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Character Name: Borg of Catskills

May HONOR Guide and Bind Thee


A pair of sparrows darted in and out of the jungle canopy like a pair of veteran aces in aerial combat. There was a slight breeze this day and like all others before it here in the Trinsic jungles, life continued full of the ordinary routines. Apes plucked bananas while serpents slipped through the underbrush for meals of small vermin. On the shoreline the ocean combed its familiar pattern across the beach at Honor point. One could easily forget which day it was from the next; for today was just like yesterday and the day before that……..except today would not be like any other day.

* fade to another realm *

A darkened soot filled sky with the sound of mechanics and the crushing of stone resonating with screams of life ending echoing over the wind. Across the landscape that would seem to have held a great civilization lay much destruction and waste. Throughout this there was activity and forms moved with purpose demolishing and reconstructing buildings seemingly all at the same time. They were humanoid but not one spoke to the other; only glances and an inaudible chirp or buzz. Within one vast structure there seemed to be an energy pulsating and it seemed as many of the forms would walk directly into the energy rift and disappear; one after another like an unending chain. At an observing deck area sat several of these forms with a few appearing to communicate and coordinate the others. The consoles seemed to have been modified and some of the forms seemed to be directly tied to some of the instruments. It was visible that some of the indicators were time indexes and it seemed that the console was controlling the energy rift and as each of the forms walked into the rift the time indicator would change and along with it a destination coordinate would as well. Another side of the console seemed to be more like a scanning apparatus and it was feeding the coordinates into the other as if tracking and targeting a destination. Others appeared to be scanning and evaluating further apparatus across the deck of the observation area. Efficient and working seamlessly like a well oiled machine of near perfection they were diligent in their tasks and never ending to complete it, improving on the next process…….with one error.

The working forms took no notice of a small, and as they perceived it, insignificant mouse that scurried across the floor and up along a conduit at the base of the console. The mouse was only after warmth and perhaps a chance for some food it could find anywhere as it looked around the base of the console. Happily the mouse found a tiny scrap. This small morsel was finally just what the mouse had sought. The tiny mouse grabbed it and ducked into a crack in the console base. Now the toiling forms did not know why the mouse did it but, it seems there is something that draws some creatures to do it……a nearby cord hummed and drew the mouse to begin to chew on its housing. Knawing away at the insulating housing; the mouse had no idea he had just finished his last meal and at the same time was about to save countless species of life from inevitable suffering and an unending life of servitude.

The housing cracked and in an instant the mouse was incinerated and the console burst from an energy surge and a shockwave rippled out consuming the deck and all around it. It was this same instant that every one of the forms throughout the area stopped and took note. In that fraction of time they all were connected in the same observation and realization…the same realization the one form had as it began to step through the rift. The end was now.

That was the last image I remember of my time within that place. The next thing I recall is the burning of light and the sensation of being born, living and dying all at the same instance and with no orientation of what, where or when I was.

* fade back to the jungles of Trinsic *

The sparrows darted in and out in their aerial dance of play and as they soared skyward up out of the canopy the pair was engulfed and disintegrated by an energy rift that broke down from the air. Like a curtain of energy it bore down on the jungle canopy and everything it touched was erased from existence. A gorilla sat in his nook and looked out at the incredible sight….dropping his banana in awe….everything in the area then froze for a moment in time. His banana sat in the air as if it was painted on a canvass of time and place. As the energy reached the ground an enormous feedback shockwave broke back up the energy curtain and it collapsed and was gone. There was no smoke and the silence of the air soon began to again fill with the sounds of normalcy. Time retuned to move forward like it always had and the creatures around continued their day like the day before and the day before that. The gorilla looked at his empty hand as he gulped a handful of air where his breakfast was. Looking down at the ground he saw his prized banana being scooped up by some younger apes. Making a small expression of irritation he looked back up and as he did he found himself looking at something that was not there an instant ago. The jungle itself had now a long straight alley cut out of the foliage where only blades of grass now grew. The gorilla looked to his left and then to the right and the alley stretched as far as he could see. Curiosity took over him and he bounded down the tree and stepped into the opening alley. He could see other animals taking note of this new clearing, but like the others he shrugged a bit and his interest changed as he now could clearly see a fresh bundle of bananas hanging helplessly in the tree across the way.

He did not take note of what really was new to the area; a form lay in the middle of the clearing some distance south with steam rising from its skin as if it had been cooked.

