Entry No 4 – What Price Freedom?

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Entry No 4

What Price Freedom?

By Bobar

Dragons are born to fly. This was a fact deliberately submerged deep in her subconscious by Sudiva over the long years of her confinement below Covetous. But now she once again allowed herself to think about flight. Many times over the eons she had heard movements in the ground around her prison but they had always come to nothing; this time the movements had been massive, culminating in a cleft appearing in the very wall itself. Though narrow she could see it was large enough to for her to pass through. Through the gap a beam of bright sunlight shone illuminating her body as though it were afire. With the light upon her she could feel the power of the enchantment keeping her trapped dissolving. It was a dark enchantment and light was its very antithesis reducing its strength to nothing. She stretched her wings, stiff from years of disuse, and wondered if they were still strong enough to fly.

She pondered awhile over what she should do, considering and discarding options and made a decision.

There was a cave she knew of high in the mountain peaks to the north of the aptly named Terra Sanctum which could indeed be a sanctum for her. It was far from human habitation, sparsely populated by other species and with plentiful game, a place where she might live out her years in peace.

Unrolling a large carpet she wrapped most of her treasure within it and clutching it in her huge talons started slowly along the narrow passageway to the ground above. With no further thought of the place where she had known despair for so long Sudiva made her way to freedom.

Above ground she rested, savoring the sweetness of the air and the sun on her body. The warmth and light were like a healing process, her dull scales began to shine once more and strength flowed into her muscles.

Tentatively she stretched her wings to their full extent, flapped them experimentally and felt her body lift slightly into the air. She knew she could still fly and exultantly she launched herself upwards. With powerful wingbeats she quickly rose high, it was as if no time at all had passed since last she flew, effortlessly she rose and turned towards her destination.

As she flew she looked at the ground far below and saw it was little changed from what she remembered. As the same pleasant landscape stretched before her she wondered what things might have changed which she could not see. She also considered Asteroth and wondered if she was still around and if she would be aware Sudiva had escaped her enchantment. She decided to forget Asteroth, she would never allow herself to be imprisoned again, she would be more careful should the occasion arise in the future. As she flew on nearing Terra Sanctum, a few items of her treasure slipped from her bundle to the earth far below. Sudiva ignored them, all her life treasure had been her primary motivation but now she knew the there was a greater treasure. Freedom was a treasure beyond price and it was hers. She flew on glorying in the feel of the wind rushing over her and the power in her wings. She was free and her heart sang.

Suddenly she spied her goal, far in the distance, the mountain peaks of Terra Sanctum. In what seemed no time at all she was above them reliving the time she had first found the cave she sought and where it was located.

There!. There it was, nestling under a large overhang, just as she remembered.

Alighting on the small ledge outside the entrance Sudiva paused for a moment and then slowly made her way inside. It was indeed just as she remembered, deep within the rock a chamber large enough for all she might need and far enough inside to be insulated from outside conditions, it was an ideal home for her.

Sudiva unrolled her blanket near the wall and arranged her now less important treasure neatly there. She still had a dragons inborn need for treasure but it had been considerably decreased by her recent discovery that she now possessed the most important treasure of all. After her unexpected and sudden exertions Sudiva was a little tired so she settled down on the smooth floor of the cave. With a deep sigh of contentment she relaxed and thought once more of her new status. She was FREE.

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