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November 25, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Having been staying with family in Britain for a few weeks I decided to pop down to the Ask the Candidates session held in the throne room at Castle British to hear the candidates answer questions and debate amongst themselves.

On arrival the only people present were myself and Lord Fargo, while waiting patiently I got chatting with Lord Fargo

Kayne: nice to keep us waiting

Fargo: Indeed. I shall bare this in mind when I place my vote.

Kayne: Yes I am very disappointed the candidates should have been well prepared

Fargo: It has been my great misfortune to miss the other debates this week… Have I missed much of interest?

Kayne: There were some good questions and answers and a surprising invasion too

Fargo: Invasion?

Kayne: Yes an attack in minoc, one at Reg Volom too and the savages attacked

Fargo: Oh dear.

Just at this point Heimlich arrived somewhat intoxicated. Not a good look for a future Lord Protector.

Heimlich: *hic*


Colonel Clegg then arrived and got things underway.

Colonel Clegg: Good evening everybody

Heimlich: EVENING *hic*

In the usual looking around I saw the grin on Irvyn’s face as he looked over at the intoxicated Heimlich

Irvyn: Been seeking some liquid courage?

Heimlich: *hic*  …I’m not wasted…


Colonel Clegg: Let’s see who of the candidates are here tonight. I see Irvyn,  Heimlich, Hm, that’s it eh

At this point I let Clegg know that I’d heard from Escaflowne that he was on his way

Colonel Clegg: Ah, good

Irvyn: *looks behind him* What about Alaster?

Colonel Clegg: Ohh yes!

Kayne: I havent heard from alaster so far

Irvyn gave an enquiring look toward Marie Yevoupas

Colonel Clegg: How could I miss him….

Marie Yevoupas: i don’t know; he should be here…

Just at that point Escaflowne arrived as promised and apologised for being late


Colonel Clegg: So, tonight we’re going to have a debate . That means in addition to answering questions, the candidates will get to respond to eachother. I will act as moderator, to make sure the debate stays respectfull

Marie then informs the crowd that alaster is on the way. I added that Aron was unable to make it due to important business out in the land.

Colonel Clegg: Candidates, would you please come to the stage?

Colonel Clegg: Alright candidates. I want to you to listen to each other and give each other room to speak. You may be sharp in your words but keep it respectful please.

Ah good, Alaster is here

Alaster The Mad: i’m sorry mongbats stopped me on way !


Here is an image of the candidates present at this meeting

Colonel Clegg: Alright, does anybody in the audience have a question to get us started?

First question came from your intrepid reporter enquiring as to where Nathan was so voters knew.

Colonel Clegg: I’m not sure. He probably had something important to do…

I then went on to ask

Kayne: For all candidates, what one thing about you do you think makes you right for this job?

Heimlich: I am a neutral and have no bias for or against any one city or race. So I am able to better make my decisions regarding the kingdom as a whole

Escaflowne: If i had to name just one thing, i would go for the fact that i am pro freedom

Irvyn cut in with: The rest of us being pro-slavery?

Escaflowne: My passion lies within the freedom of people, defending their individuality, making sure that they are not sheep. I’ve seen that poor elf locked in your basement Irvyn

At this point taking a look around there were some raised eyebrows and a few gasps heard around the audience. Your intrepid reporter being one of them, especially given my elven heritage.

Irvyn: That would be difficult, since I do not have a basement. You may visit my house any time and ascertain this.

Escaflowne: Aye i was only kidding for the record

Colonel Clegg: Escaflowne, stick to the facts please

Make what you will of this folks, not a nice joke to be making. But what is the truth?

Escaflowne: I’ve said my part, i am all about the people. Making sure they get the freedoms they deserve

Irvyn: Since I am restricted to only one thing, I will say it is my age. Since age brings with it experience, knowledge, and wisdom. When I was young, I travelled widely and lived in many places – even Vesper. Irvyn looked at escaflowne sideways at this point Under an assumed name, naturally.

Perhaps Irvyn isn’t an entirely honest and trustworthy leader going around under assumed names. But you the voters decide.

Irvyn: I love the land, and I have seen much of it, and I wish to preserve it.

Escaflowne: To be honest, even i must admit that was a darn good answer Irvyn

Irvyn: Thank you Escaflowne.

Escaflowne: Should of thought of that one.  Although i don’t think im as old as you

At this point there were some shouts from the audience about Irvyn being 102 years old.

Alaster The Mad: I just wanted to say, my beard proves i’m not young. My youth has been used to walk on all sosarian lands and i met lot of people from differents horizons, and even different undies tailoring techniques. As i enjoyed all my time with all those people, i’ll give all i have to help them keep going in the best way we can and of course, keep the pants supply un discontinued.

On a look at the candidates I noticed Irvyn checking his belt was tight enough at the mention of undies. Followed by a sly look from Alaster at Irvyn’s socks


Colonel Clegg: Kimi had a question?


Kimi: At least one candidate talks of neutrality……and another talks of preservation as things stand……Does this mean they condone the systematic slaughter of elves by the Yewish?

It was noted that there were some nods of agreement to this question.

Colonel Clegg: To who do you want to adress this question?

