Holiday Season Contest Voting

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Here is your oportunity for you, as the players, to help pick the winners.

The rewards will be a special hued reindeer.  There are 10 hues and you will be able to pick the hue that best suits your decorations. The top voted design will have their house go down in the history of UO by making it a mini house that will be available next year.

This time you guys are the judges!

Voting closes December 15th, 2012
All entries must have a character name, shard, facet and location
All pictures submitted must be in jpg format


  • Click the image to see the complete entry
  • Click the radio button on the left to select your choice,
  • Scroll to the bottom to submit your vote.

Late Arrivals These entries missed the closing but deserve to be seen

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Last modified: February 11, 2013

87 Comments to “Holiday Season Contest Voting”

  1. Can we get word on what is going on here?

    • Well it appears my little house came last with no votes. :(((
      Can someone explain what the % is? I got 8% of the vote??
      Just curious.

    • clachance says:

      its been almost a month since this contest ended…We still do not have a winner or what they are doing? clearly it was a popularity contest more than a design contest, but I would still like to know what is the final result?

  2. will be interesting to see how this all plays out.. since voting is over now its up to the gms and ems?

  3. Very interesting on how some of these got so many votes in less than a day. In one case they doubled over night. And Im not talking just a few votes. Hmmmmm.
    So I assume this wasnt about decor. Dont do this way of voting again. Lets make it a fair race. I know how they got the votes, and yes it was a loop hole.

  4. DJ Whisper says:

    Good luck to all the beautiful entries!!! I’m sure your all excited :) ~ I’ve been watching though and what I find rather odd is the #1 spot seems to be gaining a vote or two consistently every 1-2 minutes or so. Just an observation ~ Have a blessed holiday season everyone!! Thank you to the UO team responsible for bringing this exciting event to fruition.

  5. Seeing how everyone else is using FB Friends I just posted for my friends castle on my FB , hope she jumps up a ton from it

  6. How are votes still being counted after the end time has passed?

  7. charles deshon says:

    belle’s house is the best

  8. charles deshon says:

    belle’s house is fabulishous

  9. *Ahem* I may, or may not (but you should just assume I am…) one of the top house owners. Now, after reading all of these comments, it made me laugh because not only do I have hundreds of votes, but mine are indeed true as well. I did some advertising of my own and posted on my facebook and twitter accounts that have more than 400 followers. This being said, I have gotten numerous messages back saying they voted. I have many friends on my social media from UO and are the majority of my votes. I have even recruited some on these people to try out UO, which is great publicity for the game.

    Anyhow, enjoy voting (and for some of those, complaining). It is holiday time and the people who are putting forth the effort in this contest will win, we should all just relax.


    • Voluptuous says:

      “Putting forth the effort?”
      Actually creating something better than everyone else because you had some talent and time to dedicate to it, and been judged by fellow UO players as something unique…or did what you did, which had nothing to do with the point of a deco contest on UO. Surprised you even bothered to put up any sort of Xmas deco at all then. Maybe you shoulda entered a blank plot instead and REALLY insulted and laughed upon the rest of the entries. A nice little pixel spit upon those awsome entries like the steam engine and such…how dare they have more talent than you. tsk tsk.

    • Well last time I checked, this game was ULTIMA ONLINE, not Facebook or Twitter. So yea, kind of is cheating if you’re using non-UO players who have no clue what the heck those pixels they’re voting for even are. Keep your snobby attitude up and that will sure gain you some more friends.

  10. Melany Bushn says:

    I just want to say may the best house win. This may be due to their determination, a better house design, whatever. I don’t even have a house in this, but I have a friend in it, and she has done her PR to MAKE KIMBERLY Jamerson the WINNER! And there has been no cheating on her part, she just worked her friends to death. I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m tired! She has worked me since Saturday and wise choice she made in asking me to help her because she didn’t know how to reach out any further. I consider her a true friend and a wonderful daughter, mother, and wife. She would not cheat or she would lose ALL of my support of over 800 friends between the two of us and several others that have pitched in to assist her with this contest. The first thing is to design a beautiful home and the second part is to work your game. I would not know it existed had she not told me about it!

