[EM Event] Arachnophobia!!

March 26, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News


A small group of people where keeping a eye on the beach area where NinaLuna found the new gate to the netherworld.

Several different kind of spiders where spotted on the beach.

The group was trying to squash down these bugs that where crawling out of the gate.

Some of these arachnids where extremely dangerous.

The group did extremely well under these hard conditions but they knew they could not hold this forever.

When most of the island was cleared they all hurried to the counselors hall to see if professor Grimm could help them with the gate.

And reinforcement would be more then welcome too.

The hall was full with brave warriors who came to see the professor and help him where was needed.

He did seemed to be relieved that the gate was finally found by NinaLuna.

It was a long search for it.

Grimm told us that he investigated the ruin of his friends tower .

He found out that his friend had nothing to do with the strange gate, that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The gate was made from another dimension and when the gate appeared in our world it produced a sort of vacuum and swallowed all around it up.

That’s what happened with his friends tower and his friend was killed during this event.

He wanted to get close to the gate to find a way to destroy it.

The professor think its possible to go trough the gate but we had to fight the invaders so he could slip trough the gate to see what is on the other side.

He mumbled some spells to find the right disguise to go to the other side.

Thanks to the small group of people who where on the island earlier it was not hard to get the professor towards the strange gate.

But when the professor stepped in the gate a huge ugly spider crawled out of it.

It only came for one thing, killing the human race!

No one was really scared of her treats, what could one spider do against us.

But nightmares became a reality when she called out on a army of spiders.

Hundreds of spiders attacked us from  everywhere.

Not only we had to stop this invasion but also overcome our fears of spiders.

It was a though fight against these eight legged freaks!

But i think the spider queen underestimated us when we killed all of them.

We found some strange vials on the corpses of the spiders.

Someone was not happy with her army slaughtered!

We where all ready to kill her too.

She seemed to entice us to follow her trough a gate.

She said it was save.

I had a bad feeling about this.

When we stepped trough the gate we found our self in the backroom of the ice dungeon.

The spider queen was pleased we stepped in her trap.

Several strange spiders jumped down from the ceiling on us.

The ice fiends in these small rooms where the least of our problems now.

 It was time for a final confrontation with the Queen!

We had enough of her, together we crushed her like a bug.

Just when she fell EM Borbarad appeared.

He ask where professor Grimm was.

We did loose track of him.

The crack to the netherworld was closed on Fire Island but we did not see the professor.

Is he lost on the other side?

A new crack now have appeared in the ice Dungeon.

Borbarad ask us to keep a eye out on this new gate and kill any creature that comes out of it again.

We have no idea how to close this gate, not without the help of the professor!

Where is he?

Now we can only wait till we hear again from EM Borbarad or the professor.

This morning one of my scouts when to have a look in the Ice Dungeon.

His report was shocking!

Several old demons came out of the crack to the netherworld!

I have to alert some people to fight them back into the gate!

 New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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