[EM Event Report] Election – Results of Round 2 (Sunday 27th)

December 01, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

In keeping up with the progress of these Elections I once again attended so I could hear the results from the second round of voting.

On arrival I noted some of the names in attendance:

Duey [ELV], Kairi [ELV], Erzsebet Bathory [ELV], Lord Forbrak [CBH]

Kou [DOT], Lady Scaramanga [WoY], Stomp [WoY]

Richard Heath [-V-], Rimeny De Blaze [-V-], Aidan Duncan [-V-], Escaflowne [-V-]

Amantala Chuck , Sepuric Lithril [-V-], Anira Cuilwen [-V-]

Maleachi [TMG], Lady Pkr Of Yew [Pwn.], Antinea [*CD*], Valas,

Sari- Liane [-SM-]


Of course the 6 candidates were also in attendance:


Lord Irvyn

Lord Aron Swordmaster

Alaster The Mad


Nathan Hawke


On arrival some of the crowd were complaining about the terrible seating which Irvyn informed us that he had made numerous complaints about, but to no avail.

Colonel Clegg: Good evening everybody. In a few moments I will announce the results of the second round of the elections.

I would like to invite all the candidates up on the stage. Right now we have six candidates. But we will only have two left after tonight.

Candidates, are you ready?


At this point Aron took a quick seat on Lord British’s throne presumably just in case he never got the chance in the future.

Heimlich: maybe i should get down now, get it over with quick

Nathan Hawke: Aye Heimlich me too

Some cheers of “Heimlich” and “Aron” arose from the crowd.

Aron Swordmaster: Heimlich, as long as you are by our side, it doesn’t matter if you get down now


Colonel Clegg: The first candidate to leave the elections….

Is Nathan Hawke

Nathan, you got 21 votes in this round


Nathan was smiling at this news, and perhaps looking a little relieved. A round of applause for Nathan was given.

Nathan Hawke: You all were better at politics than I

Irvyn: Sadly that is true.


Colonel Clegg: Do you want to say something before stepping down?

Nathan Hawke: No I am fine thank you sir, however I will need a word with everyone a bit later.

Several looks of curiosity passed among the crowd at the news Nathan needed to talk to us all.


Colonel Clegg: The next candidate did slightly better than Nathan and got 22 votes….

I’m sorry Heimlich but you didn’t make it….

A round of applause from the crowd.

Curunir: Good try Heimlich

Mary-Ann: well done heimi

Nathan Hawke: Well done Heimlich good man

Kayne: sorry Heimi

Amantala Chuck: well done heimi chuck


Colonel Clegg: Do you want to say something before stepping down?


Heimlich: thank you all for listening to my speeches and for the votes, and may the best pwal win!

Several shouts of “A PWAL” were heard around the crowd. Alaster the Mad was also smiling broadly at Heimlich’s comment and the shouts


Colonel Clegg: Thank you Heimlich, for participating

The next candidate got 46 votes in this round of the elections

Aron Swordmaster. I’m sorry you didn’t make it

A large round of applause from around the crowd, it was also noted that Nathan was clapping rather enthusiastically for Aron.

Kayne: Unlucky my friend

Alaster The Mad: you rock aron!

Nathan Hawke: Well done sir

Mary-Ann: unlucky aron


Aron Swordmaster: Thank you all for the support so far, and I hope we can all unite behind whoever is the eventual candidate, and I wish him all the best myself

Colonel Clegg: Thank you Aron, and thank you for participating in the elections

Aron then went down the line of remaining candidates to shake their hands.


Colonel Clegg: Now there are 3 candidates left. All of them very strong contenders for the title. But only 2 of them can continue to the next round….

The one who didn’t make it came short just 18 votes

I’m sorry Irvyn but you didn’t make it

It has to be said that Irvyn looked entirely relieved rather than upset about the fact he missed out on the chance to be Lord Protector. The crowd also gave a hearty round of applause and cheers for the Duke

Nathan Hawke: Now that has surprised me

Sepuric Lithril: *Gasps* thats surprising

Irvyn: Well done to both of you.

Alaster The Mad: Thanks for all Irvyn!

Mary-Ann: I wasn’t expecting that

Escaflowne: Well played

Irvyn: You also.

