[EM Event] EM Tiberies Event, Sunday September 23, Noon Eastern

September 21, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

There will be an EM Tiberies Event, on Sunday September 23, at Noon Eastern.

Meet at the West Britain Counselors’ Hall.

Captain Dasha of the Meer has requested your assistance in taking down Kabur, disgraced Warlord of the Juka, and minion/ally of the Mysterious Knights.

Britannia has taken a lot of hits….The time’s come to start hitting back.

This event will be called “The Awakening: The Last Black Duel.”

I will neither be designating a chat channel to use, nor leading anyone beyond gating you out once. After that it’ll all be based on clues you will find. Kabur is a dangerous being, and it’s best if you work together.

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