Entry No. 1

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Entry No. 1

By Sevin0OooO

A new Journey awaited the skilled Dragon slayers, one careful execution of a captive beast, yielding them the treasure and riches of a lifetime, almost seemed too easy. As the treasure seekers near the darkened cavern, they sense something has changed as the lingering stench of death becomes stronger as they move closer to their goal. Something very determined had been through recently, leaving a wake of dead in its path. Few fears are as real, as powerful, as when death is imminent that bravery alone would ease as these fighters quickly came to realize that this stinking damp hole may very well become their grave. They reached the far wall with little effort, but the treasure was gone, everything, and so was the dragon, but how?

Sudiva had thoughts of dieing in that hole as well, but would spend her last thoughts thinking of the town that saved her as a baby, dropped by mother as she tried to escape the scale hunters, meeting her own death in the process. Mother died so she could live. Sudiva was healed and sheltered until strong enough to make her own way as an adult dragon, the town had no quarrel with her but did with those in search of fame and riches, those who thought nothing of burning a town to the ground if it meant treasure. The townsfolk paid, at times paying with their very lives to keep the secret. So many had sacrificed, all her life, it was time for a change.

She was weary and tired, after all, moving endless piles of gold and the treasures collected over a lifetime was hard work, but a small thanks to those that had helped her as a hatchling in that small town. She considers the Mushroom Cave as a less traveled resting place. Water, food, and the fresh air there just might rebuild her spirits, a place to quietly ponder new adventures, and new piles of treasure.

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