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Tis a true fact indeed that we all have secrets. Children, teenagers, adults and seniors alike all have something to hide from someone.

Our story begins with the birth of a beautiful red headed child to Mona Barrington and Giorgio Armani. The love affair, engagement and spectacular wedding in Gargoyle City of Mona and Giorgio was well known through out the land. Their love was so boundless it was common fodder for story tellers and poets alike. The birth of their daughter was much anticipated. Upon her arrival in this world she was given the name Lava. The red of her hair evoked memories of rich molten and lava flows.

Lava’s childhood was filled with much love, support and happiness. Mona and Giorgio both being expert crafts people with tailoring being their most sought after skills had high hopes for Lava to lead a patrican life style as a craftswoman. Lava however from early childhood had a restlessness about her. Warriors passing by with their armour, clanging shields and weapons excited her. One of her favorite childhood memories was her month long stay with her uncle Cyr Brock, a notable warrior and grand cook. When left alone in his house she would play with his many shields and weapons. Not only was Lava’s hair fiery red but there was fire deep down in her soul.

The sounds of metal clashing were not the only thing that excited this child. She had a great love of natural history and all that it encompasses. Many childhood hours were spent on the rooftop garden of the honorable Shakespeare, General of the Trinsic Military. This amazing garden was created by the lovely Lady Lickaretta of East Yew, Shakespeares one and only true love. Lava learned of plants and their cycles in this garden. Also she befriended a small bird in this garden which she named, morgaine le faye. morgaine was a beautiful baby bird only to turn ugly with age, become evil and pecked poor Lava violently one day. The bird was set free and a lesson was learned. Actually several lessons were learned, one being that the dangerous life of a animal tamer was her destiny.

Lava started out taming small animals working her way to larger ones. At the age of twenty Lava learned of a place in the lost lands where cows and bulls breed abundantly. She was told it was a gathering place for tamers. Lava packed up her belongings, said good bye to her parents and off she headed for Delucia. It did not take her long to find out that tamers were not the warmest people. Some were down right rude to her, but this not detour this hot red head. One sunny afternoon while several evil tamers were killing the bull she was trying to tame a stranger extended his hand in kindness. This strangers name was Kuan Ti. Upon looking into the pools of his eyes Lava knew he would be her paramour.

Lava and Kuan Ti became inseparable. Not only did their affections grow so did their taming skills. Within a months time they were taming ridgebacks, drakes, dragons and even white wryms together. The trust factor between these two tamers was unyeilding but still not enough for Lava to share her secret.

To this day Lava has shared her secret with knowone. She can be found most evening at the main Brit Bank selling mounts to the citizens of the realm.


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