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November 22, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Being in town this evening I decided to drop by at the meeting being held in the companion hall in Britain. There seemed to be some trepidation and anxiety in the air around the hall.

As I arrived Colonel Clegg announced there was to be a question & answer session with the 3 candidates present at the meeting. He called Heimlich, Aron Swordmaster and Escaflowne up to the stage area.


Colonel Clegg: Raise your hands please, if you have a question for the candidates. Yes Tigurius?

Tigurius: As Lord Protector, if elected, what will you do to combat the GIANT sodding turkeys outside my home? and many others?

Escaflowne: slaughter them humanely and put a turkey on everyones dinner table. Even the poor people across the lands so everyone gains a good mean from it

Tigurius: what about the poor orcs?

Aron Swordmaster: i believe they will be long gone before any are elected; however were i to be lord protector it would fall under the remit for my community events

at this point alaster arrived late to join the question session

Escaflowne: why would we give orcs food?

tigurius: they may be hungry?

Escaflowne: as it stands we are hostile with orcs. until our terms with them are friendlier, we wouldnt give them any turkey. Im sure they are capable of killing their own and eating it

It wasn’t made clear if the “we” that Escaflowne is referring to was Vesper the military organisation he belongs to, or britannia as a whole.

In my surveying of the room as I often do I noticed the look of disappointment that briefly crossed Tigurius’ face before he schooled his expression back to a blank one.

Aron: the orks should cep their mouf shut until then?

Esca: they are a strong race

aron: no turkee for orcs?

Nathan: to echo escaflownes comments. I believe we should slaughter them and feed the poor. Turkeys that is.


Phineas then asked “what if it is discovered it was our actions that caused this mutation?”

Clegg: Would any of you like to answer that?

Esca: then prevention measures will be taken to ensure it doesnt happen again

Aron: I cannot agree with Nathan, not every turkey will be a nuisance, nor ever pauper proud enough to demand turkey. We should be guided by the community itself

Esca: until mages of the greatest calibre have studying the cause and mutation fully then perhaps if it is safe, it can be used in controlled environments. Bigger turkeys feed more people than normal sized ones so it could become a benefit

Nathan: agreed esca

Alaster: what do they eat to feed that much?

Nathan: pants probably

Alaster:  I could supply them!

Aron: then why has alaster not become a turkey too?

At this point Nathan hit his face with his palm

Alaster: I have no feathers

Once again surveying the room your intrepid reporter saw something gruesome when he spotted Alaster the Mad picking his nose

Clegg: Any questions from the audience

Michael: why do we need a lord protector and why should we vote for any of them to be it?

Clegg: I think all the candidates will want to answer that, we’ll go down the line. Starting with Nathan

Esca: swear we’ve answered that question about three times in the past now

Clegg promptly slapped esca on the head and told him to shush

Nathan: to answer your question briefly

We all know that Nathan doesn’t know the meaning of the word

since the death of Lady Dawn the lands have been more disjointed than ever. the lands need a strong military leader who is answerable to the people who elected them.

Imagine my surprise, he was actually brief

clegg: Heimlich

Heimlich: well i would answer the same as nathan…mostly. the land does need a strong military leader but also a diplomat too.

Phineas piped up again here to demand that heimlich give voters something and not just go with what Nathan had said.

Heimlich: well there is currently no strong guiding hand, the work is being done by town protectors and guardsmen but the land needs someone to pull it all together to help coordinate defences against any threats the kingdom might face between different peoples and different cities since its no good every city having their own idea about what to do.It will just mean they are pulling in different directions, so someone has to take the reigns as it were.


Clegg: The question moves to alaster

Alaster: well, as i said during my speech. Ive lived a lot of invasions on those lands and ive noticed awesome people doing things. May i remember you SRC (sosarian red cross) doing all the rez(ressurection) and heal stuff. Other good willing persons helping for the great good it’s not a fact of leading. Its a fact of accumulating “i can do this” to make a big “lets do that”

all alone, each of us, we can kill mongbats, ok. But who could have mericles on his own, if is dead. No one!

