Entry No. 21 – Sudiva’s Tale

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Entry No. 21
Sudiva’s Tale
Sudiva lazily opened her eyes to another lonely and depressing day of solitude in her cramped subterranean chamber. As she rose and stretched with her wings brushing the ceiling, she wondered if it might be night instead of day. Time had no real meaning to her since the last humans came in their effort to help release her from Astaroth’s curse by collecting her tears.
Pushing away the painful memory of their failed efforts, she strolled over to have her habitual morning drink from the little pond in the corner of her grotto. But before she reached the edge of the pool, she felt a violent ripping and tearing of the celestial fabric and was momentarily immobilized by an immense wave of pure magical energy. As the wave of energy passed through her, she felt a blast of freezing cold air envelop her chilling her to the bone. Then it felt as if a pitcher of warm water was slowly being poured over her head and flowed down her body to her feet. With a sharp intake of breath, she realized that the prodigious binding pressure of Astaroth’s spell was no longer encompassing her.
If Astaroth’s spell was truly broken, she would be able to reduce her size and simple walk out the door of her cell. With trepid anticipation, she tried to change into her human form, and it worked. Oh, what joy exploded in her heart as she watched her massive clawed talons turn slowly into the soft delicate hands she remembered. As she paused a moment in her elation to examine herself, a terrible thought shattered her ecstasy, what if it was some devilish rouse for Astaroth’s sick pleasure.
With unbridled terror that this might not be real flooding her mind, she bolted up the stairs barely pausing as she flung open the doors that barred her way. Charging in to the hall of the Ancient Kings with its tall statues chanting their warnings of forebode, she stormed passed creatures she had never seen before. Bursting through the last set of doors without a break in her stride, she transformed into her draconic form and launched herself skyward.
Reaching and clawing at the air, she sped north and did not slow until she reached such heights that the great trees of Yew would appear to be tiny bushes. Finally realizing that she was irrevocably free of the curse, colossal tears of such happiness flowed from her eyes that when she flew over Minoc her tears fell upon the town like rain.
With tremendous jubilation, she soared and dove through the clouds above the Bay of Lost Hope, while she frolicked with her mouth open savoring the flavor of each cloud and enjoying while the cool moisture drenched her scales. The only desire next to being free was the one of how she longed to go home. With the utterance of the magical words, she tried to pass through the veil to her home realm, but nothing happened. Astonished that she failed, she tried again many times.
With her happiness turning into confusion, she descended to the tip of a tiny peninsula and phased to her human form and tried to pass into the veil again with no success. Through tears of lost hope and frustration, she falls to her knees and cries to the heavens in her ancient draconic language hoping someone will hear her on the other side. Slowly a mist begins to flow toward Sudiva, and she sees a tall man approaching her. At once she recognizes who it is. ‘Faxion!’, she cries as she rushes toward him and hugs him. ‘I am so glad to see you. Thank you for coming to my aid. For some reason I can cannot pas through the veil.
‘How can this be, ‘ Faxion responds, ‘Obviously you are free from Astaroth’s enchantment.’ Stepping forward Faxion gently takes Sudiva’s face in his hands and gazes into her eyes. Penetrating deep into the depths of her soul, he finds her affliction. Releasing her slowly, he tells her, ‘Alas my child, you may be free from him, but you are still bound of your own accord. The covetous lust that Astaroth rekindled in your soul is still there. Until you have conquered your inner demons, you will not be able to pass through the veil.’
Sudiva cries, ‘Please sire, there must be some way for you to help me to come home.’
Faxion advises, ‘You must find a way all on your own my child. No one can guide you in your quest, but you will feel it deep in your heart and throughout your soul when it is time. At which time, you will notice a change in your chromaticity reflecting your true inner beauty to others. Only then will the veil allow you to pass if you still wish.’
Sadly Sudiva hugs Faxion goodbye, and says, ‘Thank you sire, please tell the others that I miss them.’
Faxion hugs her back and replies, ‘ Farewell Sudiva,’. Faxion turns and walks into the fog as it dissipates.
After days of grief and contemplation while soaring over Britannia taking in the changes to the lands, cities, and ships since she has been away, she flies over Mount Kendall by the city of Minoc and makes an abode deep in the mountain. As Sudiva rests in her new abode the knights of the realm come to rouse the newest but not the first dragon out of their mines, they approach prepared for a pitched battle, Sudiva waves her hand and holds them motionless. With a captive audience, she explains that being surrounded by the fragrant aromas of gold and numerous gems will help her conquer her desires and continue to learn the true nature of sacrifice from those who once sacrificed for her so long ago. After hearing her tale, the knights leave spreading Sudiva’s tale far and wide throughout all the kingdom.

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