[EM Event] Halloween 2011~A night to remember

November 07, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Once Origin had saved Princess Buttercup and the citizens went home to rest, Asurti went home, determined to figure out what was going on, and how his brother was involved in all of this.

Unbeknownst to us all, while we were all resting from the days battle, Asurti was already preparing for his next story telling session. As he gently passed his hands across the worn, familiar books on his shelves, his mind was spinning with the information he had garnered earlier that evening, and he was determined to find a story that would not end up like the last one did.

Pulling a familiar book from the shelf, he flipped through it, reading a few pages to himself before shaking his head and returning the book. *Though I do love this story, I know this one will turn out badly, I must find something…tamer* he thought to himself.

As he was closing the pages of the book, far away in Moonglow strange things started happening, and the citizens there were growing wary. Disturbing sounds and eerie voices were heard in the darkness of night, keeping the people inside their homes, cautious of what evils lurked in the shadows, while during the day, the town took on a ghoulish look, dying trees and spiderwebs seemed to appear overnight.

Soon Origin got the call…Taryn requested everyone to meet her at the Counselor’s Hall in West Britian to discuss a *Possible dire developing situation*

As soon as we were all gathered, Taryn got quickly to the point..the situation was desperate.

*There is something happening in Moonglow..and…even though it sounds crazy, it reminds me of…a story I used to read as a child…there is..a rift..opening up in the middle of the town…*

At this point, Asurti steps up and quietly clears his throat *Perhaps I can be of some assistance..*

Taryn blinked *I’m sorry..do I know you?*

Asurti introduced himself and told her of his talent of Story Weaving *The story of which you speak..the one about the Grim Reaper attempting to force his way out of the underworld…I was reading that very story TO MYSELF last night…I had no idea this would happen*

Taryn looked at him closely *You mean to tell me that this is your fault?*

Asurti blinked and hurridly shook his head *no no you misunderstand.my talent is bringing the stories I read outloud to life…in a good way! But recently…my stories have been twisting into this…* ,He sighs heavily, *I truly am sorry..but maybe I can help*

*Very well* Taryn said sharply* But we must hurry, the situation in Moonglow is dire, and it worsens by the moment. If everyone is prepared to go….*she quickly casts a gating spell and we all go through…

Upon entering Moonglow, we saw what appeared to be a small red rift pulsating in the middle of the open field. *This is the rift into the underworld…The Grim Reaper is trying to force his way into our world. IF that happens, all is lost…but the only way to close it, is to do it from HIS side. In order to do that, I need to make the rift bigger so we can get through…this is very dangerous. Once we are in HIS world, we will be attacked by his minions. Defeat them all to summon The Grim Reaper himself..but be warned…it will not be easy.*

Taryn casts a spell to open the rift

Once the rift was large enough, we all stepped through..into a world of death and chaos. Gravestones littered the ground, spiderwebs hung from trees..blood was dripping from everywhere and the sounds of shreaks and moans came from the dozens of Minions inhabiting this…dark Moonglow.

After what seemed many hours, the last of the Grim Reapers minions had been defeated…but the battle was not yet over…The Grim Reaper himself laughed manically, fire shot from his hands and fields of fire surrounded the field we all stood in.

Once again we battled, though it was not easy. During the battle he would give out an ear-piercing howl, freezing everyone in place and blinding us with brilliant white light.

After many deaths, the Grim Reaper finally was laid to his eternal rest, and Taryn called everyone together. If this was in fact based on the story she read as a child…she wanted to see if what she’d read about was true.

We all gathered in the middle of the Hedge Maze…a wooden block sat in the middle, a bloody axe covered with blood lay upon it..and standing tall next to it..a totem.

*Citizens of Origin…you have fought brave and hard yet again…and have prevailed over yet another evil, this one far worse then any we’ve seen. In the story, the brave warriors were rewarded for thier selfless acts by touching a powerful totem that appeared in the courtyard where the warriors fought.* Looking at the tall totem standing beside her, she smiled *I have a feeling this one will do the same…so waste no more time…brave warriors! Collect your spoils!*

Tired, bleeding and hungry, we each one by one walked up and touched the totem. Warmth spread through us and in each of our hands appeared a light…shining with brilliance.

*Go home, brave ones, and rest..for you deserve it. And thank you again for defending your home. You are all heros.*

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