(EM Event/ Asuka) Asuka 15th Anniversary

September 26, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Asuka shard was born in 1998. Soon it will be our 15th anniversary.
There will be a three-part anniversary event from 9/28 to 9/29.

Part 1: Scavenger Hunt
A man has lost a treasure buried 15 years ago.
Can you help him find it?

Date:9/28 (Sat) 3pm JST
Trammel Britan 1st Bank (6o 19′S, 8o 9′E)
* Please join the“Asuka EM Event” chat channel.
* You need to be prepared to fight.

Part 2: Asuka 15th Anniversary Fishing competition
Fishing Window: 9/28(Sat) 1pm to 9/29 (Sun)1pm. This will ensure a date stamp of 2013/9/28.
Entry Deadline: 9/29(Sun). The mailbox will be removed at midnight!

– Only “Big Fish” and “Autumn Dragonfish” will be accepted.
– All fish must have a date stamp of 2013/9/28.
– Biggest fish wins.
* Do not submit fish steaks.
* Post your fish in the mailbox at the EM Reward Hall.
* If your fish is too small, it will be returned as long as you haved submitted it with a rune to a public house with a mailbox.
* The winning fish will be displayed in the EM Reward Hall.

Part 3: Kraken Fishing.
We will hunt Krakens with special fishing nets.
Kraken attendance is not guarranteed. 😉

Date:9/30(Sun ) 0:00 am
Buccaneer’s Den Docks (47o 43′S, 100o 11′E)

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