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By Petra Fyde, October 2010


Item Skill Menu Sub-Menu Resources Skill level
Light ship cannon

Light Ship Cannon light ship cannon

Blacksmith Cannons 900 ingots,

50 boards/logs

65 smith,

65 carpentry

Heavy ship cannon

Heavy Ship Cannon Heavy Ship Cannon

Blacksmith Cannons 1800 ingots,

75 boards/logs

70 smith,

70 carpentry


Most resources are crafted (see table below) however saltpeter is bought from the alchemist at Sea Market or mined from niter deposits in dungeons or from boats. Only miners with high luck can find these deposits which can occur in 5 different sizes. Once found the miner must mine the deposit until it is consumed. The niter will decay if not mined when found.



Small Niter

Small Niter

Large Niter

Larger Niter

huge niter

Huge Niter

Massive Niter

Massive Niter

Gigantic Niter

Gigantic Niter

Making Resources:

Ingredientsrequired to make the consumables

Item Skill Sub-Menu Resources Skill level
Charcoal charcoal Cooking Preparations 1 boards/logs

(converts the entire stack, an oven is required.)

Potash Potash Alchemy Ingredients 1 boards/logs,

1 water (heat source required)

Black Powder Black Powder Alchemy Explosive 6 saltpeter,

1 charcoal,

I sulphurous ash

Match Cord match cord

(Make in multiples of 10)

Alchemy Explosive 1 saltpeter,

1 ball of yarn,

1 water,

1 potash


* high failure rate (good talisman strongly recommended)


one fuse cord, one powder charge and one missile used on each firing. Use light charge and cannonball or grapeshot in light cannon, heavy charge and cannonball or grapeshot in heavy cannon.

Item Skill Menu Sub-Menu Resources Skill level
Fuse Cord Fuse Cord Alchemy Explosive 1 black powder,

1 ball of yarn,

1 water,

1 potash

Light Powder Charge Powder Charge Tailoring Materials 1 yard of cloth,

1 black powder

Heavy Powder Charge Powder Charge Tailoring Materials 1 yard of cloth,

4 black powder

Light Cannon Ball Cannon Ball Blacksmith Cannons 6 ingots 0
Heavy Cannon Ball Cannon Ball Blacksmith Cannons 12 ingots 10
Light Grapeshot Grape Shot Blacksmith Cannons 6 ingots,

1 yard cloth

Heavy Grapeshot Grape Shot Blacksmith Cannons 12 ingots,

2 yards cloth


Sustainablesitems which will last for an entire battle or longer.

Item Skill Menu Sub-Menu Resources Skill level
Match Match Tinkering Miscellaneous 10 match cord,

4 boards/logs

Ramrod Ramrod Tinkering Wooden Items 8 boards or logs 0
Swab Swab Tinkering Wooden Items 4 boards/logs,

4 yards cloth


Firing the Cannon

There two ways to operate your cannons, item use and menu use. I find the menu use the easier of the two:

  • Item Use:
    • Double click the ramrod and target the cannon, you will begin loading the charge.
    • If the cannon is dirty you must first clean it with the swab by double clicking the swab and targeting the cannon.
    • After the cannon is charged you must load your ammo by double clicking a cannon ball or grapeshot and targeting the cannon.
    • Once the ammo is loaded you need to prime the cannon with a
      fuse. Double click the fuse chord and target the cannon. Once your
      cannon is primed you are ready to fire!
    • To fire the cannon double click the match, which will light it
      (they do not last forever, so make sure you’ve got plenty!) and target
      the cannon. The cannon will fire unleashing it’s fury on whatever you
      are pointed at!
  • Menu Use:
    • Double-click the cannon to open the Cannon Control Menu.
    • You must have all needed tools and supplies in your backpack.
    • click each button in turn to clean, charge, load, and fire your cannon, pausing between each operation until the menu confirms the stage is complete.
    • At the ‘load’ stage you must target the ammunition you wish to use.

    cannon load

    NOTE: After each shot your cannon will take damage. Repair with ingots at the end of the battle, or when pausing for ship repairs. To do this access the context menu of the cannon by
    single clicking it. You may also dismantle cannons and remove various
    components through this menu as well. Cannons must be clean before
    dismantling. A ‘slightly damaged’ heavy cannon will require approximately 36 ingots to repair.

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