[EM Event] Making Cures 101 (Grindylow the Hag)

July 17, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Making Cures 101
EM Crysania

Grindylow the Hag tapped her finger against the side of her nose. Then she tried squinting her eyes, with out much more success. She tapped her nose, squinted her eyes and then started tapping her left foot on the floor, trying her best to get the thoughts started in her head. This went on for several minutes as she turned from North to South. Thoughts ran through her head,but it was random ones, not the ones she wanted. She thought about the last Faire,shook her head and tapped her nose harder. A thought popped in about how cute the fella down by the dock was, so she squinted her eyes harder. A image of a new brewing pot popped in her head, so she switched her tapping to her right foot. She switched her turning to East to West hoping to trigger important thoughts.

Heaving a huge sigh, Grindylow finally flopped down in a rickety old chair beside the table. It just wasn’t happening. She had tried all the tricks she knew to get the correct thoughts going in her head.

“I have got to get my thinking process sorted! I know there’s a cure out there for those poor Flappers from Ver Lor Reg.

(Flappers was her affectionate term for the Gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg, as Mean Wings was for Hythloth gargoyles)

“Well harpyfeathers”, she said to herself. Tapping her nose once again, and squinting a bit with her head titled to the left, a small thought formed in Grindylow’s head. Just a thread, wispy as a silken spider web, but a thought none the less.

Jumping up giddy with happiness, a smile creasing her face, Grindylow started dancing around the room. She had it! She would gather her friends from the Faire and they would go on a quest to find the ingredients to make the cures. Perhaps they, being smarter than Grindylow,(who was but a simple minded hag, being a witch or mage took too much thinking power, something she lacked), could help find the combinations of what went in where to make correct portions!

Grindylow danced out the door to the road leading to Britain, singing at the top of her squeaky little voice,(and scaring a few animals into hiding), ” I’mmm off to see the citizens, the wonderful citizens of Brit! They are so smart and I am not, the wonder citizens of Britain! Together we shall find a cure..the best one to be found for sure! The Flappers will all be healed..because, because, because…I’mmm off to see the citizens, the wonderful citizens of Brit….”

Event: Making Cure’s 101

Date: July 21st

Time: 7pm pst/10pm EST

Meet: Grindylow the Hag at West Brit Bank

OCC: This will be the first part of a expedition to gather ingredients for the Healers Quest in Ter Mur.

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