Entry No. 10

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Entry No. 10
One day I on my was stealthing down to visit Sudiva in her dungeon home in Covetous. When all of the sudden I see the gates open and monsters came out . So i hurried as fast as i could in stealth to see Sudiva. When I got to her home I could not believe what I saw. I saw Cora the sorceress telling Sudiva to leave now that was not her home anymore. So walked so quietly to Sudiva so she would know I was there. I am still so amazed that she could feel me when i am in stealth. well then poof we was out side of Covetous . I came out of stealth and said now you are free of that place. She was sad and said that was the only place she know, that was her home. I told her that there was a place that had all kinds of animals that was nice. she asked where and would that try to hurt her. So I told here if she was to fly east she would travel to the land of Nujelm  and then the land of moonglow  then to fly around the island until she sees the stone walls that had animals inside it. sudiva looks at me and said would you go with me so I will not get lost. i was scared I have never been on a dragon before I have seen friends ride there’s before but i would not let Sudiva down so i climbed on her back.  We was off to find here a home. when we finally come to Moonglow and the zoo. She circled over the zoo a few times before she landed. She went up to a few of the animals there and talked to them asking how they liked living there. They told her it was great but sometimes something would try to hurt them. Well this made Sudiva upset and she looked at me and said. I will stay here and look out for all of them. Nothing will hurt them again.

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