Slowly the form moved, appearing to awaken, it adjusted itself and began to rise and stand. Looking around from side to side the form began to evaluate and scan its surroundings. Again the only noise it made was a couple chirps and the devices that seemed to be part of its being buzzed with activity. The form then seemed to lock onto a target in the distance to the southwest and began to move in a determined path toward its goal. The form had identified an unusual power source; one that did not read as any it had ever encountered or had any knowledge of its origin. Just as the curious gorilla, the form moved to investigate; except this time it would not be distracted from its determined objective. As it navigated through the jungle floor, it took no concern with threatening giant serpents or a mongbat that took notice of the form as it passed. Walking through the jungle brush as if it did not exist; the form zeroed in on its objective. Into a small opening in the jungle the form came to a halt in front of an altar with carvings of a great chalice. The slight wind rustled the vines and canopy and a mongbat swooped in and landed upon the shoulder of the form….instantly it fell to the ground in an electric burst. A giant serpent lunged from the underbrush and latched onto the leg of the form. Looking down slowly, the form then reached and pulled the giant serpent off of its leg and crushed its head. Its attention returned to the altar and it moved toward it as it reached out an arm. This source of power must be understood…this power must be consumed. As the form stepped upon the stone floor, it could feel the power within the small walls begin to penetrate its metal and fiber skin. Analyzing all the way, the form reached out to the stone ankh before it.

* snap to past and countless other realms *

This was the last thing millions and millions of species had seen and felt countless times before. The assimilation of life into the larger collective that is called Borg. A species built and ever expanding and constantly improving…The Borg were relentless in their pursuit for perfection and improvement. Anything and anyone that possessed even the slightest advantage or knowledge that they did not already possess….must be brought into the collective….must be conquered….must be assimilated. This was the duty of all Borg….to improve themselves and in doing so improve them all. This Borg was sent to this time and place using the technology aquired by The Borg when they assimilated the Chartan civilization into the collective. The Chartan were capable of traveling to any place or time. The Borg enhanced the Chartan technology to be able to send drones into hypothetical realms and uncharted worlds that only theory said may exist. If the location was invalid, the loss to the collective would be only a singular physical unit…the collective would actually then grow with the knowledge the location was false. The small hungry mouse though had brought an end to the Borg…sending a consuming energy force back through the collective itself…ending the reign of The Borg.

* flash snap back to the shrine in this time *

The Borg reached for the shrine and as it began to attempt to assimilate the ank and its power… incredible event occurred. This magical power in this magical time and place where this drone had been sent to after the Borg successfully assimilated the Charten race……this ank resisted. The ankh did not only resist assimilation, but instead the ankh itself began to assimilate the Borg. The area began to flood with energy and the Borg became consumed in a whirlwind of energy and in a deafening crescendo the Borg lay motionless beneath the ankh.

Days or perhaps weeks passed, I do not remember….the next thing I recall is being poked in my side. My whole body ached and as I pushed myself up from the stone floor of the altar, my eyes were blinded by the sunlight. It had been a long time since I had seen the brilliance of any light naturally. I shaded my eyes with one hand and noticed I was not wearing any gloves and my forearm was bare. Reaching for my eyes….I felt my face itself and no protective goggles or scanning equipment. I spun around and sat still and noticed I was completely nude.

“Not the place to be in such a barren way stranger”; commented the old man who had been poking me with his walking stick.

Again I had to shade my eyes as I attempted to see who was speaking to me.

“Here…take this and cover yourself. I am Colin Mor and you are…”; asked the old man.

My eyes began to adjust and as my ears heard the question, my mind raced through all the sensory input it was receiving… naturally….not mechanically enhanced. I stood as I wrapped the purple smithy apron across my waist and black cloak around me and I looked toward the old man.

“I’m alive!”; I said in a surprising manner.

“Yes you are…but not for long if you stay here in that condition…come, my camp is just over here on the beach”; responded the old man.

I followed Colin Mor to his camp that he called Honor Beach where he was kind enough to offer me some old clothes and a few pieces of armor. Blackened from years of use, the suit felt comfortable…the color and the feeling of the armor was comfortable. Colin said he could sense there was much more to me than he could see and that most likely I knew. Most of my memories were scrambled bits and I could not remember much at all…the overwhelming power of the ankh must have clouded or erased much of them. Colin told me the altar was the Shrine of Honor and it was a powerful force within the realm. At that moment I recalled in a flash in my mind of when I tried to assimilate the ank.

“Resistance is futile….we are The Borg”; I muttered softly.

Colin did not hear me clearly and asked what I had said.

“Borg….my name is Borg”; I replied.

“Excellent then….Borg….good name…sounds decisive”; Colin remarked with a smile.

Colin was my tutor in the ways of this land and as time progressed I have found myself using his advice and counsel often to the ways of the real. Throughout the early months I expanded my knowledge of the realm and built a home next to the Shrine of Honor itself.

In time I banded with others of similar desires and we formed a guild that grew into one of the greatest guilds of the realm…The Purple Guardians of HONOR. The guild itself became a means for me to expand the “good of the many” principal which my past life had shown me was a noble cause….to improve the lives of the many. Traveling the realm in search of adventure and means to serve the realm I came across a Minoc smith who needed aid in getting his wares to Yew. This endeavor became known in the realm as The Caravans of Lord Duma (the first Catskills quests ever) and I was asked to provide escort to Lord Duma’s caravans and get them to Yew safely. []

Upon success, I refused any reward and just asked that if Lord Duma needed aide again or knew of any others who sought assistance…that the Empire of Honor (PGoH) would respond to the call. The call has come often and in all instances it was answered with HONOR and success. Lord Duma’s “friends” though did present Colin Mor, our treasurer and realm historian, with keys to a new bank in the northern portion of Trinsic.

