DJ Scorp Rocks Holiday Event at MOA

December 16, 2011 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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The yearly holiday event at MOA was well attended last night as always. So well attended it was standing room only towards the end. DJ Scorp was the main figure head of this event and he did an amazing job. I arrived  an hour early and people were so excited about this holiday get together patrons were already in the auction house. Several of the MOA staff were on hand also finishing up last minute details and chatting with the early birds.  On the topic of MOA staff the talented Melian, Logan, Princess Melody, Lady Emerald Ice and of course Pratt could be seen about working and socializing.

DJ Scorp started the night by addressing the crowd thanking the entire Great Lakes community, MOA staff, several of the guilds and a special shout out to Xuri, Hobo, Hearts and Lady Lava.

Holiday greetings from the packed house at MOA


Before the event began Melian offered libations to the crowd in the form of eggnog and Celes was first in line.

Rumor has it the eggnog was spiked


It was a night full of high end auction items, holiday trivia, gold give aways and the 12 days of Christmas. It was also a night of fashion. Below are a few screenshots of the staff and patrons in their holiday outfits.



Turn to the left




Turn to the left




MOA Staffers


Some very famous people stopped into the auction house last night. That smelly dwarf Impy popped in for a while to heckle the crowd and leave his scent behind. Royality attended also, RedDevil the man who held the first ever UO auction made an appearance also. So nice to see old faces.


Pratt giving Lady Lava a sneak peek


As we all know the big man in red is what the night truly is all about. After the event at the auction house patrons were gated to Ice Castle where Santa was ready and waiting to give all the good and naughty boys and girls a gift. I arrived early as did a few others and Santa had me sit on his lap and what a gift I got ! Thank you MOA for another great year, great holiday event and time. It is the time that all the MOA members give that make it work.   A HAPPY HEALTHY HOLIDAY TO YOU ALL!



A peek into the gifts that Santa handed out


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