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Stories numbered four, eight and eleven were winning entries.


The Road less traveled by Giggles of  Catskills
Mesanna raised her eyes from the mysterious note to notice the stranger had vanished. She felt a sense of urgency to investigate what this was about. “They want to speak with me? Why?” She thought to herself. Mesanna began to graciously thank the people applauding the victory of her Goat Peggle. After all, this was a time for celebration! Her beloved Peggle just won the “Most amazing Goat” contest! She worked her way through the crowd to Peggle who was proudly displaying a gold medallion of victory around her neck.

Mesanna knelt beside her faithful companion. “Well ol girl, do you think you have one adventure left in you?” Peggle nuzzled Mesanna and went back to enjoying the bowl of victory oats in front of her. Mesanna allowed her friend to finish her prize while she pondered all the possibilities of what the Britain Council of Mages could possibly want with her.

That evening Mesanna and Peggle arrived in Britain. She was unsure as to where to find the Council and walked around the streets admiring the fine smells and sounds of this wonderful city. It was then she noticed there was a loud argument to the north. Mesanna made her way to investigate the ruckus. As she arrived she noticed a rather annoyed looking hooded man yelling loudly at a man who had obviously had a few too many drinks. “Listen Sir!” The hooded man boomed. “There will be no more entertainment today! Come back tomorrow! I am far too tired and…. Mesanna!!” Both men were now looking at her. Mesanna was delighted to see that it was her old friend Lord Barnaby outside of his counselor’s hall.

“Barnaby!” Mesanna exclaimed as she went to give her old friend a warm greeting. Mesanna remembered Lord Barnaby as always being very kind to her years ago when his travels would lead him to the Twin Oaks Tavern. The drunk realized he was now being ignored, and swerved away down the road singing loudly. “Listen Barnaby, I would love to catch up with you, I have many stories to tell. However I am here on business. The Britain Council of Mages has summoned me, and I need to meet with them immediately. Could you please tell me where I might find them?” “Well of course! You and your uh… pet can find them in the building to the south just there.” Barnaby pointed while looking at Peggle with a curious confusion. “Thank you Barnaby! We must go. It was great seeing you old friend!” The two parted ways as Mesanna and Peggle headed for the ominous dark building.

The odd pair entered the building to be overcome with an odor similar to a wet dog covered in Bloodmoss. Peggle released a much exaggerated sneeze in rebellion. “There there Peggle, hopefully we will not be in here too long” As Mesanna lifted her eyes from comforting Peggle, she gasped and jumped back seeing a tall man wearing a hooded blue robe before her. ”Oh! Who are you and where did you come from?” She exclaimed in a somewhat panicked voice. “My name makes no matter, I am pleased to see you have arrived. We have a very important task for you Mesanna. We have been watching you for many years and we think you are the salvation for our world. To prove this we need your assistance in a very important task. The city of Maginca has long been destroyed. We have been trying for quite some time now to rebuild, however a band of rebels have moved in. They torment all of our men and in some cases kill them. They refuse to leave and we need you to go handle this situation.”

“I? uh… me? What?” Mesanna’s head was spinning; her eyes glazed at the memory of her beloved Magincia being destroyed, and a deep anger stirred in her soul. It was not anger towards the demons, but anger at herself for being so afraid and weak. She often remembered that time, and wished she would have done more to save her home. “Listen sir, I do not think I am the person you claim I am. What would you have me do? Kill the rebels? I do not understand.” “Mesanna, if you are who I believe you are, you will know what to do when you arrive. There is no time to lose; there are rumors of even more rebels approaching the city. You must act quickly. Go now!” The man parted his arms and between them stood a glowing red moongate. Mesanna gripped Peggle in her arms and walked through the moongate.

Mesanna looked around to notice that she was standing on the western end of Magincia. The trees were all dead. The air still carried the stink of burning plants and ash. Perhaps the odor was only her memories flooding back. Tears began to swell in her eyes. She put Peggle down beside her and began walking towards the rubble of the town equipped with her small book of spells in hand. She was uncertain what to do or expect. It was then she heard a noise. “Was that a giggle?” She thought. Again the sound comes, louder and closer than before. It seems to be coming from above her in the trees.

As Mesanna raised her eyes to search the trees a large crash smashed the ground behind her. Mesanna spun around and saw a young woman dressed in crimson red with hair as red as fire stumbling around the ground. The woman, whom obviously did not plan that entrance, quickly stood up fixed her dress picked up her book and locked eyes with Mesanna. The woman was holding a sinister grin on her face. “Who are you and what do you want?” Mesanna asked. “Me?” The woman threw her head back and released a boisterous laugh. “Why… you don’t know who I am?” The woman asked. “Obviously I don’t” Mesanna said with annoyance in her voice” “Why, I am Giggles!” “Giggles? That is a very unusual name.” “They call me Giggles, because I laugh when I kill people.” The woman again threw her head back in hysterical laughter.

“Listen lady, I like that little goat, it looks tasty. So I am going to offer you a deal. Give me the goat and I will spare your life.” Mesanna clenched her book and looked at Peggle who was searching the scorched ground nearby for some grass. “No, you cannot have my goat! I know magery Giggles, please leave us alone. I don’t want to hurt you.” Giggles grin grew and she laughed louder then before” “Oh, you are a stubborn one! Listen lady, I am a murderer. Get it? MUR-DER-ER! I have my own experience with magery, and I am most certain you are no threat to me. This is my town! You will give me your goat or you will die!”

Mesanna quickly opened her book threw her hand up and began to say “Cor Po….”. Before she could finish she was knocked on the ground. Giggles was standing above her ripping the book out of her hands. She then ran to the goat laughing hysterically saying “goat stew tonight! Goat stew tonight!” Mesanna became enraged. Just as Giggles was picking up Peggle Mesanna stood up and screamed “Stop this right now!” As soon as the words escaped her lips, an unseen force blasted away from Mesanna knocking over every tree nearby. Giggles, who was still clutching Peggle, was thrown up against the only tree left standing.