Heimlich: systematic slaughter? i thought it was more of a persecution

Just at this moment a member of the Yew guards arrived. Somewhat unfortunate timing.

Colonel Clegg: To who do you want to adress this question?

Kimi: To Hiemlich and M’Lord Irvyn

Heimlich: well, i don’t think my neutral stance in any way means i condone this ‘slaughter’ of the elven peoples

Kimi: So you’ll allow its continuence?

Kayne: Do you intend to stop such slaughter

Heimlich: i meant it more as a way to broker peace – or some version of it – between such groups. Since i am not affiliated with either party i am able to consider both points of view, though one is obviously not so popular with the rest of the kingdom but it deserves consideration as a point of view

Kimi: Whats to consider…when one race slaughters another?

Heimlich: perhaps the question ‘why?’ should be considered, what started it? what keeps it going?

Colonel Clegg: Let’s turn the question to Irvyn

Irvyn: Very well. First I will say that I am unaware of wholesale slaughter going on. Certainly there is persecution, and some of those escaping it have come south to Trinsic.

From my position I was able to hear Kimi muttering: None so blind……

Irvyn: But either way, I do not condone it. *cold tone of voice* Neither do I condone the actions of Vesperians in assisting the drow with their slavery.

Escaflowne: Thats nothing to do with me. I wasn’t even in these lands when that happened. But i can assure you that no one in Vesper is consorting with Drow anymore

Irvyn: However, I have already stated that I do not believe the role of the Lord Protector

Kimi: Thats not Vesperians….thats the Swaggers company!

Irvyn: is to be a policemen, still less judge, jury and executioner.

Heimlich: so you can’t control your own populace?

Escaflowne: Its hard to control something when i am thousands of miles away. I left Vesper over a year ago. It was then the Drow incident happened

Heimlich: shouldn’t you have left someone trustworthy in charge then

Escaflowne: Vesper has always despised drow from the war of the barbed leash. Since i returned and gained power again. There have been no dealings with drow

Hmm being of elven hertiage, the drow are distant relations and I’m not sure I like that Vesperians despise my relations.

Fargo: I was merely interested to hear whom of the other candidates…You would choose to support should you be unsuccessfull.

Irvyn: My answer is, I will support anyone but Escaflowne. This is not because of anything personal against him.  He is a fine man, and a good leader.

But the teachings of Blackthorn are dangerous, and leading Britannia down that path will bring not freedom, but anarchy.

Colonel Clegg: *Nods* Very clear

Escaflowne: I would like to respond to that? I just wanted to say, i have no plans for Chaos to take full control over the lands. For with chaos there must always be Order. They go hand in hand. I wish to restore the balance  and bring chaos back to balance Order. Not destroy the balance again

Colonel Clegg: Ok, and while you’re talking answer the question as well

Escaflowne: It is a hard choice, I am tempted to say Heimlich because he is a believer of Chaos judging by his shield.

But to be honest I am not sure i would be fully supportive of any of the current candidates. Due to the fact their ideals and beliefs are so different to mine.

If it were to be anyone though It would be Nathan, I have worked well with Nathan in the past and he has aided Vesper

Alaster The Mad: Well, i’ll take the oposite, saying  each of candidates got somethoing good in em, they all rock. But if i had to choose…Irvyn seems to me the wiser and  Heimlich got awseome socks, so the choice is hard !

Irvyn: Thank you Alaster, I appreciate that.

Alaster The Mad: i really think it !

Heimlich: again, i think its a hard choice to make, but i feel irvyn holds a similar stance to my own, or one closest to it i should say.

Some comments were made that Heimlich was carrying a Chaos shield. Which he went on to explain

Heimlich: in my position as a neutral party i feel free to contemplate on both order and chaos without declaring my allegiance to either

Escaflowne: Good answer

Irvyn: A good answer. And thank you Heimlich.

Heimlich: but on the choice of candidates i feel alaster is also a strong candidate. he has many fine hats, but also many good ideas about the realm, and leadership, despite his ‘pants problem’

Poor alaster had turned bright red at such good praise from his rival

Irvyn: I was very favourably impressed by Alaster’s speech, and yours, Heimlich.

Heimlich: esca is a strong leader in times of war and conflict  and i would follow him in such times but otherwise, i feel his policies are lacking  the delicate touch. He has iron paws

Colonel Clegg: Ok, we have just a little bit of time left. For the last few minutes, I’m going to let the candidates ask the questions. Each of you will get to ask one question, and get one candidate to answer. Keep the answers somewhat brief please


It was at this point I began to overhear some conversation between some Vesperian women and thought it should be included here. I am not sure whether they refer to Escaflowne but perhaps it needs noting none the less.

Devante Stirling: hows he doing ?  has he told them our true plan yet ?

Anna Goodward: *shrugs* Ah jus’ came ‘ere mahself


Alaster The Mad: Ok hm, Esca, how do you plan to keep balanced order and chaos ? briefly ?

