Entry No. 20 – Sudiva

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Entry No. 20


As the void pool erupted into the dungeon, the most noticeable thing was the void pool forming within; the effects unknown to anyone besides Sudiva. After several moments realization had dawned upon her of the ripples within space. Has her time finally come? Will she finally be able to soar freely, flying amongst the birds and listening to their sweet cahs? Shall she finally be released from this imprisonment? As this opportunity presented itself she never realized how much she had longed for that fresh scent of grass, to hear the sweet sound of racing hooves upon the ground, to just feel the breeze of ripe air. She leaped at the ripple in space, scraping her claws at it in attempt to widen it. She dug harder at the ripples, tearing into it for dear life, rasping her large jaws as it grew before her eyes. She jumped into it, hoping with all her heart that she would make it all the way through.
Suddenly she found herself being spurted out upon the ground; soft grass had welcomed her arrival. She looked around her claws as she pulled herself up once more, scanning the area in amazement. A loud cah sounded, the eruption of the exchange between sweet songs had startled Sudiva. She looked upwards slowly, blinking the honey dew sunlight from her eyes as they adjusted. She stared upon the vast blue sky, her eyes filling with tears clear as crystal. The tears flowing down her scales felt warm and moist but would soon evaporate from the intense heat of the sun. The sun rays felt supreme on her scales, more than heavenly. She had finally felt joy, all of her sorrow had dispersed and she felt so pure.
The wind blew all of a sudden and Sudiva took a deep breath of this fresh air. After being used to breathing the stale cave air for so long she was even able to taste a hint of salt from the sea. She was so happy at being outside; she realized this was the most important thing in the world, a life of freedom. She then spread her immense wings to take flight, a little nervous since it’s been so long. A rush of wind start blowing all around as the wings start to beat down upon the earth. Sudiva begins to take flight a little unstable at first, but after a couple minutes of soaring through the sky that all seemed to vanish as she glided across the sky. Sudiva only comes down to rest, eat and drink. She does not just pick one place to become her new home; she becomes a nomad always on the move. Sudiva can’t seem to stay in one place for too long as it reminds her of her imprisonment. Her imprisonment did leave one impression on her that will last forever. As it seems she can no longer enter any cave for fear of becoming unable to leave again. Some farmers blame Sudiva for their missing livestock, but can’t be said for sure.
Some travelers claimed that they see the glistening of her scales in the sky from time to time, but just like the livestock it cannot be proved. Some wonder how Sudiva got out and the story is heard. But it was written in a book by an unknown author. Some have gone to look upon this time ripple, but they will not find it as it no longer exists. It is speculated that this time rippled never existed but it did as Lord Time came to erase this ripple from ever existing. Some even claim that the story was written by Lord Time who witnessed it all happen. None can say for sure if it was Lord Time who wrote the story, but some can claim that they had seen Lord Time by this large white slit outside cove as they were heading to help countless others defend the void pool from the evil Cora and her minions.

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