Entry No. 17 – Sudiva’s Spiritual Journey

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Entry No. 17

Sudiva’s Spiritual Journey

           As Sudiva’s methodically paces in her cramped cave, her memories haunt her mind and corrode her will to continue living. She rues the times she caused chaos and destruction as a Crimson Dragon.  If she only could of overcome her desire for treasure and met with the leader of the Platinum Dragons sooner, she would be free and saved many Britannian lives from the wicked Shadow Lords.  She planned to supply the Platinum Dragons with all the secrets of the Shadow Lords so that they could of been stopped before any evil could begin.  Astaroth used high piles of treasure to lure her into the cave and then sealed her inside with his unbreakable magic, thereby stopping her from thwarting the Shadow Lords evil machinations.
Sudiva spends so much of her time lost in her own memories and regrets that she does not notice the passing of time, and she almost misses the minuscule changes that occur in the magic that has confined her for so long.  There is a faint unfamiliar scent in the air and she dismisses it as nothing.  Some more time passes, and then she notices a change in the taste of the air around her, and she begins to intensely meditate on the magic surrounding her.
Sudiva senses to her utter disbelief that Astaroth’s magic is weakening. She focuses all of her remaining magical ability as she begins to feel the hole open to the Void between places. She acts quickly and intuitively, and flies into the Void between Places.  Her immense knowledge of magic and lore inherited from her Crimson Dragon ancestry, allows her to navigate the Void and exit into the bright open sky before the hole seals itself closed again.  Sudiva is aware that she passes another in the Void, one of great power in sorcery with evil intentions, and she is so glad that she has managed to escape her prison before another jailor could take over.
Sudiva is ecstatic to be free and flies tremendously fast and far over the lands using her magic and cloud cover so that she is not seen by the citizens of Britannia.  She is well aware that if she is seen panic would arise in Britannia and the last thing she wishes is to cause any more harm to the citizens. She rests in a cave high above where not even the gargoyle citizens can fly.  Time passes as she enjoys her freedom and the vastness and  beauty of the lands.
Since her magic is stronger, she is able to better cloak her presence and begins to fly lower so that she can be near the wonderful citizens of Britannia.  However, she becomes horrified as she learns of the multiple disturbances in the lands of Ilshenar, and her sorrow overflows when she witnesses the citizens cries for basic needs and then appalled by others who set fire to their very own towns.
Sudiva begins to feel enraged.  She notices that her scales start to become a darker red and she smiles.  Just as she is about to take vengeance, a Platinum Dragon appears before her in the sky, and he speaks, “Sudiva my lost dragon, you are at the crossroads in your spiritual journey.  You can let your anger consume you and return to your Crimson Dragon heritage, or you may choose a different destiny.”
“What are you talking about old one? Do you think I rather be a Platinum such as you? Have you not seen below?  Destruction is already reigning all over the lands,” screeches Sudiva.
He chuckles to himself and he responds, “My dear Sudiva, I only appear as a Platinum Dragon cause that is what your soul seeks to be at this moment.  I am really a Dragon Spirit Guide representing numerous dragon ancestries.  Some are noble and good, some are evil and destructive, and yet others are more neutral in their dealings with others.  Your future is in your hands, and the journey has already been long and arduous. Many paths lie before you and only your soul can lead you to your destiny.”
Suddenly Sudiva is alone and she flies straight the her cave and mediates on her situation as she is full of emotions that she cannot control.  Time passes again, and Sudiva eventually opens her eyes and smiles.  She flies to a secluded part of Ilshenar and telepathically communes with her distant kin the serpentine dragons.  They agree to allow her to live with them in their peaceful habitat because they can feel the sorrow and regret that she has experienced and believe that she can help protect them in the uncertain times in Ilshenar.  Sudiva lands in the clearing and an ancient draconic binding ritual occurs in which Sudiva agrees to protect the serpentine dragons and the other peaceful beings of the clearing in exchange for her to live among them.  Sudiva also volunteers to protect Britannia and all of its citizens.  She further declares her intentions to help individual citizens in whatever way she can, especially those that travel to seek her help.
Jubilation erupts from all in the clearing and Sudiva uses her magic to create a home for herself in the mountainside with a secret entrance so that she has a place to hide until she can convince the citizens of Britannia that she means no harm to them but that she is determined to help them in their current crisis and future predicaments.  The area is also perfect as it is secluded enough for her to fly free into the sky whenever she wants and to spend many wonderful hours out in the fresh air.  Sudiva suddenly feels a warm peace inside herself, and when she looks down, she can see a small glow begin to shine on her scales.  She wonders what color she will be when she grows up.
Somewhere in the realm, a Dragon Spirit Guide smiles.

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