Cora and Her Waves

May 28, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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It seems everyone is talking about Cora these days. Cora this and Cora that, not to mention her waves. Those waves, they keep on coming ! Covetous has been the hot spot for the long holiday weekend. Heavens knows I spent hours there each day for the past three days. After countless waves and deaths, both monster and human, I wanted to see who this Cora was. Three attempts I made with different groups with much bloodshed. Once we actually killed her with the help of a Greater Dragon. She sucks you in so the owner of the dragon stayed dead as we healed the dragon and finally did Cora in. With so much death this past week I thought I would feature a few of the dead and dieing at the hands of Cora and her warriors.

DJ Miss Mix It and Soul Splitter dead at the hands of Cora


Betty Boop and Comet




Fatal Error


Goldarr and A.Z.


Ironheart and Ultima




King Silvan


Lucky and StormChaser






Obit Centerfold ~ Princess Amara


Princess Amara and friend


Storm Chaser


See you hopefully very soon in Covetous !

Below is the tram ranking from monday morning 5/28/12

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