EM Event: By request of Queen Zhah… (Thurs. May 17th)

May 15, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the Sonoma EM Events website …

Queen Zhah asks your presence at the Tur Mer Throne room…

Queen Zhah read the  report her captain had handed her. The rumours were true. The large number of humans Gargoyles and elves that had flocked to VLR was causing great inflation and food was getting scarce. The poorer families were already going hungry. This disturbed the queen. She did not like her people to be with out food. She knew many of the Gargoyles in Ilshenar did not feel kindred to the Ter Mur Gargoyles but she also knew she could help them.

Exodus Overseers have already assaulted the city.  More are on the way.

There had to be an answer.

*(Meet at the Ter Mur Throne room at 6 PT 7 MT 8 CT 9ET  on Thursday May 17 to see how you might be of service)

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