Chesapeake EM’s Honored at Weekly HoC!

December 18, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

A touch late here with this one!

Chesapeake EM’s Honored at Weekly HoC!
Sunday 12/4/11
    Sundays House of Commons meet along the plains of Britian turned out to be a special event this week! We were reminded of this weekends upcoming activities as well as the current plethora of em fiction recently posted to the shard  EM Forums. Upon finishing the recount of upcoming goodies we were all suprised by a talking head seen rising from the floor! It was none other than Lady Mesanna herself! The dark one payed Chesapeake a visit this week for a most special occurance! Proclainming her admiration and respect for Dudley and Dross and the selfless dedication to the players of Chesapeake and the work they’ve done in the EM Program, she bestowed upon them new threads as both shard EM’s received new colored robes and accessories to boot!
    Dudley in his new jet black robe and extra jingly new jester hat was sooo excited he burst into motion, busting a groove like none have seen here on Chesapeake! Drosslemeyer in his royal purple with golden trim and staff to match thanked Mesanna and all those in attendance for the outpouring of congratulations and cheers that surely could be heard all the way in east Britian!
    Mesanna went on to even fix the worn flooring in the HoC! With a wave of her hand the smelly fishheads and the head of the poor traveler named Orin vanished in the blink of an eye! Her skills are that of legend!
    From all of us here at the Stratics News Team as well as the players of Chesapeake, Congratulations to our EM Team! Here’s a few pics  of the evening:

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