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The professor awaited us at the counselors hall.

It seemed to be that he found a way to ban our enemies out of Sosaria.

He did requested to come well armed.

-“Good evening, its nice to see so many brave people here.

Today we try to close the gate from the netherworld!

Finally I found a way to destroy it!

To let the crack collapse I will go trough the crack,there i will generate the same kind of explosion, like the one which provoked the crack!

It was not easy to find out what kind of experiments my friend was doing…

But after month of research, I found finally the way to reproduce his experiment!

It is not very easy, but i think i can reproduce the explosion…

It’s very likely that it will close the crack to the netherworld,but there is also the possibility that it provoke a other crack or even some bigger once…

It is risky, but the only chance we have, to get at least from this side peace.

I know we have still a lot of other problems, but at we got rid of one!

The crack moved again to another place,but we were lucky because one of my students found it accidentally!

The plan is similar to the last time we went to the crack!

You all have to attack and fight back the enemy, in meantime I go trough the crack and try to initiate the explosion!

As soon as the explosion passed, the crack is hopefully gone!”

After the professor opened a gate we found our self on Fire Island.

Near the entrance of the Daemon Temple.

Several big roars came from the north and before we realized what was going on several big dragons attacked us.

They where not the every day dragon we normally encounter on some of our travels.

 Crimson Dragons!

Good thing there where many experienced warriors here to help Grimm.

Slowly we killed them one by one.

We noticed a crack on top of the temple.

It was there Professor Grimm had to enter to make the explosion.

We had to fight of several daemons around the crack.

Only shortly after Grimm went inside the crack a huge beast appeared.

It was a elemental dragon God!

It spoke to us:

-“Wuhahaha, you thought you can fight my Vassals and me!?

I will eat you and your whole family!

Everyone who fought against me will die!

But i will give you all, now and here the chance to capitulate, and to live under my strong but fair regiment!”

The replied from us was clear, NEVER!

Our reaction to not surrender did not seem to impress the Dragon God.

And he order his vassals to destroy us!

It looked like we had to fight in the Hell itself.

We rather die then to surrender!

It was a very hard battle and it seemed that there was no end to these dragons.

But when the last Crimson dragon and Vassal fell we turned us towards the dragon God.

It was time to show what the heroes of Sosaria were made from!

The God was up against a overwhelming and determined group to kill him.

The dragon had no chance at all.

And as soon he fell a explosion at the crack happened.

When the smoke cleared professor Grimm was standing at the spot where the crack was.

-” Oh my Gods I am happy to see that we were able to close the gate!

It was a hard fight, but finally we got the victory!

I am really knackered…

The last few months leached a lot of my energy.

I am to old for this kind of things.

I need to get some rest!

We will meet again in a few days to go on with my lectures…

I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams.”

Everyone started to move to home or to the nearest tavern for some well deserved beverage.

I had one more look around the temple and this strange but familiar feeling was coming over me.

It was like someone was watching us…..

Maybe this place has to much history for me and my mind is playing tricks.

I went a little to the counselors hall to see everyone came back well after this hard battle.

It looked like some lucky people got there hands on a vial with life essence of the dragon God.

We did well today,

Finally the crack is closed!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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