Escaflowne: Well order is already fully formed within the Kingdom, It is everywhere and has been for years. There has been an absence of Chaos, which i intend to return to balance it out again. I have already started doing this by forming the Hand of Chaos

It is our job to spread the principle of Chaos, seek out and destroy tyranny and defend the peoples freedom, individuality and difference. Show them they have a choice. We do not want to eradicate Order just give people the choice

Heimlich: to alaster: in times of war, will you be making plans personally? or will you be deferring to advisors or city leaders.

Alaster The Mad: Neither of two in facts : i’ll try to gather as much leaders as possible, and we’ll make decisions collegially for example, escas voice would count also in such a meeting of “problem arriving”

Heimlich: so you will place yourself at a level with those who perhaps have more experience?

Alaster The Mad: You know, i think they DO have more experience but i have a step back on situation, and i’d need their advice.  i’ll try to “concatenate” all voices in something coherent and useful for the lands

Irvyn: An excellent answer – may I say something?

Colonel Clegg: Yes Irvyn, I was going to turn the question to you anyway

Irvyn: I just wanted to say that I heartily endorse Alaster’s policy of advisors and I had already has similar thoughts on setting up a council of some sort,  if agreed.

Alaster The Mad: thank you very much, Irvyn

Irvyn: I discussed it with Aron after the meeting last night.

Heimlich: a council is not unheard of, and not a bad idea

Irvyn: I know this will sound somewhat frivolous, but I believe it is something all Sosaria wants to know:

Escaflowne: Yes i am really a bear Irvyn

Irvyn: Alaster, what *does* happen to all the underpants?

Escaflowne: Haha that is a good question

Alaster The Mad: Well

There was laughter from around the room at this question

Alaster The Mad: we have a secret recipe

Heimlich: he plasters them around people’s homes, mostly

Escaflowne: you usually plaster Amantalas shop in them dont you?

Alaster The Mad: yeah also !

Colonel Clegg: A recipe that involves underpants?

Alaster The Mad: i can’t tell much about what happens to pants… it’s an ancestral crafting…but know that we have a factory working 24/24 for bringing you the finest pants on sosaria ! so in some way, dust to dust, and so, pants are… somewhat reused…


Escaflowne: I’ve really asked everything i need to know is the past, but i’ll ask Irvyn a question that i feel my fellow Vesparians would want to know the answer to

If you were to win Irvyn, Touching on this point with the Yewish and elves earlier. Would you make attempts to put a stop to the Yewlanders Archaic ways and Rebellious military regimes. I don’t want an Invasion of Vesper by the Yewlanders again. We’ve been fighting with them for years. But they just can’t leave us in peace.

Irvyn: I am sure they do not want to be attacked by Vesper again either.

Escaflowne: Well in the history books, they nearly always started the wars with us. Bar one or two

Irvyn: And you know that they see Vesper as a threat, with your constant attempts to gain dominance in the north.

Escaflowne: Whats wrong with wanting a tiny peice of the map for ourselves and our way of life.  Does the Kingdom and Yewish have to own everything and control everyone?

Irvyn: You have Vesper …

Colonel Clegg: Ok, I think this is complicated an issue to tactle tonight and besides, we’re out of time

Heimlich: well you’re campaigning for a position with the kingdom..

Escaflowne: Yes that is a steep road to go down, So i’ll let it go for now

Kayne: Clegg let them answer Im interested

Escaflowne: Well Clegg can open the voting booth, And anyone who wants to stay and listen can.

Irvyn: I will not carry on the debate as such, but I will answer your question. In brief, no, I would not attempt to change the Yewish. Nor will I attempt to change Vesper, or Minoc, or Britain, or Skara or anyone else.

Escaflowne: So you would not come to the aid of Vesper if you were Lord Protector and they decided to invade us?

Irvyn: You spoke of freedom, think carefully about what that means. If one city’s freedom is taken away, what happens to all the others?

Escaflowne: There are restraints even on freedom. Or we’d all be animals. I don’t want you to take control of them. Its just the Yewish have always tried to play world police In their own little minds

Irvyn: Precisely, Escaflowne … and that is where Blackthorn went wrong. He did not keep to those limits, but followed his chaotic path to ruin.

Escaflowne: I just want to know if you would make any attempts to stop them bringing their regime to Vesper and trying to ‘police’ us as it were

Irvyn: I will not police you, or them.

Escaflowne: And Blackthorn was corrupted by Exodus.  That was his downfall nothing else

Irvyn: The Lord Protector is not a dictator, to rule over everything.

Escaflowne: But his role is to keep the peace and unite the nations.  But i can see now that if Vesper were to become under attack from the Yewish without provocation you would not aid us. Or attempt to keep the peace

Irvyn: Yes, and I will pursue that via the diplomatic route. But that is not the same as changing the way that they are, their way of life.

You asked if I would change their archaic ways – the answer is no.

Escaflowne: Thats fair enough.  Although their archaic ways are clearly a problem. Burning innocent elves

Well i can see  we’ll never agree on this. So lets agree to disagree


There you have it, the full events from this evenings ask the candidates.

Note: Some editing has taken place that doesn’t affect any responses or questions. I would also like to remind readers any comments made by your intrepid reporter are highlighted and you are reminded they are merely my comments on what I saw and heard. You are fully encouraged to make your own mind up based on what you read not what I say.

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