Entry No. 15 – A Greedy Past

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Entry No. 15

A Greedy Past

It has been awhile since you made that sacrifice for Sindu and its unintended effects for the both of you. Through the Shrine of Sacrifice, it seems you both share an empathic link of thoughts, feeling and visions. You returned to the shrine to aid the Great Dragon once again as she remains in the bowels of Covetous. You knelt in front of the Altar of Sacrifice and began to reach out with your mind and soon return to that dark damp cavern, seeing Sindu lying and weeping near her gleaming treasure.

“Sindu, why do you remain in Covetous?” She did not spoke, but began to remember her plight.

Sindu lusted for her treasure she had collected, but now she was a mother of four new hatchlings. She loved her children, but her dragon greed was mixed with her motherly protectiveness. She had banished her mate, Herensuge, in falsely fearing him taking her treasure or killing her clutch. By this act, she became lonely and cautious; she has to hunt and guard for her young, alone.


One day, a shadowy figure entered Sindu’s lair. Immediately and aggressively, Sindu confronted the stranger, which showed no aggression and spoke in a monotone deep dark voice.


“I am not here to cause you harm, but I have a proposition of great interest to you and your family.”


“Make your case, stranger, before I decide to feed you to my clutch!” she growled.


“I have a new lair to which you will help guard for me. In return, I’ll give you a fantastic treasure which I will help you grow as well as food, water and a safety for your children. I could show you, if you like?”


She thought of this briefly and decided to look at this. Down to the depths of Covetous they went, until she saw the large cavern meant for her with a pile of golden gleaming treasure. Sindu was happy and decided not to kill the stranger.


“This treasure is yours and it is magical as well. It will grant you long life and great power, however if one coin goes missing, the power will be gone. You can add to it for more power, but if you or someone moves the treasure from Covetous, it will turn to lead.” Sindu agreed to the stranger’s proposal and asked for his name. He responded as he was leaving, “I am Astoroth, Shadowlord Astoroth.”


She gawked at the treasure, ignoring her protective instincts. She felt she should leave and gather her clutch to here, but each time she was compelled to leave, she feared something within the dungeon will take her treasure. Torn between lust and greed and love and sacrifice, she was paralyzed in leaving. Her clutch perished from starvation and raiders, leaving her with a giant hole in her soul that she tried to fill with gold.


Your heart reached out to her as tears stream down her scaly face. “Sindu, that was long ago. You are free and you can start again. You have part of me to combat your lustful desires. Let me help. Look away from your greed and start anew. I know where you can find a mate, peace, and a place to start a new family. You can find love again!”


The Great Dragon rose from her invisible cage and started for the exit. She looked back at her hoard just to be reminded by you, “Have courage and leave this wickedness behind.” She ascended floor to floor while creatures gaze in fear and bewilderment of her presence. She reached to the exit and leaped into the air, flying to the southern tip of the continent. South of Trinsic a group of islands near the Shrine of Valor lay and there she found a new home and a mate once again.


“Here you will be to start your love again. When you feel lustful, hateful or greedy, use the Shrine of Valor for the courage you need to endure.”

Occasionally, offering tribute of knowledge and virtue, you check up on Sindu and her new family. She is grateful for what you have done for her, even though it is painful for her to think of the past. However, she can start over and make things right. She had finally shed a greedy past and found love once again.

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