(EM Event Information) – Twisted Turns, Plundered Paths

February 02, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


We apologize for the delay in this being posted.

This is a very long and detailed static quest with 6 different paths. Books are located in game at the HoC building that have the following information.

Each path in this quest has it’s own story and it’s own information and solutions. While a few paths may share some NPC’s these paths are still vastly different. Each path has a differing level of difficulty, with the first path being the easiest and the 6th being very difficult.
The only common hint for all paths is to remember what you’ve done in the past, remember what you’ve done on Chesapeake, and remember what you’ve seen.
Also, Greetings is a common Britannian form of hello!

Path 1 begins with David the Jailor at Trinsic Jail, Trammel.

Path 2 begins with Miranda the Noblewoman in East Britain

Path 3 begins with Haku the Guard in Zento

Path 4 begins with Cornelius the Broker in Buc’s Den

Path 5 begins with Cornelius the Broker in Buc’s Den

Path 6 is only given a riddle as the starting point.
It’s going to cost you more than you think to check this out. Begin again where you once were, at a place where little causes a stir.

It is highly recommended that you complete paths 1-5 before attempting path 6.

If you are able to complete either path 5 or path 6, we ask a few things. First and foremost, please do not cheat and help other players through who are not putting forth any effort. These are meant to be challenging, not cheated. An enormous amount of effort was put into this quest and we ask that you respect that. If you want to help people that is perfectly fine and even encouraged, but please do not just give away the answers. Thank you for your consideration.

Beyond that, if you finish path 5 or 6, we ask that you please email [email protected] with how you got through the paths, what the end of the path was, and solutions to any and all codes and puzzles found along the way. You will need to please include your main character’s name as well. These may also be submitted in game via the HoC mailboxes located north of Britain Moongate, Trammel. Thank you and Enjoy!

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