  11. First of all syko, you will be happy to know that I am pulling my house out and bringing it down. My ingame names are Quilter/Lavendar/Chestnut/Pupinga….so there is no mistake who I am. I am also the real life mom of the one who owns the house with co-ordinance of 81 8N 35 30E in Chessy. For you to refer to her as loser, was about as much as I could handle of this inmature nonsense. She is so far from a loser!!! She has survived Stage 4 Cancer!!! Have you?? She has been to hell and back from her teen years to present day. She has worked three jobs at a time to take proper care of her daughter and stayed off of welfare…have you???? She has helped many many people in this world and has brought much happiness, courage, and hope to those struggling with problems. She is presently ministering to my brother who is dying, with phone calls, encouraging letters, cd’s of music, because he does not want to live anymore. He is 74 years old. LOSER???? No way and how dare you make such a untrue statement. Every single vote this girl has gotten, has been gotten honestly. She has been hurt by these comments and by you. And yet, if you really knew her and you needed to be helped, encouraged to go on with life, while cancer eats you away, or you have lost a loved one, etc….she would be there for you, regardless of your hurtful words. Quite frankly, this contest became nothing more than a joke. A terrible one, at that. By the way…I am also “Emma”…..look for my first message.

  12. if’s so charming.

  13. what a absolutely creative group of x mas house decorators! wonderful job!

  14. I noticed since a certain post those two top houses stopped getting votes. Did someone do something to fix the cheating? If so, is there going to be any fix to the many fake votes said two houses got? It is very obvious this was happening.

    • sykotikangel says:

      i agree the one house was definitely cheating, but not the other house, they moved up gradually in comparison to Ches.Mala 81*8N, 35* 30E…. i have been watching this for days now, yes they both gain votes each day, but the one gains them all at once… 10 votes within an hour as opposed to 5 votes all day long… do the math… and NOW that they know everyone KNOWS they’re cheating, they’ve changed their strategy, trying to make it less obvious… if you’re cheating THAN YOU’RE STILL A LOSER even if you win!

      • sykotikangel says:

        what i meant was Ches.Mala 81*8N, 35* 30E moved up gradually in comparison to the other house… oops

        • Thank you for that clarification, Syko .. I was completely devastated by your response. Now it makes sense since you have made us understand it better :) My intention I assure you and anyone are pure and good. I am not cheating. And the mere fact that people even think I am am, sucks. However, I cant change what one thinks.
          Thank you :)

  15. Melany Bushn says:

    I see that the house that has 150 votes( Legends???) does not even have an INTERIOR. Then I see the house Ches.Mala 81*8N, 35* 30E is a 4 story home with rooms fully decorated. I feel her house is so much far in advance of his. Click on his and then hers. POINT MADE! And how in the world does he jump up 10 points a night while we are all sleeping? Perhaps a little bit of cheating on his part.

  16. Greetings!! I do not generally get involved in leaving comments, etc. is a sad world we live in. I know quite a few of the players who have entered this Holiday Contest. Real people, with real life issues, who struggle day to day to believe and trust. On the surface I thought this was a great idea, with a really special first prize of a mini-house replica of the winning house. As I watch the contest continue and read the posts, it just seems to me to be a sign of our times. One cannot trust another to be honest and play fair in real life, as well as game life. What started out to be an exciting inter-action of players, helping each other gather thier needed items to fullfill an individual’s concept of a winning house, has turned into a world of nastiness. What ashame!!! There is a REAL purpose for Christmas. We would all do well to put our focus there and take time for respect and caring, instead of back stabbing and finding ways to ruin good things.

  17. Tammy Serafini says:

    There are so many awesome houses….how do you choose just one?? Great job by everyone!

  18. こんな家に住みたい(OvO)

  19. greedy players have found another way to screw the system. i feel sorry for ppl that wasted there time on decorating there houses. it has been passed around that there are ways to vote for your own submission multiple times a few different wasy as in using a dial up connection and resetting isp’s redirecting ip’s and deleting browser history and cookies. the only reason im putting this on here is bc its so obvious that its being abused. just look at the votes between number one and number two. i mean really its not obvious? and i know someone that has notified the submission page but they say they notice or have heard of no cheating still. it bothers me that people are that greedy over a video game a a hued reindeer. so at least now if contestants read this it might be fair. i told my long time uo friend of this but she refuses to do it bc she says its christmas its not that big of a deal. honestly there are not that many entries and i think they all did pretty well i think they all should get the reindeer instead of being screwed out of it by cheaters. just my opinion it is christmas time after all.