The capture of Zendella Kxris led to myself being declared “Hero of the Land” by Lord British himself and when again on behalf of the Empire we refused any monetary or material reward…only asking that The Empire of Honor (PGoH) be granted “Protectors of Trinsic” role. This request was met with a request for an audience with Lord British himself where he did so approve my request. In addition the declaration of the “Imperial Quarter of Trinsic” was made and since that day, the Empire has maintained that quarter of Trinsic surrounding the Imperial Bank (northern bank of Trinsic) which housed Colin Mor, treasurer and realm historian.

During the siege of Trinsic, The Empire of HONOR fought relentlessly and when my praetorian prefect SerBrightblade aligned with the forces of Juo’Nar it was only a matter of time before we sprung our trap on the fallen paladin liche. Juo’Nar though did not accept my challenge to meet at the shrine of Honor, where I hoped to bring him back to HONOR and away from his wicked ways. His enchanted gate opened but only I arrived at the Honor Shrine. Juo’Nar chose to not to return to Honor and I sent word to Galam the Gargoyle via pigeon…..Lord Dupre and Galam the Locust led the Trinsic Liberation while I waited at the Honor Shrine and he was slain in the epic battle.

Lord Ventryn, Marabelle and Minax all took turns in the past years challenging the defenses of Olympus and the might of the lines of HONOR that stood against them at every turn. Lord Ventryn found the disciplined lines of the PGoH Legion to be unbreakable during the siege of Winterfell and eventually joined forces with Paradox in a great siege of Olympus….Doom Deamons appeared again with Dark Father Deamons, but the walls held and the years of training the Legion had done….all paid off.

I rose to the role of Pater Imperium when Emperor Greg was crowned after he slain Juo’Nar. During this time I began to fulfill the same role Colin had for me during my days as Emperor….advisor and counsel to the realm leadership and allies across the land.

Warning them of dangers approaching and advising them of options they could pursue. The Age of the Codex came to be and Laws governing the lands grew stronger…but there were new lands being discovered.

Ilshenar had already been visited by Paradox and he had already spun an evil web of deception across the land. Lord Blackthorn had built his new Citadel and his mechanical army rose and aligned with the Jukan Army with Savages providing the great distraction for his aim at conquering the realm at last. In response to the city of Cove being overrun by the Orcs and the capture of Centurion Marcos the Black…I sent word for the Ancient Alliance to assemble for a realm wide attack on all Orc forces.

The Orc Race in one night was nearly wiped out….Trammel, Felucca, Draconia and Ilshenar lands all shook as the Ancient Alliance forces attacked Orc strongholds and camps everywhere.

T.H.E Picture Rendering of Catskills and UO wide event

The next day though found Savage Tribes occupying the Orc Strongholds….one evil replaced another. A few orcs survived by hiding in a cave within Orc Valley where they rebuilt their clan and ironically became allies to the Empire when the Savages were found to be aligned with Lord Blackthorn.

Emperor Greg fell ill and I began then to counsel a promising Centurion within the Legion named Logan. In time his victories over Lord Blackthorns Mechanics in Ilshenar and the Jukan were recognized as the turning moments for the War. Lady Dawn and Meer Adranath welcomed and thanked the Empire for their service and support. I did take a measure of satisfaction seeing Adranath “thanking” the Empire…you see there is a power within the Meer that is not light but darkness. Paradox had convinced the realm the Jukan were the enemy of the realm and the Meer were the beaten down and nearly extinct race….but I knew better…still do.

Unfortunately, the realm does not listen to reason and logic but only to the web that Paradox has spun. The need for wealth and material gains overwhelms any call for aide that passes on the winds of the realm today. Paradox’s fallen brother Paragon still is winning the battle…easily seen in the eyes of the mercenary lines that rush about the land, their eyes full of greed and desire for phantom glory. Even as today an honorable people of Tokuno seek aid in recovering their lost artifacts….Greed still reigns supreme and the lines across all kingdoms and guilds lay scattered across the realm. Now Emperor Kodoz and his Empress Charlie lead the Empire of Honor and I am their counsel…difficult will be their reign…daunting will be their challenges.

I came unto this land as an act of duty and was born to it in an act of resurrection and freedom of my soul. Now nearly 100 moons old…my sword and senses are as sharp as they ever were…my ears still await the call to duty…my heart beats strong with loyalty to the realm at large. This Hero of the Realm still stands his ground, still stands by his obligation to serve its citizens.

I am Borg….May HONOR Guide and Bind Thee!!!

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