Aron Swordmaster: Hurrah sir for your late surge all the same!

Irvyn: But I will be supporting Alaster now.

Escaflowne: Aye i gathered that much


Colonel Clegg: Irvyn any words for your voters?


Irvyn: My thanks to all those who supported me. As I said in the questions on Friday, I will support whowever stands against Escaflowne. I truly believe that his path is too dangerous and unsteady for Britannaia.

Therefore I ask you all now to support Alaster.

Nathan Hawke: Interesting…

Escaflowne: Or you could vote Esca instead

Colonel Clegg: Thank you Irvyn

Angeline: For Trinsic and the duke!!

Aron Swordmaster: I salute your campaign Irvyn, and would have supported it myself if you’d gone that one round more

Irvyn: Thank you Aron.


Colonel Clegg: One more round of applause for Irvyn. He was a very strong contender


Escaflowne: So what were the final scores of votes? Would like an idea of what im up against

Colonel Clegg: And so we are left with two candidates

Alaster The Mad: * whispers to escaflowne : prepare your pants*

Escaflowne: *Whispers back, prepare to die*

Colonel Clegg: You have done well gentlemen

Aron Swordmaster: Can we somehow merge them into one, and be ruled by an Escalaster?

Alaster The Mad: thank you !

Escaflowne: That is a very nice name

Kayne: cant we have alaflowne?

Irvyn: Or Alasflowne.

Heimlich: alastaflowne?


Colonel Clegg: So now I would like to give the word to our final two candidates

Sonea Lore: The scores?

Irvyn: Just out of interest, what were the final voting scores?

Colonel Clegg: Escaflowne, you came second in the votes

Escaflowne: How many did i have?

Colonel Clegg: You had 165 votes. Irvyn had 147, and Alaster an impressive 239

The crowd erupted into gasps of shock at the lead Alaster had gained ahead of Escaflowne.

Escaflowne: And now he will have all of Irvyns voting base, In the next round

Irvyn: A very impressive score indeed.

Escaflowne: Going to be a tough week

Curunir: Esca has a task to catch up there….

Aron Swordmaster: And he didn’t even make a poster; Pants not Posters seems to be the way to power!

Colonel Clegg: Sounds like you have work to do Escaflowne. But, you can start now

Escaflowne: Theres only so many posters i can make


Colonel Clegg: Just a few words for your voters?

Escaflowne: I would like to thank everyone who voted for me

Irvyn: Or you could just concede now, of course.

Escaflowne: And my policies. It is greatly appreciated

Without you i would not be here, You have my eternal gratitude

It seems i have a tough week ahead of me, against overwhelming odds

Mary-Ann *yawns*

Escaflowne: But i will not give, I will not surrender, I will continue to fight to the best of my ability. Whatever the odds

Stomp: *applauds short speech in hope it finished*

Escaflowne: Chaos shall prevail. In this life or the next. Thank you


Colonel Clegg: Thank you Escflowne

Richard Heath: Well done, Flowne.

Stomp: well done bear man

Escaflowne: Thank you


Colonel Clegg: And finally…Alaster The Mad!


Alaster The Mad: * salutes everyone*

Aron Swordmaster: *waves his pants in the air like he just dont care*

Alaster The Mad: I would like to tell : i’m astonished

Kayne: *steals arons pants and waves those*

Alaster The Mad: this sums it all, but i’ll develop a bit, thanks a lot to everyone who gave me support and i’ll develop during the weeks  the plan i talked about during speeches

so you’ll see ! pants are everything !

Alaster The Mad: * raises fist*

Alaster The Mad: A PWAL !

Kayne: A PWAL

Mary-Ann: VOTE PWAL!

Alaster The Mad: A PWAAAAAAAAL !

Heimlich: A PWAAAAAL


Alaster The Mad: Thanks a lot to everyone and for last words. congratulations to other candidates : they all rocked much

Aron Swordmaster: thanks to YOU alaster!

This concluded round 2 of the election

For those who are interested we also have a special treat in the form of a  video taken of the event. Many thanks to Watchertoo for coming along and putting this together.

For the continuation of this event and the attack that took place:  The Candidates are Attacked!

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