Giggles slowly moved herself to a sitting posture against the tree. She looked at Mesanna with a strange disbelief. Mesanna also was standing there speechless wondering what had just happened and how she did that. “Did I cause that to happen? Was that my anger?” She thought to herself. After a long awkward silence, Giggles finally spoke. “You know what lady? I think I might like you! Would you like some cake?” She followed this with another fit of hysterical laughter as she stood and ran towards the town. Mesanna was still in disbelief. She suddenly felt unusual, powerful, and wonderful! Her slender body was shivering. She looked at her hands that now held dark swirls moving through them just under the skin. Mesanna turned towards the town with an unusual urge to scream, laugh, and cry at the same time. She walked slowly toward the building that was once her home. When she arrived she again felt the anger that had plagued her all this time. She felt so strange now. She felt as if there was dark energy flowing through her veins. It was creating a pressure inside of her she felt she would not be able to contain.The tips of her fingers darkened and burned. Mesanna raised her hands toward a broken wall and the same force that came from her before was now being aimed at the wall through her hands. She stared in disbelief as she witnessed the pieces of wall being restored and falling in to place.

She could no longer contain her emotions. She collapsed to the ground crying. Just then she felt someone else approaching her. She turned to recognize the mage from Britian. “You are indeed who we thought you are Mesanna, we must begin your training immediately” He placed his hand on her shoulder and opened a gate before them.


Mesanna’s Ascension by A Europa Player

Mesanna drowsed peacefully in front of a blazing fire. It had been a busy 10 years with the council of mages.She had witnessed the rise and fall of the usurper, Casca. She had fought alongside and then mourned Queen Dawn. Now the land was momentarily peaceful under it’s new king, Blackthorn. She should have been able to relax and take it easy, but the council were badgering her to take an apprentice. There were also mutterings about something sinister under Gravewater Lake in Malas. She supposed she would have to look into that too, soon.
She sighed. An apprentice, what did she need with an apprentice? The Council’s Commander said she couldn’t ‘ascend’ till she trained an apprentice. Ascend to what? She wondered, did she want to ascend? She wasn’t sure. She thought back to her own mentor, Rel Tak, if he hadn’t taken her as apprentice her life would have been much different. Well, she wouldn’t find a likely candidate by staring into the flames of her fire, she’d have to tour the lands, tomorrow, time enough to start packing for the trip tomorrow.

Early next morning Mesanna filled her pack with a few clothes, basic travelling rations etc, and closed up the house. The stable that had once housed her faithful goat, Peggle was now home to her perky little mare, Peggy. Peggle had been buried with due care and many tears under a rosebush in the garden at the end of his long, eventful life. Finally she slipped next door to the blacksmith, handing him her door key and asking him to keep an eye on the place for her. He looked down at the key in his hand and gave her a speculative look.
“Would you be willing to take the lad with you? He’s a good lad, strong, would be a help to you on the road, but he’s no talent for smithng and I’m at my wits end what to do with him.”

Mesanna sighed, she owed the cheery smith a favour or two over the years, and she supposed having someone to talk to along the road wouldn’t be too much of a hardship. She agreed to take the boy, provided he was ready within the hour.

Slightly over an hour later the pair of them set off, the boy perched precariously on an old sway backed gelding, she turned to look at him, she had only ever heard him referred to as ‘the lad’, but he must have a name, surely?
“What do they call you boy?”
“Ky, mistress” came the hesitant reply “They call me Ky”.

Mesanna had speculated that the most likely place to find a worthy apprentice would be the son or daughter of the proprietor of the land’s mage shops, however she decided to travel overland in mundane fashion rather than magically, it would give her time to think over the candidates between stops. They left Moonglow, where the council had their headquarters and where she had lived quietly for the past few years by way of the public moongate, first destination Vesper. The nearest moongate was a good way from the city, and due to their later than planned start it was beginning to get dark when they arrived. Mesanna decided to make camp in the protection of the stones and head to the town in the morning.
“Start a fire please Ky” she instructed.

After several moments of watching the boy struggle with the task she waved him aside and lit it with a quick fireball spell, then with a view to avoiding the problem in future she patiently showed him the correct reagents and taught him how to combine them with the correct invocation and hand gestures to cast the spell himself. He showed a suprising apptitude for the task.

Next morning they rode into town and dismounted outside the Bubbling Brew and Mesanna entered with Ky following her, while she spoke quietly with the proprietor Ky wandered around looking at the displays. Their visit there was short, the proprietor was a spinster and knew of no likely budding mages. Next Mesanna visited the nearby Magic Light, her conversation was quite long, but disappointing. When she bid the Mage guildmistress goodbye she found Ky was nowhere in sight.
Minutes later she found him upstairs in The Circles of Magic engrossed in a book he had taken from the shelves. Returning the book he followed her out of the building.

Their final stop in Vesper was at the shop called “The Magician’s Friend’. Here there was a likely youngster, but already apprenticed to the shop’s owner. Mesanna sighed, she knew it wouldn’t be that easy. The nearest towns were Cove and Minoc, neither of which had a mage shop, so they decided to spend the night at the Vesper inn. Over dinner in the nicely appointed tavern near the inn Ky told her what he had been reading, a book of spells and their descriptions. He asked her if she would show him how to cast some of the simpler spells, magic arrow, that he might take down a rabbit or two to supplement their basic rations, nightsight to save fuel on lantern maybe.

Flattered by his interest she spent the rest of the evening teaching him basic first circle spells.

Next morning found Mesanna lost in thought as they carefully packed their belongs to continue their journey. What did one actually DO with an apprentice anyway? One taught her to cast spells, to aid the council in the fight against Evil, wherever it raised its head and to respect her elders. Being female she was pretty much expected to take a female apprentice, but she herself hadn’t been taught by a woman. Ky showed an interest and apptitude for the craft, he already knew all about respecting his elders, his father had seen to that. Could it be that she had been searching for what was under her nose all the time? Living next door?

Instead of mounting the horses Mesanna led the lad back inside, bought them both cups of coffee and sat down to talk at length. When they finally emerged from the inn they mounted and headed, not onward, but homeward. The decision was made, Ky would be Mesanna’s apprentice.

Arriving back in Moonglow they made their way out beyond the town to the Encyclopedia Magicka where Mesanna sought an audience with the Guild Master. A few days later a meeting was convened, before the assembled mages Mesanna and Ky were called to the front where they were addressed by the Guild Master.

“Mesanna, in as much as you have proven your abilities and loyalty to the peoples of Sosaria we now invite you to ascend to the high council and bear the title Legendary Mage.”

