[EM Event] Desperate Times…Part I ~ 9pm EST, 7/25

July 24, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

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by Barnaby

Night had long fallen on Ter Mur, yet not all who lived there slumbered. High upon a parapet in the northern section of the Royal City, Queen Zhah, leader of the Gargoyles, argued with her daughter, Rhista. Though their disagreement had been given voice for over an hour, it now reached its conclusion…

“Mother, your subjects are dying.” Rhista, the Queen’s only daughter, pleaded.

“Yes, and I am doing all that is prudent to do in the matter. I have offered rewards for those who would be of the greatest help to our kind, yet it seems few of those in the best place to do some good have no desire to do so!” Zhah replied, her tone weary as she realized all hope for sleep on this night had died the moment her daughter began this conversation.

“You speak of the Humans as if they are nothing but mercenaries – without honor or mercy,” Rhista replied “I not believe them to be such.”

A sad smile broke across the Queen’s face, “Then what is there to persuade them? I do not think it can be done. Their streets burn with the fire of the malcontents, and their leaders have abandoned any hope of central authority – Britannia is a beast that lives without a head. It saddens me to say, but it would not surprise me if it were Humans who stole medicine you speak of. The behavior of desperate beings rarely makes sense.”

“For the sake of the Gargoyles that have been kept as near-prisoners in that village, I hope you are wrong, Mother. We need to recover those cures, and we need to understand why the supply of them has been cut so short as of late.” Rhista replied.

“And how do you suggest we do this? Our people are spread t0o thin as it is – many due to the matters of a home with someone who is ill, and others because of the ongoing efforts to locate those who got lost in the exodus from Ver Lor Reg. Not to mention those who were injured during the battle there…” Zhah trailed off as she considered the sufferings of all Gargoyles, not just the ones in the nearby fishing village.

Exasperated, Rhista responded, “we ASK them to help! I will spread the word myself.”

Annoyed by her daughter’s tone, the Queen thought for a moment. “Very well, send your request. But understand this, Daughter – though you will one day rule, I am still Queen, and I will not be spoken to in such a way by anyone – my own child included.”

“I understand, my Queen,” Rhista replied, bowing her head to show obedience – and to conceal the small smile on her face, “I shall send word out immediately.”

“I hope that your faith is rewarded, but I fear it will not be. I leave you to your task, but before you begin I have one final command on the order, and on this I will not relent. You are NOT to visit that village yourself, understood?” the Queen ordered.

Betraying only a brief flash of dismay, Rhista responded, “Yes, Mother. I understand.”


WHEN: 9PM EST, 7/25

WHERE: The fishing village north of the Royal City.

This event will conclude with a walkthrough of the current quest involving the production of a cure for the Gargoyle plague. Some of the ingredients necessary will be provided in limited quantities during the course of the event, while others will have to be sought out afterwards.

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