[EM Event] Betrayed!

July 02, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News


After the council meeting we needed to meet Elesil at the counselors hall.


It seems she have found someone that would be willingly to help us all to destroy the altars of Zalindera.

We would go meet this person at the bell of courage in cove.

To my own surprise it was nobody else than Jigsaw.


Jigsaw is a well known gargoyle that usually entertain everyone with games and events.

He was also the one who helped the citizen of Drachental and Elesil to find and defeat the Dark Angel many months ago.

Jigsaw explained that he knew a way to destroy the altars.

All he needed was twenty-five obsidian pieces of rock to build another shrine opposite of Zalindera’s altar.

He sended everyone to Elwood McCarrin in New Haven and advice them to help him with his quest.

Slowly everyone gathered the obsidian rocks from Elwood’s quest.

When Jigsaw received all 25 pieces he and Elesil called everyone back to Cove.

But then something changed!

When Jigsaw thanked everyone for helping him with his plans the priest Alrik appeared in Cove.

Alrik smiled and looked at Jigsaw.

Then Jigsaw revealed his true plans.

He gave the Obsidian pieces to Alrik and revealed himself as a follower of Zalindera!


He bowed to his master and recalled away.

No one could believe was just happened.

When Alrik left a big confusion went trough the crowd .


We have been played by Alrik and Jigsaw…. and who knows how many followers are hiding among us.

Elesil wondered why Cove is now the place for the weaver to build another shrine.

Maybe they have something near to hide them?

The only thing close is the orc fort.

Could it be?

Elesil took everyone to the fort but i started to get a bad feeling about this all.

This felt like another trap.

When we arrived at the fort everything looked normal.

Just a few orcs.

Then things changed, the sound of thousand legs where sounding around us again.

Before we knew it we where surrounded by the mechanical spiders and scorpions of Zalindera!


We kept fighting them off as much we could… But i noticed that Elesil was the main target of them.

I tried to fight my way too her but i saw she was jumped by several of them.

She fought with Valor but i saw the bites all over her body.

She grabbed at her chest and started to have pain at her heart.



The spiders retreated like they succeeded in their plans!

Elesil did not look very well and she ran away as fast she could to see a doctor.

We tried to follow her but she disappeared very fast.

We gathered all back in Cove to try to understand what all happened.

What are Alrik and Jigsaw up to with the Obsidian rocks?

And who else is part of the followers of Zalindera?

How is it possible we could not see and feel Jigsaw’s evil intention?

I fear for Elesils life….

We have been defeated…. What will be next?

Who can help us now?

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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