Taking her hand, the Guild Master lead Mesanna to a vacant place at the high council’s table.

“Ky, in as much as you have agreed to become Mesanna’s apprentice and have pledged your allegiance to this council we bid you denounce your diminutive name as a child and embrace your full name as an adult man and member of the council of mages. Welcome Kyronix”

The room errupted in rousing cheers and Mesanna and Kyronix gazed down on the faces of the assembled mages.


In Passing, Forth by Ra’Dian Fl’Gith of Great Lakes

A strong wind gusted down the side of the mountain, an eerie sort of howl calling out from the small cracks and crevasses along the dangerous path. Mesanna looked down for an instant, realizing that she was nearly at the halfway point in her journey to the ancient site above. In her mind, she chastised herself for not simply using the lift that had been readily available at the base of the mountain, but then she reminded herself that the whole purpose of the journey was to honor the spirit of an old friend. A small, tight smile crossed her lips, and she turned her head skyward, once again ignoring the burden of the weight on her back, and continued her climb.

The ages had been ever so kind to her, her countenance hardening only slightly as those around her wrinkled with signs of hard work and rough years. Mesanna attributed it mostly to a life lived well in the aid of others, and more so to a life lived with a bleating friend that had nuzzled his way into her heart so many, many moons before.

Although she had fled Magincia in fear on the day the demons began to ravage the isle, she had returned alongside the Council of Mages to aid in reclaiming the land from the vile evils that had befallen it, and with peace restored, she and Peggle had returned to a quiet, peaceful life. Gone were the dangers of Pride, washed away in a new rebirth, and Mesanna found herself expanding her garden into a small farm, tending a small flock of sheep for wool, and finding too a beautiful doe that Peggle had warmed swiftly to.

The years had passed, and as the world around her changed, Mesanna found herself at peace, restful, unfettered by the cares of the comings and goings of monarchs and nobles and others of the land. Her small farm was frequented by locals for food which she would only trade for other supplies, never asking for a coin in return, and when the odd traveler would happen upon her fields, she would invite them in to sup with her, often providing a warm bed for an eve to those she felt were of kindred heart and spirit.

Her studies in magic continued, and though she often told others that it was simply a hobby of hers, in her mind she knew the truth behind her constant fiddling: Never again would she flee in the face of danger; she would instead be powerful enough to protect her home from invaders, to protect the innocents of the world from harm. She was at peace, but she would not let idleness set in and leave her vulnerable again.

Yet, it was not invaders, nor evil, nor demons that would break her peace, but merely time itself. Though Peggle had lived a long and enduring life, had been her constant companion through the years, and brought so many smiles to her face in the morning when she would go to tend to him, finding him curled up with Nann, time itself would not be stopped. This very morn, she had gone to tend to them, and found Peggle and Nann cuddled together, but this time as Mesanna called his name, his eyes did not open groggily, nor did his eyes sparkle with recognition. Instead, he remained motionless, and Nann awakened, immediately sensing that something was wrong. It nearly broke Mesanna’s heart watching Nann nudge him with her nose, trying to awaken him.

That very memory brought tears to her eyes as she crested the mountainside and saw the remains of the old Thurisaz Monastery standing before her. Time had been cruel to stones of the old buildings, but a certain majesty remained, and she knew for certain that it was here she should place her beloved Peggle for his eternal rest. The whispers had long held that Thurisaz was yet watched over by the kindly eyes of the monks that had once roamed its halls, and that though it had been ravaged by evils, the purity of good had won, and the sacred ground would never again succumb to darkness.

As she began to dig a hole in the ground in one of the few places not of solid rock, Mesanna knew that perhaps her choice to bury Peggle so far from her home might seem cold; in truth, she had ventured out with Peggle on a pilgrimage to honor the years of joy he had brought to her. Here, even in Felucca, among the ruins of Thurisaz, Mesanna knew Peggle would be well watched over, and she had already sworn that for each year of her life that remained, she would return to the ruins to honor him once more.

The sun beginning to set, her burden now laid within the earth, Mesanna patted the ground, and knelt before Peggle’s grave, allowing herself to weep freely, bathing herself in the warmth of every memory she could conjure. As her tears fell to the ground, mixing with the dirt which now held her companion, a golden light began to stir. Blinking, Mesanna wiped away her tears, and looked on as the golden light spread over the dirt, and then blinked some more in disbelief. There, in the barren soils of a Feluccan mountain, protected by the ruins of the Thurisaz Monastery, and in the light of the setting sun, beautiful flowers began to blossom. Mesanna smiled widely, knowing that her old friend would truly be able to rest in safety.

A few more moments, and Mesanna stood, pulling from her robe the reagents for a recall spell. A flash of light and she stood once more in front of the barn which she had set out from at the beginning of the day, and Nann rushed forth, nuzzling her with both a touch of sadness and joy, and Mesanna leaned down to the doe, pressing their foreheads together. Suddenly, Mesanna felt another push against her leg, and she looked down at a young kid, barely holding itself upright as he looked proudly at her, letting forth a slight bleat, walking now for the first time. Mesanna reached down and scratched the youthful goat behind the ears.

“Poggle.” Mesanna smiled. “Yes… we shall call you Poggle, in honor of your father.”


Mesanna’s Ascension By Sapphire Diablo of Lake Superior

Tired from the years of adventure, Mesanna sat down on her Ash wood rocking chair. For years she sat on that chair, watching the sun rise and set. Listening to the nature around her, feeling the breeze through her hair. Her world was peaceful and calm as she waited for someone to arrive. She was alone.

“Today is another day, maybe something will happen” she thought to herself, everyday. Her memories lingered, as she rocked back and forth, to the times of when she was working at the Twin Oaks. How she was gambled away by her father, and forced to work tirelessly. She was much younger then, her story hadn’t even begun.

Mesanna rested and let herself begin to doze off. *Tap tap tap*

Powerful blue, red, gold and black energies began to form in Mesanna’s hand. She looked up and saw a stout man. She dropped her guard, dispelling the energy she had summoned. In her softest and quietest voice she asked “can I help you young man?”

“My name is Elrington, I’m a up and coming reporter. I would like to run a story on your life.”

