Entry No. 8 – Where Will Sudiva Go

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Entry No. 8

Where Will Sudiva Go

Cora had claimed Cavetous as her home upon her arrival into this world, yet a small problem remained. She stood there glaring at the current occupant of her would be domain and sneered. The megestic dragon Sudiva simply looked at the female and smiled, she has seem many come and go, some intent on destroying her others simply to marvel at her glory, but none had been  a match for her and so was her thinking about this seemingly young female before her. The standoff began and for a few minutes it would seem they might perhaps become friends, but once they looked into each others eyes it was known there would be no alliance between the pair and an epic battle for possession of the dungeon seemed near.

Magical powers seemed to gather around them as each prepared for what would come, the smell death filled the cavern walls. Sudiva shuddered suddenly as if a great burden had been lifted from her being and she glanced about once more. She glanced upon the creature Cora one more time and headed for the stairs leading up. Perhaps something had changed Sudiva hoped as she neared the stairs which she had never been able to climb since her imprisonment in this place. Taking a tentative first step on the stairs the barrier which had held her captive seemed to vanish. She glanced back to the female and wondered if she too was a prisoner of cavetous as Sudiva herself had been. Not giving it another thought she moved uncaring up the stairs toward freedom.
Cora was angered by this retreat and magical powers spewed from her hands as she released her anger. A variety of creatures began to fill the dungeon. Demons from the fire dungeon, reptiles from Destard, the undead from the dungeon of Deceit and even the creatures from Despise dungeon filled the now empty rooms. All being summoned by this young powerful wizard Cora it would seem.

Sudiva cared for none of them and feared them even less as she moved toward the entrance and the freedom outside wondering where she would go. Stepping into the briliant sunlight, the warmth seemed to move through her. Sudiva spread her wings flapping them vigorously and took flight never looking back. She combed the countryside in search of a new home. Flying high above the world, she basked in the warm sunlight knowing she could not stay out here to long. She wanted a place where she would not have to deal with mankind and their constant desire to extingish her life. A place where she would rest with out fear of intrusions. Just as she thought of such a place the air seemed to darken and freeze and in one instant Sudiva was somehow transported to the deep hidden bowls under the world.

She glanced around and a cautious grin at her new surroundings, a cave yes, an old cave, gold scattered in places, small rooms as if humans had once lived here. and a small body of water at one end. She had all she needed she thought as she settled into her new home under what once had been the Cemetary of Haven so long ago. Perhaps now Sudiva would be happy. How she had come to be here, she did not know, perhaps Cora had now become her capturer, or perhaps Astaroth had regained his control. No matter what or who had brought her here this was now her home. Sudiva wandered about the cavern and settled near the water hole and fell asleep thinking maybe tomorrow she would seek a way out if it was needed.

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