[EM Event] Oh Christmas Tree!

December 07, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

M Faine Morgan! Put that down this instant!” Sangria said sternly as Faine looked at her innocently.

“Oh c’mon, I was only moving it nearer to the bowl for you, you don’t have to use ALL of my names for crying out loud,” Faine replied with a grin backing away from the bag of flour and rolling pin.

Sangria rolled her eyes as she turned back to the recipe book. “Mmm hmm, last time you “only moved” something in here we were cleaning soot marks off the ceiling and flour out of the light fixtures for three weeks.”

“Oh please,” Faine scoffed, “It only took 2 weeks and 2 days to clean that up. And besides, how was I supposed to know that Salt Peter wasn’t a substitute for salt? It seemed logical. AND I made a brand new oven and replaced all the windows with brand new ones!”

Sangria took a deep breath and gathered her patience. She loved Faine dearly but Faine’s disasters in the kitchen had not been exaggerated by the citizens of Origin. How any one person could possibly cause such chaos from a simple recipe still amazed Sangria. Hoping to distract Faine, Sangria asked, “I thought you were decorating some of the towns for Christmas?”

“Done,” Faine replied. “Luna is all decorated. Decorated around Fel Yew Gate. Brit bank doesn’t need any more deco since it’s perfect for any season. Besides, weren’t you going to get the Christmas Tree? I’ve done all I can until a tree is up.”

“Oh darn! I knew I forgot something! The tree. But it has to be perfect and I don’t know if I should take that on by myself,” Sangria said.

Faine giggled in reply, “Silly goose, of course you don’t. The citizens will help. I’m sure they’d love a nice winter jaunt to find the perfect tree. And I’ll clean out the attic and get the decorations ready!”

Sangria thought it over for a moment and, completely missing the mischievous gleam in Faine’s eye said, “What a wonderful idea! We’ll do it this weekend. I’m sure with their help we can find the perfect Christmas tree!”

As Sangria hurried off to post the notice for the citizens of the meeting time, she failed to see Faine turning to the cupboard and pulling a recipe book from her secret hiding place behind the pickled beets. Grinning, Faine turned the pages dreaming of having the place all to herself on Saturday.
EM Sangria requests your help finding the perfect Christmas Tree on Saturday, December 8th. Meet at 7 p.m. PST at the Counselor’s Hall.

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