[EM EVENT] Of Sand and Glass

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[EM Event]Of Sand and Glass

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Taryn paced in front of the fire and worried at the necklace she wore around her neck, twisting the slender gold chain this way and that as she waited for Donal to finish his examination of Asurti’s spectacles. She’d tried to practice patience, she really had. She knew Donal would do everything in his own time but she wished his time kept pace with the rest of the world which, most often, it did not.

Donal sighed and looked over at Taryn, “Taryn, my dear, why don’t you go get a few more pieces of firewood and another candle or two. It would make it much easier to see in here and these old bones grow cold of late.”

Donal and Taryn both knew it was simply a make busy errand designed to give Taryn something to do and Donal some peace. Even so, Taryn went to do as she had been asked and returned a time later with some wood which she added to the already crackling fire and several candles which she lit and placed around the room.

As Taryn finished lighting the candles, Donal leaned back and pinched the bridge of his nose as he shut his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, he stared at Taryn and nodded.

“It’s as Asurti suspected I’m afraid,” Donal said wearily. “The spectacles are enchanted somehow. Something in the glass but I can’t quite get to it completely. There’s a spell over the enchantment to protect it and shield it. It doesn’t seem to be something that can just be undone and the shielding is making even the aura of the enchantment very subtle. If you were not looking for it, you’d not know it was there. It’s amazing Asurti was able to ascertain that these were causing the problem. We have to find out more about this.”

“I suppose the best place to start would be with the Spectacles crafter,” Taryn mused out loud, “I’ll get Asurti and we’ll go have a talk with him.”

Holding a hand up before Taryn could rush out the door, Donal cautioned, “Be careful my dear. Whatever is behind this is evil. The way the stories have been corrupted has shown that. Don’t take this lightly. It could be dangerous to track this down.”

With her hand on the door knob, Taryn looked seriously at Donal and said, “Well, I guess we should take some help along then shouldn’t we?”

Please meet Taryn and Asurti at Empath Abbey in Yew on Sunday Jan 8th at 4 pm pst (7 pm  est)

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