[EM Event] DRACHENFELS Treasure Hunter Competition!

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DRACHENFELS Treasure Hunter Competition

Original Post From EM Borbarad

The time has come for Drachenfels, to gear up for the shard wide Treasure Hunter race. For this reason we are looking for the best T-Hunter team on Drachenfels, which hopefully brings he title of the world wide best t-hunters to Drachenfels. What you have to do to participate? Seek yourself a team with 3 to 5 player, with one GM Treasure Hunter, which has to have the following skills: GM Cartography, GM Lockpicking and optional GM Mining All other player are allowed to have any of these skills! The GM T-Hunter is your team leader! Give your team a name and a team colour. (Please keep in mind that your team could be representing our shard) You are ready if you fulfil this! Target is to complete as fast as possible 7 treasure maps (lvl 1 – lvl 7) The fastest team will win the challenge!

The Procedures: The teams will meet in Nujel´m at the chessboard. (See pic.) Each team takes one side as their team corner and takes a seat. The team leader will get an axe. As soon as the teams are ready, a EM will give the start signal. After that the team leader will go as fast as possible to the wooden box behind him and break it up with the axe. In this wooden box will be a treasure map (lvl 1) As soon as your team leader has the map, the team will leave the chessboard via their moongate, which is also behind your team corner. Each moongates will lead to a different random location, which is a random spot in trammel. (All t-spots are on trammel) From there you start the hunt and the team leader (GM Treasure Hunter) needs to lead you to the treasure spot. It’s up to you how you get to the spot, walk, ride, recall, swim… The team leader can also search alone the spot and gate you in. As soon as you found the treasure, you HAVE to fulfil the rules which you can read a bit further down! If you completed the treasure chest a EM (which is following you constantly) will open you a Gate back to Nujel´m. There you have to take your seats, and as soon as the complete team has their seats, the team leader have to say: „ready“ After that the team leader will receive the next map from an EM, as soon as you have the map you have to leave Nujel´m via your moongate. This procedure will repeat till you completed the 7 treasure maps (difficulty level 1 up to 7) The first team which completed the 7 treasure maps and is back on their seats will win!

Here the most important rules:

  1. All team members must wear their teams colored robes at all times. To complete each map you must: a. Kill all guardians b. Empty the chest c. Leave the chest (The empty chest must be at the site or the level must be redone.)
  2. Once you have finished a map, say “Ready” and the EM shadowing your team will gate you back to the Nujel’m Chessboard.
  3. Take your seats in your team’s row and say “ready”. (Teams are attended in order of arrival)
  4. Your team leader will be given your next level map.  As soon as you have your map you can head out to the site.
  5. The first team to complete all maps (levels 1 – 7) will be the Drachenfels champion, and will representing our shard at the international competition on TC1

Player which wants to participate should be next Sunday the 6th of May at 19h CET at the EM Event Museum. A teleporter is near the counselor’s hall.

I hope that we have many participants!

Kind Regards EM Borbarad

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