(EAJ Event)Miscalculation of a holiday

December 08, 2011 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

I am Kristina of the role of a reindeer which serves Santy.
The holiday season came on. Santy and I came this time in order to send a present to everybody.
However, there was big miscalculation. The number had few presents which we prepared.
We decided to change the kind of present by the shard as a result of the consultation of me and Santy.
Please challenge three problems, in order to decide the kind of present.
Many points can be got if it has attained mostly.The kind of present is determined after three ends of a problem.

1st problem
Time: December 3- 9 about 3pm JST
Collection of enchanted apples.
The box into which an apple is put is placed in front of the house of Santy.
The house of Santy is located in the southwest of Britain.

2nd problem
Announcement date:December 9
Time: December 10-16 about 3pm JST

3rd problem
Announcement date:December 16
Time: December 17-23 about 3pm JST

The acquisition point is as follows.
The 1st place:12points, 2nd place:8points, 3rd place 6points, 4th place 3points, 5th place 2points, 6th place 1 point

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