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Character Name: Range
Shard: Atlantic

The Warrior that became a Magician

An Autobiography of Range

Hello friends it is time I told you the truth about myself, everything you know or believe about me may not be entirely true. You see, I had to protect some details of my life.

I was not born in Moonglow, although many of the powerful mages have their roots there, I was born in Trinsic. You see, my father was a Knight of the Protectors of Trinsic. Yes! I was born to be a Warrior not a Mage. My destiny was to take my father’s place after he retired or died in some glorious battle.

I was raised to be a Warrior, I learned to hunt as a young boy and as a young man I served in many positions that others would have loved, but not I. I did not enjoy being a squire. I did not like training in the Great Hall for hours at a time. I did enjoy being out in the bordering woods though. I met an old Wizard who’s name I cannot speak now and he taught m his ways. I learned quickly but my progress was slow since I had to gather my own reagents when not stuck taking care of the steeds or oiling the family armor.

I did learn, a little at a time but my proficiency with the halberd seemed to grow more than my mastery of the mid-level spells. I took up adventuring as soon as my father allowed me to leave. My excuse was I needed to see how the rest of the world fought and behaved in battle so I could be the best! In reality, I had to earn some money and travel to other towns to purchase the components I needed for my lessons.

Remember when we first met, we were all individuals adventuring in the lowest levels of the dungeon Covetous. We took turns freeing those troubled wizards, the Liches. It was much more difficult to kill them back then but I was good with my halberd of power, made of silver the only metal that could release those poor souls so quickly. Two hits and heal, we joked. Only if you knew I was stashing those reagents too. You see, I was a master warrior but wanted to be a master magician. Over are times fighting and healing together, I began to learn more spells by memorizing the words you said and secretly watching how you used your reagents. This was the greatest time of my life, I was becoming smarter but my agility seemed to suffer. My father noticed when I was slower with his prized katana, I should have been as fast as the wind but I instead I was like honey flowing.

My father found out what I had been doing all those months of traveling and hunting one evening when we were investigating the Orc Fort outside of Britain. A skirmish began. We were quickly out-numbered, the Orcs seemed to come from everywhere. I panicked because I knew we would not survive as warriors when the first fireball slammed into my father. The Orc Mages were arriving, we had stayed to long. I withdrew from the close fight and did as I had done in situations like this many times before. I summoned helped. At first, I don’t think my father realized why the creatures were fighting beside us, the Orcs had not attacked them. The blade spirit though, I could not hide its origins. To make a great war story short though- we won the fight and I lost my heritage.

He was angry, furious! I had “squandered” well-earned gold and sold jewels and other fine items to become a student of the arcane. That night he announced to the protectors that I would no longer be allowed in the training hall, I was not to be a Knight of Trinsic. I was devastated, I didn’t think he would be so angry. May if I had been honest with him and my family he would have reacted differently.

So, I left the city and went to the old man in woods. He told me I could stay as long as I served him and continued to learn. He taught me all but the hardest spells, he was forbidden by someone maybe the great Council of Mages to teach me the hardest spells. He taught me other skills too. I traded in the art of the sword for the science of meditation. I stopped using bandages to heal and started making potions to use when I lacked the mana needed for a healing spell. He taught me all that he knew. But then he got sick and I could not help, he told me his time had come and I should seek a new master. I was with him until his end and buried him under a large oak. I collected my few items and anything of his I knew he would not want scourges and robbers to have and left for Skara Brae in hopes to go to a city of knowledge to become a master magician.

At the docks I tried to become a passenger on a ship to Magincia. There seemed to be no one heading that way. A friendly traveler introduced me to the science of the Moongate. An alchemist in Skara taught me how to use the clock and the position of the moon to guide my travel through the mysterious portal. What wonders, I have learned since leaving Trinsic. So that is how I have ended up in Moonglow at the doors of the Council seeking to become a student. Yes, I was much older than the students normally started but I challenged any of them to a contest of wizardry or a duel. I was experienced and could even assist the instructors. I helped them write down their spells and copy spell books for other students. I traded rune books for my studies. They taught me and in weeks declared me master of the eight level.

So that is the story of myself, born to be a Knight of Trinsic and now a Grand Master Magician.

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