    • Trust me, I AGREE WITH YOU. I will defend myself here. I have done nothing but work my ass off for my votes. I have family and friends telling their family and friends. I also have FIOS and can not nor do I know how to change my IP. I am not an IT guy. All I know is I have this god awful looking white box literally drilled into the side of my house. And I DO believe the first place winner is cheating I will say it right here. Every vote I get ( and worked for ) within minutes he matches me by 2 or more. At least I can put a legit name and IP with all my votes.

      Do I think I have the best house. No I don’t I will be the first to say that. There are may people who’s houses are just flat out beautiful. But by god, don’t punish me because I do PR work and ask people to come look at these houses and vote. Lord knows I put enough runes, gates and global chat in game to ask for my votes. I even have ALL ICQ, Emails everything saying, ” Voted, good luck “. I can say, mine are true votes. Believe me or not. But I CAN lay my head down at night.
      I have asked this to be looked into and said in my email if I am to lose or be taken out of this because of someone cheating by all means do so! I would rather lose to a true competitor than a obvious IP abuser.
      I dont want to lose to a cheater!

      And BTW, I have sent most of my entry correspondence through email and ICQ history to prove my votes just because I could. Can he?

      • And I have emailed them pretty much from the start asking them to look into this. So I am also one of them who complained about possible cheaters. Or should I say, ONE cheater.
        And if I could abuse IP address why wouldn’t I have just thrown myself above him by leaps and bounds?

    • Notice how since your post those top two have come to a halt on votes? Interesting indeed, maybe the caught that problem and fixed it. But, it is to late and they will win in the wrong way.

      • Kim/Aquarius/McCravin/Inconsitancey says:

        No THEY about it. I am sickened of the fact that I have been accused of cheating. I don’t know this IP address thing everyone is talking about. I am NO IT guy. I even brought it to the owner of this page and Mesenna in a very long worded letter that I felt the first guy with the highest votes was cheating. He seemed to always match me vote for vote then when I would get above him within an hour he was 10 above me.
        Yes, I asked my friends and family to vote. YES, I asked them to reach out to their friends. I got all my votes legit. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I even sent proof as such with all my ICQ, emails, Yahoo messenger, FB with and I quote ” I VOTED GOOD LUCK LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES “. SO mine are ligit! Bottom line.
        I worked well over a month on mine. Its sad though that the fun has been taken out of it completely for me.
        And I asked people not to vote for the day you saw no votes because I wanted to see if the other guy would do it too. And wouldn’t ya know it, HE DID! Then the next day, I get votes and Whala, he starts going up again too.
        I’m not going to be apologetic for being fair with all my votes as they are actual votes and I wont apologize for emailing proof. Sad thing is, I even felt the need that I had to -to prove a point.

  20. Connie Goering says:

    Great talent, especially love the wagon!!

  21. ニコニコ名無しさん says:


  22. Carol Smith says:

    The one I chose is simple but cozy…not overdone.

  23. Alice Wonderland says:

    all that hard work! thinking they all deserve a bit of something!

  24. I play on LS, but was doing some xmas trading with the person on Legends who owns (Castle Leviathan) and OMG!!!! That is a castle to be reckoned with. He did such an amazing job that I had no choice but to vote for him. Hey Dougal…Lady Alacia gave you her vote! Great job! <3

  25. Voting for napa 😛

  26. If it is TRUE that submitters are allowed to enter multiple submissions … AND that there will be only 10 total Winners with no Winner Limit per Shard … THEN once again our well meaning Dev Team has Fumbled the Ball and then Tripped over it. Sadly the “BEST” may go unrewarded while the rest are awarded. Lastly, ALL who did all that Hard work … who demonstrate and share with US THEIR Creativity and LOVE for Sosaria … Are ALL Deserving of Our Thanks and of OUR Recognition.

  27. David,

    I don’t agree with what you are saying. I mean, people have worked very hard on these designs and they may not be what WE want them to be, but in game money and possible real money has been put into these not to mention time. Lets try and be supportive and grown up. Not mean and childish. Just because its not something YOU would like doesn’t mean other people cant feel differently. Think of this time of year and try not to be what you obviously are the rest of the year. Be nice..

    • I do not think, and I am sure most will agree, most of the top ten so far are not the top ten in reality. I believe you name calling is rather childish dont you think? I was not rude or disrespectfull in my comment, I was honest. Now, if you can honestly say that the top 2 houses so far are the best, you would be lying. Look towards the bottom, there are some amazing designs that should be up there. But, when you have a voting method like this it is a fail. The wrong people will win and go down in UO history. As for what I am the rest of the year, do you know me? Nope, I can assure you everyone in UO that knows me will tell you otherwise. So with that being said, get your head outa your rear and look in the mirroe, because everything you said about me is a reflection of your very self in your own words.

