[EM Event] Asurti’s Spectacles

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[EM Event]Asurti’s Spectacles
Posted on November 9, 2011 by EMFio

Asurti sat back after the long and insane fight he had just witnessed to stop the Grim Reaper from crossing over to the living plane. “How in Sosaria had that happened?” he wondered to himself. He has read that story to himself… to HIMSELF. The story weaving isn’t supposed to work like that. It’s only suppose to work when read aloud and with much concentration to bring the story to life. This was all wrong.

He took off his glasses and threw them on the table and sighed heavily. He buried his face in his hands and tried to think. Pulling his hands away slowly to rub his temples as he thought.

As he massaged his temples he felt where his glasses has left a slight impression, nothing new to anyone that has ever worn glasses. But this made Asurti stop and think in a different direction.

His glasses… he looked at his glasses laying on the table.

Asurti shook his head. “Couldn’t be… could it?” He went to the cupboard to get his old pair of glasses out, so he could see at least a bit better. He began to examine the glasses on the table. Glasses that his brother had helped him get a few months ago.

Asurti turned and grabbed paper and quill and began writing an urgent message to Taryn Sullivan.


I may have a theory as to why my stories have gotten so far off track. I’d like your help to test that theory. Please meet me at the First Bank of Britain and bring anyone willing to help. Hopefully this story goes as planned and it will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


So please join Taryn Sullivan and Asurti the Storyteller at the First Bank of Britain (aka WBB) on Friday, Nov 11th, 2011 at 6 pm pst (9 pm est)

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