attacked by several changelings and a group of flurry’s.

Near the tree we noticed another crack to the netherworld.

We had to keep fighting so that the professor could do his research.

After a long and hard battle a fairy princess came to mingle in the fight.

But she was no match for the well trained warriors and mages and fell in the battle.

Some of the brave warriors where lucky enough to get their hands on some strange bottle.

When things calmed down the we gathered around the professor.

-“Thank you!” he said

“I have gathered enough information to find a way to close the crack!

I go straight to work!

There is a lot to do for me!

I wish you all a good night.”


Now we all have to wait home till the professor call us again to go to close the crack to the netherworld.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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