Mesanna paused. Thinking of the things she has done. The history she has made. “I’m nothing more than a girl who made her own after escaping a slave life. I’ve travelled the world with my best friend Peggle. I spoke with the Britanian Council of Mages about studying under one of them… and now I’m retired. What else do you need to know?” She didn’t know why she was being defensive, after all she wanted company.

“Well miss Mesanna, firstly I don’t believe you could be retired. You are way too young. Secondly I do feel like you have left out some important details, and I know many citizens are highly interested in hearing everything. I for one, have heard many great stories of your adventures: how you saved lords and ladies from dark robotic armies, battle waves of dragons without breaking a sweat or batting an eye! You’ve summoned monsters which none have seen before to save a goat!” Elrington stopped to catch his breath, “I want to know the real you. Britannia wants to know the real you. Not just the start and end. The people want to know who Mesanna is. Not the stories, the truth.”

Mesanna rocked back and forth deliberating. If she was to tell him her story she would have some company, something she hasn’t had for a while. Yet, if this Elrington fellow was to stay he may find out the truth. Many thoughts passed through her head.

After ten minutes of silence, Mesanna nodded. She walked to the door and asked the man to take a seat, as her story may take some time.

Elrington took out his parchment and quill. He sat and waited. Mesanna showed him to a chair, but then walked into another room. He could hear things being chopped and the whistle of boiling water. He did nothing but wait. Mesanna soon came out with two cups of tea, and handed both to the stout man. “You may need these to sooth the stomach after what you are about to hear” Mesanna took a deep breath.

Many already know my story to a certain point, however for those that don’t, they will have to find it elsewhere. I am Mesanna. The salve. The liberator. The free. The Dark Lady. That girl with the goat. The bringer of darkness. The tavern wench. Too many titles to keep track of, when really I am simply Mesanna. There isn’t much time left in this day, but I will do my best to cover what I can. I will continue my story at the point after my encounter with the Mage Council.

I as viewed as a gift and talent which the likes have never been seen. Everyone there treated me like some sort of ancient relic; they gave me respect and looked in awe, but never really made any contact. There was one that gave me respect, Peggle, but the mage council didn’t really enjoy having a goat within their presence. I was chosen along with others to train to become the great mage of our time. There were only three chosen for this position, quite the honor.

The first was Inocard. The great caster of fire. Born in a family of fire mages, he is able to cast spells so hot, a phoenix would get burned. He was a charmer, handsome man, viewed as the greatest of all people, unless you actually knew him. He never did anything but got all the credit. I never really like him much.

The second Xino-ryk, pronounced like: Zee No Rye Ke. He was a less flashy and worked hard for where he is. He was able to do prestidigitation magic like none other. He made a performance out of every spell. He may not have been able to burn valorite from looking at it, however he could make it vanish into thin air.

The third was, Mesanna. Someone picked up from a farmers contest. No history of great and power mages. No lessons from schools. No collections of magical books that have release deep insight. Just a young girl and a goat. For some reason the other two didn’t really like me. They treated me as an outsider. I now can understand why, but back then, I was tossed into a torrent and couldn’t escape. Only one could be the great mage.

Basically, we trained for years for this grand final “test”. No one but the head of the council knew what the test would be. Everyone speculated yet none knew. If someone could have guessed what was going to happen… I would think that someone had something wrong with their minds. The council believed it was the fairest thing to do. Test which mage would last the longest. Sounds simple enough. They made this strange time and space which all three of us were placed within. It looked like a town, that was overrun with monsters. You could see a demon or two… some skeletons looking to sneak in an attack, those were not the threat. As the goal, was to be the last to die. There was no point in having someone who could threaten the great mage of the time.

It was easy enough to see where Inocard was, you simply had to look for the big explosions, and avoid him. I doubt a demon would have the power to kill that man, so I hoped Xino-ryk would make him vanish. No one other than the heads of the mage council knew Xino-ryk’s power. He showed some things off in the classes and lectures we had, but never everything.

I was forced to hide. I had no way to compete with these powerful spell casters, I was able to muster some great talent, but I didn’t have the years of training they had. If the council was right, then now would be the time for my mysterious power to reveal itself. It didn’t. I was alone and scared. I wish I had Peggle with me… but at the same time was glad she was safe from this madness.

Suddenly the explosions stopped. I could hear both of them communicating to each other. Not words of power or enchantments. They were making a truce to team up on me.

“Mesanna, you should come out! I want to talk to you about something” Xino-ryk shouted, hoping to lure me out. I didn’t have any other options than to respond. They were going to find me eventually. I’d rather face them head on than die from some random explosion.

” Xino-ryk, what do you want to talk about? The different ways you are going to kill me? The duration I am going to feel pain and suffering as you do your magic? Or is it that you’ve given up? Too scared to fight a girl!?!” I had no idea what I was saying… I just wanted to feel brave.

“Ahh there you are Lady Mesanna. The wonder to all us mages. The useless slave and tavern wench that got all the attention from the head of the mage council. Don’t you worry Mesanna, I don’t like dirtying my hands with the blood of a lady, I’m far to noble for that.” Xino-ryk started to move his hands using lost or ancient magic, “Let me show you what I’ve learned from my ancestors, and what they learned from the Xorinite Wisps! YOU DARE FEEL SPECIAL! I AM SPECIAL! I’M BLOOD FROM THRAXIMUS! YOU ARE NOTHING!” Xino-ryk smashed his hands together, then slowly spread them apart. As the pulled, which appeared to be a struggle, a sphere of darkness appeared before him. He took one step back and look me in the eyes.

I started creating magical defenses, to protect me from any impact this giant sphere would have.

“Hahaha! You FOOL! You think I’m going to physically harm you? NO! I will attack where it hurts most!” His eyes glazed over as he stared into the ball. “That is what is most precious to you. Pathetic…” He put his hand into the ball and pulled out a goat. It was Peggle.

“DON’T HARM PEGGLE!” I screamed! I reached my arms out and began to run to my best friend.

“VAS JUX IN FLAM” Inocard chanted from the shadows, “Yeah! Pathetic! You going to cry to your mommy now? Ohh wait.. you don’t even have one!” The spell had completely incinerated Peggle. Nothing remaind other than ash. In that very moment, my very essence broke. I did not cry, even though I had wanted to. I did not shout or scream. My mind became blank. Thousands of emotions ran through me, I could feel the energy of the land weep for me. I wanted both of them gone.

