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Attempted Murder!

Professor Grimm wanted to meet us all at the counselors hall in Britain.
Many people came.
After defeating Golgari it was time to put a end to this chapter.

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The Professor wanted to destroy the Limbus and after that we would go have a celebration at the Beer garden in Moonglow.

Grimm wanted to waste no more time and opened a gate to the Limbus.

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The professor seem to bit embarrassed to tell he could only find one way to close the limbus.
With a huge explosion!
He had placed several boxes around the limbus full of black powder.
We all took a few steps back when the professor ignited the fuses that would set of the black powder.

Several huge explosion happened around the Limbus.
The sound of the explosion must have been heard all the way to the other side of Sosaria!

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When the smoke cleared the limbus was gone.

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Pleased with the result Professor grimm invited us for a well deserved party at the Moonglow Beer garden.

He thanked everyone for all the help on stopping Golgari and the many strange creatures they had to defeat over the last months.

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It was a glorious day.
The people deserved this celebration.
People where laughing and dancing and a lot of alcohol been past around.
While everyone had a good time ,someone gave me a message to go home for a important guild meeting.
It would only take a short time.

In the meantime the stranger in the black hooded robe appeared at the Beer garden.

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This mysterious guest been seen before.
One of my friends Alia thought she recognized this person.
But the stranger kept hiding her face.

But then things turned dark.
She stood only a few steps away from the Professor.
She turned to him and with a deep voice she said:”GRIMMMM”.

The professor remembered seeing her before and he asked what she wanted from him.

“Llew netsil ton od uoy , Grimm!” the cloaked figure replied.

The professor shook his head and told her he did not understand her.

“Nossel a hcaet ot emit!”

The stranger took a few steps forward to stand right in front of the professor.

“Dne ot gniog si snamuh of emit eht!”

Her eyes glowed red and the professor started to scream “NO! STOP!”

Before anyone could realize what was happening the stranger draws a golden dagger and stabbed Grimm in his chest.

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The guests where shocked what happened right in front of there eyes.
Before they even could capture the assassin she recalled away.

Only moments later i arrived back at the beer garden seeing the professor laying down on the ground.
What happened here?
Many people surrounded the professor.
There was a lot of confusion going on.

Then a female elf arrived.

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Elesil Daelwon.
She is a reputable investigator.
She came to see what happened and started to ask questions to the guests.

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Some of the guests where to drunk to even recall what happened.
But some guests seem to be clear about it.
“Some evil looking woman draped in dark shrouds.
She spoke in a odd tongue…noone understood until it was too late…” said Sir Devin Vanzil.
I went to see Alia and asked her what she saw.
But she was clear to me. “Lady Dark Angel stabbed him!”
I can not believe that D.A. would this kinda assassination. Its not her style.
But how can i ignore what Alia said to me? She knows her.
She hunted with her for many years.
But the Dark Angel i know never worn black.
She wears a golden armor.
And i can sense her evil karma when she is around.I don’t sense her now.
I did not heard from her anymore after the last encounter in Drachental where she failed to destroy the town.

We had her under control for years…Did we loose the control?

Elesil checked Grimm body again.
To her surprise she saw that Grimm was still alive.
She hurried and with a magical spell the transported Grimm and herself to the hospital.

Few minutes later she came back with news on the professor.

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She said Grimm was alive but that he was in a very deep sleep.
Medics call this a coma.
The wound from the dagger can be healed but the poison still runs trough Grimms body.
Its not certain that they can remove this poison.
The only way to help Grimm is to find the attacker and get the cure for Grimm.

Elesil asked if the people wanted to visit Grimm at the hospital.
Many of us wanted to see how his condition was.

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Poor Grimm, what did he do to deserve this?
Our friend needs our help.

Elesil ask us to leave quietly the room.
She would do more investigation on the murder attempt.
And will call on us when she finds out more.

We all headed back home.
What could have been a celebration turned into a nightmare.

I tried to get some sleep but i kept thinking about what happened at the Beer garden.
Maybe i should not ignore all the signs.
First the book with the warning not to go after Golgari that was signed with the initials D.A.
Then the golden dagger with the inscriptions “soon!”.
Alia was sure she recognized D.A. as the stranger.
I have a hard time to accept this.
Its not her style!

Early this morning i went to have a look how the professor was.
When i arrived just north of the Lyceaum in Moonglow i saw some guards standing in front of the hospital.

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The medicus that was with the professor said that the condition of the professor was still bad.
The chance that Grimm would never awake from this coma if we don’t find the antidote was big.
He might even die!

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I don’t know if Grimm could hear me but i made him a promise.
We will find the person who did this and bring her to Justice.

The medicus told me that it was time to leave.
Everyone is welcome to visit the professor now and then but not too long.
They will do everything to try to keep him alive.

I left for britain to see if i can find Elesil the investigator.
While i passed one of the guards house near the castle i noticed a wanted poster at the wall.

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Wanted for Murder???
But the professor was not death?
Do they want to let them think the assassination was a success?

The picture of the wanted person looked a lot like Dark Angel.

Death or Alive?
Ten million gold reward?
If bounty hunters read this they going to try to kill her.
We might need her alive for the antidote.
If D.A. really did this they have no idea what they up against.
I have to talk to the investigator to try to stop this hunt!
Hunting her could result in a lot more deaths!

I want to help the professor but i can not allow revenge!
I will have a meeting at my house and send my scouts, Pegasus,Buzzz and Tom out to see if they can locate D.A.
Maybe i can talk to her so we can solve this problem without more blood spilled!
If this is really the Dark Angel i know…Then i hope the Virtues will protect us all!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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