Thats the gather of willing people to help,

Clegg cut in: “thats right!”

Alaster:  which will make us strong, no just me.

WoitaB shouted “together!” at this point.

Aragorn: unity is strength

Around the room there were members of the crowd nodding agreement. but whether this was to aragorn or to alaster remains to be seen.

Alaster: indeed and it always been.


Clegg: esca your turn now

Esca: i’ll keep it short and sweet then

A lord protector is needed to unite the nations military forces to deal with threats both external and domestic.

If vast armies of evil were to plague the realm once more we would stand stronger together than apart and also if internally we have civil wars then we would be left in a vulnerable position.

So a lord protector would be put in place to keep the peace between all of us too and i believe you should vote for me because i have military and political experience.

I bring something different to the table such as the teachings of Lord Blackthron and the principle of Chaos. Plus I wear a bear mask.

ha! he calls that short and sweet? *sighs* damn politicians and their spin

Clegg: last but not least Aron

A cheer is heard from Alaster the Mad

Aron: Thank you Clegg. To answer your question in a somewhat different way

You ask why you need a lord protector; rather, we as candidates should say, what can we do for you?

You see, the role begins today, but many more will follow us no doubt. What we should offer is not a role to be filled but a response to the role you need.

Were i to be elected, it is my intention to work day and night to set up mechanisms and opportunities that will benefit all of us in the future. To forge lines of communication, encourage events that are than just talking *cough* but of benefit to each of us.

Individually: if you say “Lord Protector, I need this” they listen. Or as a city, a people, whatever “lord protector what shall we do?”

Others speak of their swords and their arms, i speak of my ears

You define the role. It is, after all, your kingdom and you shall have my ear for what you need. That I think is all I wish to say.

a rousing speech indeed, one direct from the mouth of a fine politician – but is it all spin? You the voters need to decide

At this point Nathan had to attend to his duty somewhere.

Michael commented: Alaster has the best answer for me. I vote him

Alaster: Nathan flees, as usual!


Clegg called for any more questions just as a commoner ran into the companion hall puffing and panting

Commoner: Mr Barret, Mr Barret!

Scuse me for interrupting?

Clegg: Fynn isnt here young lad. Whats the matter?

Alaster: How can we help you?

Commoner: Aye Mr Barret Clegg Hawke Sir! Reportin some problems sir. We needs help

Clegg: Problems, what kind of problems

Commoner: Where to start. First up theres some sort of attack going on at Reg Valom. and and dragons be sighted, a big flotilla of them

At this point Alaster called for those gathered to grab their dragon slayers

commoner: coming in from the sea. and you wont believe this

Clegg: there is more?

commoner: Savages! Gathering at their village with talks of an attack, in trammel. Savages moving out from their village in trammel sir!

Clegg: An attack at Reg Valom, Dragons at Minoc and Savages!!

Commoner: I need to find Mr Hawke

Alaster: Where did you say?

Clegg: Nathan left, but maybe we can still help you

Commoner: Minoc dragons, Reg valom attack

alaster: we go there

Esca: i guess we have to decide, where to go

commoner: and savages in trammel at their base

Aron: Is that 3 attacks? by blessed chance we have 3 brave warriors here today

it seems aron had forgotten that 4 of the candidates were in attendance

Esca: to show our leadership skills

commoner: I must run and warn folk


At this point I received an urgent message from some family members close to the britain border and had to leave. Good luck and safe travels to all those affected in these areas. May the light illumine you all.

Before I left I did note that while the candidates bickered about which location to check Aron took some charge and suggested they scout all the areas to better decide where the main bulk of the gathered forces would be needed.

Escaflowne was interested only in Minoc what with it being in his own backyard.The other candidates seeemed not to take much charge.

However without knowing what happened out on the battlefield, things may have been very different.

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