“Inocard, Xino-ryk… this world we are in… it’s separate from Trammel isn’t it?” I said calmly, despite how uncontrolled I was feeling. I slowly allowed the energy of everything around seep in. I wonder how I never felt it before. The power to create and destroy, was always there, you just needed to connect to it properly.


In an instant, I managed to destroy that world, three times… Everything vanished: The demons, the town, inocard and Xino-ryk. I stood in emptiness. Casting that magic, I never knew I had, changed me. I looked to my hands and they were dark as the night, and my hair had red energy flowing through it. I broke down at that point. Tears poured like fountains down my face. My stomach turned and my heart ached. I fell to my knees and grabbed what I believed to be Peggle’s ashes. Then I blacked out.

I do not know how long it had been. Yet when I woke I was in a bed. I looked for Peggle, hoping that it was all just a terrible dream. It wasn’t. There was a small urn beside the bed with a dark powder. I felt sick to my stomach. *Knock knock knock* Someone knocked on my door three times. I didn’t want to see and talk to anyone. This was my mourning period.

“Well done Mesanna, we always knew that you were special. We were quite impressed with the magic that you had preformed back there.” A mage approached her, “You don’t have much time, so put this on and get to the ceremony.” He tossed a set of dark abyssal armour and an elegant robe on the bed then walked out.

I didn’t want to go; I wanted to escape. I could feel the world around me sending me it’s energy, wanting me to be free from the hardships I had faced. With all my power I created a “Moongate” one to freedom. I suited up, grabbed the urn and a small backpack from the room. I peered my head into the portal and saw… 15.. no 25, maybe more, different worlds. Trapped in a crystal like shard. All the same, yet all different. I reached my hand out, as they called for me. Each of these worlds would hold something special for me. Each of these worlds would provide me with the power I need to make it a better place. A place where people aren’t forced to kill each other. A Place where a girl can live in peace with her goat.

I stepped into the moongate and walked towards one of the worlds. I appeared in tavern called The Silver Arrow. An elf girl named Copper passed me a drink and said…

“Welcome traveller to Tel’Ruid, The glade, of Lake Superior. If you need your armour repaired I’m your girl. For now you look tired so have a drink and be merry!”

I grined wide, taking a sip from the ale, thinking of how I could help people out. This world seemed peaceful, much nicer than the horror I just came from. I figured I should start by bringing some joy… I asked, “Do you happen to know how to play Mesanna Roulette?”

Mesanna rubbed her eyes as it was getting late. “Mr. Elrington, we will have to continue this story at tomorrow’s morning. There is still much to be covered, and I’m sure your pen hand is looking for some rest.” Mesanna stood up and showed her guest to a spare room, then headed to her own.

“You life is truly a wonder. I still don’t fully understand everything you’ve just told me, and I know we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceburg. Have a goodnight and thank you” Elrington said as Mesanna walked down the hall of her home.

She lay in bed thinking of how she is to continue the story, she wanted the man to know everything, but did not think the world was ready. It was a problem for another day, for tonight she needs rest.


Mesanna pays homage to an old friend by Queen Arya  of Atlantic Toad town

As Mesanna kneels down to prune several of the poppies surrounding the grave of her pet Peggle the goat, shes nudged by several of the younger goats.
She scratches behind their ears and wonders is this one Percy or is that one Piglet? I can never tell them apart.
Mesanna whispers to them, I know Peggle would be so proud of his great grand children.

Its been a long time friend since we have been together and it still feels like yesterday when you took that arrow that was meant for me.
As a small tear rolls down her cheek, Mesanna recalls Peggle the goat hovering over her half unconcious body from the bricks that caught the back of her head when the Juka dislodged them to block their escape from Ilshnar.

A tremor starts in the pit of her stomach as Mesanna struggles to keep the darkness & evil at bay.
Not today, Mesanna utters out loud, not today. This day is meant for Joy, Peace, Happiness & love, for this is the anniversary of my freedom from Bermholdt and the slavery at the Twin Oaks Inn.

Mesanna whispers as if Peggle can hear her, If it wasn’t for you my old friend, sniffing out the smell of food from the nearest town, we would never have survived.
Slipping away in a dream like state, Mesanna recalls passing by the liches, trolls and orc’s only because Peggle could smell danger from miles away.
Peggle she whispers, remembering barely getting through the town of yew when the sickness took over the citizens there. it still made her feel a little queasy thinking of all the towns folks and the look of death on the corpses. How had the sickness missed me she wonders?

Chuckling to herself, remembering Lord British castle and Peggle nibbling on the flowers, when the gardener came at us with his shovel, and Queen Dawn yelling from the balcony to let that goat have what ever he wants. She said it brought laughter and levity to that dreary castle that day. I believe Queen Dawn knew there was much amiss, especially after her husband was reported missing.

Peggle we had been through so much together, remembering the Juka and Meer wars. Recalling yet again the Bane and then the Gargoyles and Exodus struggles.

Laughing out loud when the memory of Peggle and I tricking the Time Lord to pass from realm to realm unnoticed as ghosts.

As reality creeps back in. Mesanna wipes the smudges of soil off her leather garbs. There is still revenge to be had Peggle, our job is not quit done.
The towns people still harvest fear, hatred, jealousy, and greed, and as long as that is still out there, then the darkness still grows within me.
The darkness, the darkness, remembering all to well drinking of the fountain near the void. The towns people urging us to drink freely and stating it will bring good fortune and heal us, it will heal the wound from that arrow you took for me. They knew what was in that water and yet they drag innocents there because they fear things they don’t understand. They fear people who are different from them.

The Darkness, the darkness is winning…. I can’t let that happen… growling…. the darkness in any other being would create terror and havoc, that is why I must use the darkness to turn things around.


Mesanna’s Ascension  By Angel Dust of Atlantic

“Knock Knock”. Enter into the chamber replied the Elder Mage. Into the counsel room a young man comes. His name is Bennu. Bennu just reached his twenty-first birthday and is ready to prove his skills before the famed Britannia Council of Mage’s. He has been training for this since he was able to speak words of power, and is looking forward to receiving his certification of Magery. Mostly though, Bennu wants to catch the eye of Rel Taks right hand Mage, Mesanna. Yes, she is a bit older than Bennu, but what is age when it comes to boyhood love?