      • Not going to have a battle of the wits when you just demist-rated exactly what you accused me of being. Now with that being said..

        I did compliment them all. I do think some of the top 10 should not be in the top 10. The first one I will agree should not be there at all for mere fact of it just wouldn’t look good as a house deed. And because it was a plot thrown down with some deco items when other huses put forth so much thought and included the entire house. I know it could be outside only or entire house. AND I AGREE the ones at the bottom should be in the top 10. I do know everyone had worked hard and I do agree that it is more of a who knows who and a popularity vote as well. Someone has to know someone. And I think if they did their own PR work as well, they could get there names closer to the top. Some of the top 10 as the 2nd place person and a few of the others belong there. I feel horrible for the ones at the bottom that certainly look better than the number 1 position right now.

        I may not agree with all you have said and I also agree that you dont know me either, I don’t totally disagree with all you said. Just disagreed in how it was presented. As you, we all have opinions as well.

  28. i dont see anything

  29. Everyone did a great job. There are a few I feel would NOT look good as a deed though. And I think fair play is in order as well! However, so far the number one atm with all that green and color, would not look very good as a deed. Im sorry. You did a time consuming great job but wouldn’t want that in my house as a deed. And there are people on the bottom of the list that deserves some serious votes. Lets do whats fair and would look like in a deed form. Not a popularity contest.

  30. Why are some of the worst houses winning? I am sure this is not a legit contest. worst way ever to judge a contest of this magnitude.

  31. all some house

  32. Decadence says:

    Beautiful Designs! Great work everyone!

  33. I cannot decide which house is the best.
    They are all nice!

  34. Ponce DeLeon says:

    I would not have wasted the time if I knew this is how the voting would go. Clearly some houses do not deserve the votes they are getting. Its more of a popularity contest and who can get the most people to go to this site and vote for them. Very disappointing! I am not bitching because I think I should have won, because there are clearly some amazing designs, I am bitching because those amazing designs are losing to houses that were probably thrown together in a couple hours compared to the weeks that others invested…Again, very disappointed…

  35. (Just to start out i hate the human verification system)
    But I want people to Look at all the houses/designs available.. Remember winning house gets turned into a mini house deed so choose one that would look good on desplay. I have to say WOW to very many of these.. I love Both trains i saw, very nice.. I loved the Egloo with the fact it even had an inside all set up.. So many wonderful idea’s and lots of creativity. Never thought about Goza’s so thank you for the extra idea’s for the future.. I have a house submitted but after seeing some of these.. I probably wont vote for mine…
    Love you all on UO,

  36. looks great well done

  37. It is a very lovely house. :)

  38. very nice houses everyone=)happy holidays!!

  39. rich putnam says:

    alot of players have a chance to wim this year

  40. rich putnam says:

    wow tons of chars have a good shot at winning this year. please choose the best design.

  41. Hey hope you winn Good Luck Good Job BTW

    Sincerely, Jay

  42. Palindrome of Baja says:

    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  43. Vaughn Cornish says:


  44. David Chip Rails says:

    Many, many nice houses, it is a tough call!
    Shenzin/Gallion/Jhakar/Odd/Ezra Grimm/Sir Gaine

  45. Some amazing houses here! great job to you all, But sorry Ice Castle Wins! GL Tram 113.43,166.34!!!

  46. Nice!Nice!Nice!


    • I placed the older winning houses down, then I looked at what we have in this contest. We could sure use some greenery or an odd house or two to stick around these.

  48. Really nice holiday homes!

  49. Voluptuous says:

    an entry of mine went from one vote to zero votes! What the HELL…..

  50. Uhhh, my train is probably the only non-house design 😉

    • Amber Witch says:

      Your train is such a wonderfully creative and different design. I hope you are proud of what you’ve done. I didn’t vote for your submission but I have to say it was between yours and the other that I voted for. Wish we could vote 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

  51. nice- love the holiday season

  52. Randy Johnston says:

    Wow all of the ugly houses are leading in the contest. *sniff* ya I smell some cheating lol

  53. John Schultz says:

    Wow quite a few amazing choices to decide on. UO Players Rock!!

  54. karen pennella says:

    Very Nice XMAS theme

  55. a living legend says:

    legends a living legend


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