(EAJ Event/RP)Jack and Miralda

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After Miralda the witch Jack the ranter came to Britannia, several days have passed.

Miralda which is a master used the jack very much for several of these days.
However, since it was usual for him, it was satisfactory.
Since he enjoyed himself together with her when there was new discovery, he was fortunate.

However, the day which returns to the original world in which two persons live drew near.

“Master! let’s leave Britannia soon. Hurry up”
“Silently, it is a scene important now. We have time at it.”
“Although you are stupid, you are a really noisy person. If this is successful, we will return immediately. Wait silently!”
“Is it OK? Does it succeed? I seem disagreeable. ”

Many things in which the ground of Britannia stimulates Miralda curiosity existed.
Whenever she looked at what does not exist in the world where he lives, she felt the stimulus, and she used doubtful magic.

However, the result of her experiment was not good.The jack was scolded whenever she failed in the experiment. He was looking at experiment scenery always uneasy.

“Hehe,This will be completion if time passes”
“Is it a success?”
“Hey! To whom are you talking? ! I do not fail!”
“Yes mam! By the way, what happens to this? ”
“It is pleasure after the end of an experiment. hehe”
“Indeed. Then, since it is special, isn’t an experimental result shown people who live in the world here, either? Since your magic is showy, they are surely glad. ”
“Is it the people who took care of you? ”
“Yes,mam.They helped me variously. I would like to carry out the greeting of good-bye ”
“Whichever may be satisfactory for me. Make it like.”
” Really?! Then, I call them!”

Jack will come for the following time at front of Britain 1st bank.
October 28(Fry) JST time
Mizuho pm8:00
Hokuto pm9:00
Izumo pm10:00

October 29(Sat) JST time
Asuka pm8:00
Wakoku pm 9:00
Mugen pm10:00

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