Four hours go by, the test was grueling, but Bennu succeeds! The council approves of him and sets a date for the presentation of his Legendary Mage Scroll. He bows to the council, and starts to turn away. Before he does, he takes a quick peek at her. Mesanna notices and gives a faint smile. Bennu almost fainted, taking it as a flirtatious gesture! And on a quick turn he is out the door to get cleaned up for the ceremony.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise” bellowed the council scribe. The ceremony was packed; all of Britannia came out to see the new Mages being honored! Four in all were receiving their titles. Mesanna, the vice council Mage in command would be presenting tonight. This made Bennu’s heart beat faster than it really should have been. The names were read, the Mages cycled through one at a time. It was Bennus turn, he started sweating and getting butterflies. He had never been this close to his love! To look into those eyes! He walked up to her, mumbled a few words in panic, grabbed his scroll, and moved quickly away. Mesanna noticed his shyness. This tickled her a bit, she had a plan!

After the ceremony, there was a big festival. Dancing, food, games, the whole city was out and having a blast. Mesanna was wandering through the crowd. She was looking for him, Bennu that is. Alas, there he was at the bar sipping some ale. She walked up, grabbed his hand, and said “me, you, dance floor now”. Oh my, this took Bennu by surprise. He followed without hesitation. They danced and talked most of the night, enjoying each other’s company. Soon though, it was time to say goodnight. Mesanna asked Bennu to stop by the council tomorrow morning, she had something to discuss with him. He agreed to come, and headed home for some much needed rest after such a long and eventful day.

Sunrise, Mesanna was up and ready to start the day. Every morning for the last 10 years has been a blessing. She has seen many battles across the lands. From the destruction of her once beautiful home in the city of Magincia by the Deamons that invaded, to the crowning of a new King in the capital city of Britain, to the death of a new king. She usually would start the brew of coffee and then go check on her dear pet and friend Peggie. Feed her and give her some warm milk, sit and rub her coat. It has been 4 years since Peggie passed away, now Mesanna looks out her kitchen window every morning at the sunrise. Just below the beautiful site, is a small cross inscribed with a name, Peggie.

Time to meet Bennu and discuss the situation, Mesanna tosses on her cloak and heads out the door. Upon arriving at the Mage Council hall, Bennu is already waiting on the massive stone steps. He jumps to his feet. “Well, good morning” says Mesanna. “Did not expect you to beat me here”. “I am an early riser, besides, I am very curious to what you wanted to talk about” says Bennu back. Well, come in and let us talk. They headed to Mesanna’s private office. Only the President and Vice of the council had their own office space. It was a great perk, and allowed for some nice quit time after some grueling days.

“Take a seat” Mesanna said. Bennu pulled up a chair and sat. Mesanna rustled through some papers, pulled a few to the side and shoved the rest to the floor out of her way. This is what we need to discuss. It was several maps with writing and stamps all over them. “What are these for?” Bennu asked. These are maps of areas where strange things have been happening, I need your help. Bennu looked confused. What do you need me to do? “You are one of the most talented Mages I have seen in ages Bennu” said Mesanna. I want you to help me form a militia to scout out the situation and put a stop to it. “Oh” sighed Bennu; this is not what he expected. “OK, let’s do this then” he said.

First off, we need to recruit some Warriors, Mages, and Healers. The realm is filled with brave souls who will fight to defend our way of life. So, off to the city centers they headed to gather some volunteers. By a week’s time, Mesanna and Bennu had gathered about 40 or 50 well trained people. Mesanna gathered them all at a building she had rented out from an old friend she met during her Pub days in Bucs Den, Queen Arya. Queens Dollhouse in historic Toad Town seemed a fitting place as a teleporter hub was located just next door and easy access from Luna. “We need a name” Mesanna said. What do you guys think of The Knights of the Crux Ansata? Everyone shouted in agreement. So a name was set, and a group was formed. Next was to start the search. Mesanna was well known for her skills as a Mage, she would lead this Army to every battle.

Weeks went by, many battles, many encounters. A lot of clues found. It all was leading to one location, a cave hidden in Ilshenar. Mesanna poured over all the documents and Intel her Soldiers have found and brought to her. The only problem, she had no clue who was behind all the city invasions, magical rifts at moongates around the realm, and just total chaos that has plagued Britannia. Ok, we need to head over to this cave and see for ourselves I guess, she said. The call out for muster was sent. Everyone met up at the hall in full battle gear. It was a good turnout. Several people brought their pets, Massive, muscular dragons. We are going to the spot all the clues point to Mesanna told the crowd. Be ready to fight and die. I will lead the charge; it is a short walk from the Spirituality moongate. Off they set for the encounter. I took about an hour to get there, since Ilshenar has magic properties blocking gates or recalls, Mesanna could not use a skill she so enjoyed learning during her younger days. As the group approached the cave, a fear not seen too often struck Mesanna. Up ahead was something she has not seen in over ten years, Chaos and Void Demons everywhere!

The battle ensued! It was bloody. It was brutal. It was long, 2 hours passed before the last Demon lay slain by the group of brave citizens lead by a brave and vicious Mesanna. She used her fear for these beasts, and her love for Peggie to courageously defend anyone around her. The group gathered up the fellow warriors who were not so lucky, safely stowed their bodies until they could return for them, patched up the injured and moved on. This was a necessary battle, no time to stop now.

Mesanna lead the group into the cave. It was dark and damp. No one seemed to be around. A very eerie feeling came over Mesanna. As if someone was watching her, someone who she knew. A bright light flashed. A loud crack and before her stood a pale ghostly figure. It was Bernholdt. Mesanna nearly fainted. She took a leap back and went on her guard. “How are you here!” she exclaimed. No reply came, only a blank stare. Then without warning, more Demons appeared. By this time, Mesanna’s anger for this ghostly man before her was returning. It has been many years and she has seen and done many things, but this was the man who tried to hold her back. With a quick and powerful swing of her hand, Mesanna destroyed the Demons with one bolt of lightning. This took Bernholdt by surprise, he did not know of the skills Mesanna had honed over the years. “This is between me and you” she shouted. She told Bennu to take the group and go. Let her take care of this. “I am not leaving you” he replied. Mesanna did not agree, she used her magic and overcame the powers of Ilshenar and sent the Militia thru a gate to outside the cave. She summoned a field of energy over the entrance to keep them out and safe. This was a battle of emotion and history for Mesanna, she did not want anyone to see what is about to happen. “This will not take long Bernholdt” said Mesanna. Bernholdt laughed. That laugh and grin only incited the anger Mesanna had. A flood of memories went into her mind. Peggie, the cook who taught her to read, the few beatings, the labor she endured. Without warning, Mesanna recited a flurry of spells quicker than anyone ever has. Within seconds Bernholdt was vaporized.

