Community Hunts hosted by Yosef Part 2

October 11, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

It’s hunt night!!
Tonight’s hunt will not be hosted by “Yosef”, but Tala the Wolf Ambassador & Vesper.
See you there!!

I knew when I saw the notice I was going again. I had such a wonderful time last time I just knew this time would be better. I readied my armor and spell books, got my bora out of the stables, and grabbed my shield. Off I went to the Vesper bank to see who was there…
There was even more people here then last time. I was excited and knew this would be a good evening. So off we marched again to Valor, but this time to confront the spiders that has taken over…
The battle was fierce, the spiders didn’t want to budge. We had a few casualties along the way as things got sorted out, but we all trudged on and made some progress.
Finally the boss, Mephitis, appeared and was quickly dispatched by a flood of warriors and pets. We didn’t waste any time…
Since we where so successful, we decided that we would march on to Honor and take on the rats that appeared there…
Barracoon appeared quickly to challenge us this time and we dispatched him even faster. *chuckles* It was a great night had by all and I’d like to thank Tala for hosting the event…
and Lady Khaleesi and Vesper for sponsoring this evenings hunt. It was a very good time had by all, and I defiantly recommend to all to come and join us next time and have some fun. I hope to see you all there!!!!

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