(EAJ Event) Scavenger Hunt

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(0)What is scavenger hunt?
・You collect the demanded things.
・You find a presentation place.
・You put an item into a box earlier than whom.

Asuka, Wakoku, Hokuto, Izumo, Mizuho, Mugen
February 10(fri) pm9:00(JST)~
February 11(sat) pm9:00(JST)~
Since it starts in order, start time may shift for a while.

(2)Start place
Trammel Yew fall( 94o 19N,0 33w)

(3)Valentine’s Hunt Box
If the time of a start draws near, this box will appear.
If there is my signal, a pink bag will appear.
Please take one of it.

(4)Pink bag
In the bag, two items is contained.
1.sing book
This book color is thin purple.
You need to write a name to this book.
2.Scavenger List
Scavenger List is pink book.5 items which you have to collect are described in this book.
Please put in the item brought together in this bag together with the book.

(5)Submission Box
Let’s submit it, if you collect 5 items.
There is a box to be submitted three places for all two days.
February 10(fri) hint will be exhibited at Febraury 10 pm 9:10.
February 11(sat) hint will be exhibited at Febraury 10 pm 9:10.
It is very fortunate if you find a dark-red box.
You put Pink’s bag containing the book containing your name, scavenger list, and five items into a box.
A dark-red box becomes white and you are winner

PM 9:35 (JST)

If you are winner,please log in pm9:35-pm10:00(JST)

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