[EM Event] EM Tiberies event, Friday November 9, 8pm Eastern

November 06, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

There will be an EM Tiberies event on Friday, November 9, at 8pm Eastern Time.

King Blackthorn has asked that Professor Yusef Ad-Din continue the quest for the Cup of Virtue, also known as the Virtugreel, in the hopes that the Cup can play the same healing, unifying role it is reputed to have played in Hallowed Antiquity.

To that end we will continue to follow the path of the Ancient Paladin Galahad, retracing his steps from Yew to the Yew/Skara Brae/Britain Crossroads.

Gather outside the Empath Abbey in Yew.

This event is advertised on the Town Criers, and is called “The Path of Galahad: Crossroads.”

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