Unfortunately, the power Mesanna unleashed did not only hit Bernholdt. It also hit the walls of the cave. It started to collapse all around her. What have I done, thought Mesanna. I created my own demise because of anger. Quickly she started for the exit. Running and dodging falling rubble. The cave exit was in site, she dashed as fast as she could. Feet from the entrance, it happened. A huge chunk of ceiling came crashing down on her. Bennu, outside trying to counter the field spell to get to her, was screaming her name. Finally he was able to get the field down. He rushed into the pile of debris and started digging. “Get in here and help” he yelled to the crowd of Soldiers. As they were digging, suddenly a glow from under the rocks shone through. Mesanna had in her mind created a spell to shield herself as the rocks fell. A Mage of true power indeed, she was alive! As the last few rocks were moved off the glowing cover, Bennu stepped back.

Mesanna stood to her feet and slowly lowered the force around her. She was not the same. The force she created had caused a change. Her skin was jet black; her hair was glowing reddish black. It had burned her from the inside out as the power radiated from her. This is how Mesanna became known as the Queen of Darkness. It was not because she was evil, as many a visitor to the realm would assume, it was because a tremendous love for the people and a rare power no Mage has ever seen resided inside of her.

A few weeks went by with no strange incidents. She had not spoken to Bennu or anyone else since the battle. Mesanna had grown to like her new look. She decided it was time to address the Crux and Bennu. She called a meeting at the hall. Everyone showed up, anxious to hear her speak. “Good evening everyone” greeted Mesanna. We have fought some tough battles together; we have traveled the world to defeat evil. Together we shall be the protective force of Britannia. We must stay vigilant, we must stay skilled. There will always be evil in the world that we must stop. Always have your sword sharpened, your reagents ready, your pets at hand, ready to fight. This is how Mesanna and Bennu started their journey through life. A powerful wise Older Mage with a young skilled helper waiting for the next threat.

As we all know, in Britannia they did not have to wait to long……………….


Mesanna’s Ascension By Nails Warstein of Catskills

In part III the Ascension we enter into the mind of the Mesanna as we are made privy to her thoughts as she discovers her true purpose in a secret magical city within Sosaria.

Fricker Frack, Findlesticks, Fricker Fracker!! *sigh* When will it end? Why me? How do I keep finding myself in these predicaments? I just wanted to collect enough reagents so I wouldn’t keep fumbling over my spells. I wish I had a magic suit or trinket that made these filthy reagents obsolete. Now I am stuck running for my life through these winding paths between the Iron Spur Mountains I have no hope of climbing or escaping, and now I’m lost. AGAIN!

Where in Mondain’s name do these fleeting Harpies, foul mouthed Gargoyles, Orc Mages and Lords come from? It seems like the more there are of them, the slower I run, like I’m stuck in a quagmire. Fortunately I had enough reagents on me for a poison field to help make my escape. If it weren’t for the fear of death I might have relished in their screeches and curses. They can’t be far behind.

What is this place? These beautiful alabaster statues stand like sentinels over the ruins leading into the mountain. What ever shall I do, stand and fight? I can hear the growling angry birds and dogs closing in. Maybe this passage will lead to safety.

Beware Ye Who Enter These Halls!
Oh for the love of all that’s holy, they talk! What have I gotten myself into now, how can it get any worse? I have no choice, but to move forward. At least I had the good sense to leave my dear Peggie at home. Ah look there’s a pentagram, I can use this to focus my energy and strengthen my spells.

*Steps in the center of the star, feels a slight resistances as some unseen barrier gives way, and Mesanna finds herself magically transported inside the mountain*

Well that tingled my toes. Now my arms have goose bumps, and my hair is standing on their ends. Feels like magic is harnessed in the air here. What is this inexplicable sensation in my gut guiding my steps further, deeper into the mountain? No time to consider the implications, a cackling laughter broke through the bewildering wonderment beguiling me as a wretched lich greeted my arrival.

Empowered by the sacred ground I found myself upon, I casted a flamestrike spell without blinking, and watched the dry tinder like bark skin incinerate the bane of most cemeteries instantly to ash. I should have been scared, I shouldn’t be capable of this kind of power. Yet instead something comforting is seemingly lulling me through the twists and turns in a near dream-like state, avoiding passages filled with Daemons, Liches, and Ogre Lords until I caught sight of a marble city encapsulated in a large cavern chamber.

No sooner had I laid eyes upon this marvelous city of mystery than a patrol of Mages bearing a coat of arms on their robes of a silver star on black background beckoned me “Welcome Mesanna to the City of Wind. We are the Caretakers, the Colloquium has been expecting you at the Seat of Knowledge, please join us.”

The invitation was intriguing to say the very least, I found this new sense of destiny outright irresistible at most. Besides I wasn’t about to try my chances back out among the true denizens of the dungeon. Even with them so near, somehow I felt right at home here. Shortly I found myself among a council of mages in a magnificent library the likes the world has never seen. They spoke to me in clear solemn whispers.

“Mesanna your arrival has been foretold since the defeat of Mondain. We have guarded the seat of your power here in Wind for millennium awaiting your return. We have watched you learn and endure your lessons, the hardships you’ve overcome since being enslaved as a servant to a lowly barkeeper. Has your noble mission to understand and attain the virtues of Honor, Honesty, Humility, Spirituality, Compassion, Justice, Valor, and Sacrifice from the perspective of those who worship you enlightened and prepared you for the ascension?”

Although completely dumbfounded and awestruck, a cord of truth strummed my heart. As though awakened from a trance, their words pumped adrenaline in my veins. I could not find the words to answer, so I nodded yes. Each elder satisfied with my response, began to circle around me, and began chanting. A magic gate appeared before me, and in unison they encouraged me “Mesanna, it is time you seized and harness the shard of immortality once more.”

