[EM Event] A Plot Uncovered

August 16, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


emtar looked up and scowled at the insistent banging on his door. The past few weeks had tried his patience to its end and he was in no mood to listen to more prattling about plots while no substantive proof was provided. He knew damn well there was a traitorous plot going on. He simply had been unable to find out who was behind it or what it’s ultimate goal was. He was hanging onto what little patience he had left by the tips of his talons. He sincerely hoped the citizens of Britannia had been more successful than he but he knew he had to give them time to complete their investigations.

“Yes?! What IS it?” he barked as the knocking became more insistent.

The door opened to reveal what he could only assume was a human, although, under the thick layer of grime it was hard to tell. Lemtar debated moving closer to try to confirm it was human but just then a powerful stench reached him and he decided that his seat near the open window was purely providential.

The filthy figure stalked into the room, slammed a rolled up parchment on the desk and turned on his heel. Just before reaching the door, he turned to spit on the floor and mutter, “Damned Gargoyles, should rip the wings off’n all ya kind” before slamming out.

Lemtar eyes widened a bit in surprise at the rudeness as he turned his attention to the parchment. Sliding his jeweled dagger under the seal, he began to read the short message. It seemed the human mercenary leader Joan was requesting a meeting. She “said” she had the information she’d promised.

While Lemtar did not trust Joan any further than a new born hatchling could carry her, he thought he could at least see if there was an honorable spark yet left as she had claimed. Composing a note quickly, he called a messenger and stressed that the news must be spread in all the lands of Britannia as well as in Ter Mur.

He wondered how on earth he’d manage to keep his sanity until the appointed time arrived.

“Meet Lemtar at the Ter Mur moongate, Saturday, August 18th @ 7p.m. PST. The time has come to put a stop to the treachery.”

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