[EM Event] Clean up Drachenfels!

September 27, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

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Clean up Drachenfels!

From EM Borborad:

Like I announced during the last meet & greet,
I will start from today on a other long term (14 days) Event.
The event is running under the name: Clean Up Drachenfels.
The Target is to find old Event locations, were items have been left behind.
They could be lanterns, walls, land masses and everything else what belongs to decoration.
If you are not sure if the spot or the item you found is valid for this event,just write me an E-Mail or a PM via stratics and ask.
So search Drachenfels for this Items / Spots, and if you find a place,just mark a rune and place it in a Runebook.
Should you not have a Mage or you can’t Mark at the spot, just write the spot coordinates in a normal NPC Book (please seal it).
If you think you found all spots (or enough), drop the rune book or NPC Book into one of my mailboxes. (Please put it in a bag where also should be an extra book with your char name)
The Player who found the most spots (not items) will win!
After that I sighted the locations, we will go together (the date for this I will let you know) to these spots to recover the History behind them.
So get yourself on your pet and find the spots!
If you have any questions, I would love to see and answer them in the Clean up Drachenfels thread in the Stratics DF-EM forum.

Kind Regards
EM Borbarad

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