I stepped through the gate and into a glade still within the mountain, and glided towards a spring within a grove. Shining, floating eye level above the water, a crystal shard sparkled and beamed rays in a myriad of colors. A familiar voice, my own was calling me forth from within the crystal, reminding me who I was, who I am, and who I always will be. I am the Dark Queen, the Evil Mistress, the Goddess, the Creator and Destroyer Of Worlds.

For a moment, I may have hesitated just a little to notice that I felt a darkness begin to surround me, caress me. Suddenly out of nowhere the glade began to be flooded with daemons, balrons, liches, elementals, and monsters the likes I’ve never seen. Were they there to stop me, witness history, or fuel my new dark powers? It matters naught to me as I stood in the waters and cupped the gem in my palms, and shed the last vestiges of my humanity. Lightening erupted around me, flames ignited through me, and shockwaves stunned all those throughout the mountain.
A giddy gleeful sensation tickled me from head to toe as I began to shoot forth chain lighting from my fingers, I called meteor showers to crush from above, willed earthquakes to rattle and shake from below, spurted pools of acid to swallow, poison gas to suffocate and summoned spells until everything that moved was scorched gooey globs of smoking cinders. When the ascension was complete, a single solitary thought penetrated my reverie, focused my purpose, and I roared “I am Mesanna, and I Kill, Because I Care!“


Mesanna’s Ascension By Olcher of Atlantic

Mesanna had always heard about the infamous Council of Mages from when she lived in Magincia, and now with what seemed to be an invitation to join them, she was conflicted. She had grown accustom to the simple life on the outskirts of Luna tending to her goats, however, she also knew that she is was destine for something much greater and that the Council of Mages could help her realize her potential. She knew that with accepting the invitation she would have to leave her goats behind, including her beloved Peggie.

After several sleepless days, Mesanna decided to accepted the invitation. “It won’t be forever… maybe a few months at most. I will visit as much as I can.” she whispered to Peggie as tears ran down her face. Peggie understandingly nudged Mesanna. She entrusted her goats to a local school boy named Timmy who she met at the “Most Impressive Goat” contest. She knew they would be left in capable hands while she is gone.

Mesanna gathered her few belongings set out for magical island of Moonglow, the new home of the Council of Mages. She took the moongate out of Luna to Felucia where she was greeted by an elf magician wearing a robe with a distinct shade of blue. He introduced himself as Mytor before he hurried Mesanna in to the forest. “There is no time – we are not safe out in the open” he explained as they ran deeper in to the forest. Passing a graveyard and a zoo, they finally reached the Southern tip of Moonglow island where the Council of Mages had moved after the destruction of Magincia.

Upon arriving in the CoM base, Mesanna was treated very well – everyone was very kind to her. Being the only female magician, she was given her own dormitory away from the boys. Mytor explained that he was the headmaster and he had heard about her great magic skills from former Magincia residents who witnessed her great escape. She was summoned there to let her magic skills grow and flourish. She accepted delightfully, and for the first time ever, forgot about her goats for just a moment.

After several weeks of magic training, she approached Mytor to see if she could take a few day break to go home and visit her goats. “It’s only been a few weeks and your magic skills are already flourishing – they have already surpassed a second-year magician. Your powers are great, especially with the gate travel spell – you are close to a breakthrough with it. Do you really want to throw that all away for goats?” Mytor explained to Mesanna in a disturbed tone. With her head hung low, Mesanna walked out of the room and cried herself to sleep.

For the next few days Mesanna had become very homesick and her attitude reflected upon it. She saw Mytor on her way back to her room. “I am very upset, please, if you would just let me go for a day or two I would just like to visit with my goats.” Mesanna begged to Mytor.

“You will not be allowed to leave during training. Furthermore, I have taken care of your goats. They will no longer be interfering with your studies.” Mytor replied.

Mesanna broke out in tears as she whimpered, “No you… didn’t… Kal Ort Por.” She quickly recalled back to her home outside of Luna. As she arrived, her heart sunk. Her small thatched-roof cottage and adjacent barn were ablaze. “My goats…. my Peggie…” she cried as she watched everything burn to the ground. She felt helpless but she knew there was one thing she could do.

As fast as she could she ran back to the Council of Mages base. Upon arrival she screamed in anger, “WHERE IS MYTOR?” in the middle of the dining hall.

The room went dead silent and one of the first year mages said, “He went to a meeting at the Serpents Cross tavern [of Atlantic] north of Yew. Here’s a rune.” She quickly recalled off of it.

Upon arriving at the Tavern, she saw several different varieties of horses she has never seen before… that distinct hue of blue, dark red, green, and a dark purple. Never the less, she stormed inside. Upon entering the dark room that smelled of spilled beer and spirits, she quickly pointed out Mytor. “YOU!” she screamed as she pointed at Mytor, “Kal Vas Flam” she said at the top of her lungs. At that point Mesanna realized her true magic powers. As she cast the spell her skin became pure black.

The flame strike not only instantly killed Mytor and several others next to him, it exploded the entire room and even singed her clothes to a special dark-black hue. She quickly realized the destruction she had caused and ran outside in a hurry.

As she walked out of the Tavern, a large group of bystanders outside looked at her with their jaws seemingly on the ground. “I didn’t mean to do that! I kill because I care–” Mesanna attempted to explain before she was cutoff by the angry mob that had formed.

“Get her!” One man in the mob screamed before they all grabbed their weapons and charged Mesanna. She knew she was in trouble, and in haste, she fumbled with her runes in her pocket and casted the gate spell.

“Vas Rel Por”, she mumbled before she was sucked into a moongate. This time it was different. She ended up in what seemed like the same location, except the houses were different and there was no tavern here. This is where she realized what Mytor had said was true and that her gate spell had advanced. The age old story of Mondain the Wizard and the ‘Shards’ did exist and she could travel between them freely. Mesanna realizes her true potential at that moment.

Ever since, she can be found roaming the shards killing the mortal humans, elves, and gargoyles as revenge for all the pain and suffering they have caused her and her beloved Peggie. It has been rumored that a few lucky people that do find her are not killed instantly, and on the contrary, may be rewarded.


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