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[EM EVENT] Taryn’s Travels – Ziggy an the Leprechauns

March 17, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Event]Taryn’s Travels – Ziggy and the Leprechauns
Posted on March 17, 2014 by EMFaineMorgan

Ziggy woke up and bounded out of bed and grinned. It was St. Patrick’s Day! He wasn’t really sure who this Patrick person was but it’s all the Leprechauns had talked about for weeks and today was the day and he was going to HELP! He was so excited he could barely contain himself. But he remembered what Taryn told him about trying to be calm. To tell the truth, he didn’t remember exactly what she’d said but she’d said it a LOT so it was probably important and had something to do with patience. Or calmness. Or, um, well, one of those things anyway. He was too excited to remember for sure. He was going to HELP! Today!

Ziggy pushed his way out of his sleeping tent with a huge grin on his face looking around for Shamrock Goldenshoes who had promised promised PROMISED that Ziggy could help him today.

Ziggy stopped and stared. Something was wrong, very wrong. The leprechauns weren’t signing and dancing and throwing their gold and shamrock’s into the air. They were quiet…and still…too quiet and too still. Ziggy had a very very bad feeling about this. Ziggy started backing up looking for somewhere to hide. He wasn’t sure what was happening but it was coming out of that big hole and it didn’t look good, it didn’t look good at all. In fact, it looked big and scary and the leprechauns were changing…

Ziggy dove back into his tent and covered himself with leaves and twigs. Maybe if he stayed really really still, the big, scary smoke thing wouldn’t see him. It smelled really bad too!

Ziggy started chanting softly as he squeezed his eyes tight shut and put his fingers in his ears, “Taryn, Taryn, Taryn, Taryn…I promise this is NOT my fault! I never helped at all!”
Taryn couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong again. She was frustrated that they had yet to find anyone willing or able to even begin to look at the samples they’d collected. Everyone seemed to agree that Donal would know the best person to analyze the samples, but Donal was traveling and not due back for another few days.

Taryn had a sinking feeling they didn’t have a few days. In fact, it was St. Patrick’s Day and the leprechaun’s never failed to come visit. Only, this year they hadn’t and there’d been no sign of Ziggy. Yes, she was pretty sure that was a very bad sign.

Taryn pulled on her pack and set off. They better see if they could find Ziggy, and hope that all was well with the leprechaun’s.
Gather at the West Britain Counselor Hall on Wednesday, March 19th at 6:30 p.m. Pacific time.
(This event was originally intended to run ON St. Patrick’s Day but, due to unforeseen real life work circumstances, it had to be pushed back a few days.)


Evil Lurks

March 10, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

When last we left Taryn, the Shaman of the Wolfkin Clan was injured and taken to the healers after a visit to their village where we found nothing but burned-out buildings and trash.

Last evening she called us all together once again to see if we could find any clues we had missed at the Wolfkin village on our last visit…the news she had about the Shaman was grim and now their Elder, Firehair has gone missing.

Upon our arrival at the Wolfkin Village, we were immediately assaulted by several diseased rodents. We notice several smoldering fires, and the foul smell of sewage permeated the air. The communal well near the entrance to the village, which was the main water source for the Wolfkin, was filled with vile-smelling putrid water, bubbling and gurgling from the ground. Taryn shook her head…*This is not how it was…nothing is how it was…what has happened here?*  She gingerly put on a pair of gloves and dipped a decanter into the water to take a sample for later testing, maybe it would shed some light on the evil that had infiltrated this once peaceful place.

Upon further investigation, we discovered what looked to be a holding area behind a barricade, rotting skeletons and bowls of bloody water littered the cell-like structure.  Just inside the barricade, we found what looked to be the remains of a crate or box, a dried pool of strangely-colored blood sat in the midst of the rubble, and next to it an Enchanted Cutlass covered in Blood. Bodies of Enchanted Wolfkin lay scattered on the ground.  A pile of badly burnt bones next to a bloody ankh in one of the tents raised even more questions as we slowly made our way through the village.

Taryn sighed deeply *I want to check on the Unicorns…I fear something might have happened to them as well.* Muttering an ancient spell, a portal opened and we piled through…only to be stopped by a strange-looking rock  slide blocking the entrance to the Unicorn’s home.  *Well* Said Taryn *This doesn’t bode well…does anyone have any explosives?* She half-jokingly asked. *Use some blackrock* came a voice within the crowd. *Oh? Does that explode?* Asked Taryn, raising a brow. *If you cast the Armageddon spell on it…yes* Maharia shuddered…she still heard voices in her head from doing just that and shook her head muttering *bad…very bad things…*

Taryn placed a small piece of the rock near the entrance, telling everyone to stand back…and spoke the words to the dangerous spell. An explosion rocked the cavern, shuddering the ground and causing a plume of smoke to envelope the group. As the smoke cleared, the entrance to the cave was open. Coughing and wiping our eyes, we slowly entered the Unicorns lair.

A few feet into the cave, we were met by dark, twisted-looking equine creatures. Quickly dispatching these, we looked around. * this isn’t right!* cried Taryn *This isn’t how it was…it was beautiful…full of flowers and life…but now…* Her voice trailed off as we slowly looked around at the desolation. Once again the smell of fire and smoke permeated the air, what was once living was now dead and burnt. A fountain, obviously the Unicorns drinking water, was filled with a dark-grey liquid, not as foul-smelling as the sewage in the Wolfkin Village, but obviously not something any living person would care to drink. Once again Taryn gingerly took a small sample. *Look around….something horrible happened here as well*.

Near the entrance, we noticed a small burnt-out area with strange blood, the corpses of wolves littering the outer edges. A bloody Mystical Blade lay on the ground beside it. Taryn carefully picked it up and placed it in her satchel along with the Enchanted Cutlass. *Notice the fresh pile of dirt in the middle of that?* Someone said *Maybe take a sample of that too, it might hold some clues* Taryn nodded *Good thinking, anything we can think of to sample to find out what has happened here* She leaned down and carefully scooped up a small sample, and as she touched the dirt, a foul creature, The Puppet, appeared, oozing acidic slime from it’s pores.

Once the evil creature was dead, and finding no more clues as to what happened, we quickly headed back to the safety of Britain to discuss our next move.
*I will ask Donal if he can test these samples and weapons..maybe he can find out something. I also have to send word to Ziggy…I left him with the Leprechauns and I fear that some unknown evil is lurking, he can keep an eye out and let me know if anything is amiss.* Taryn sighed deeply, shaking her head *Thank you all, again, for your help. As soon as I hear anything, I will call upon you again, please keep your eyes open and be careful.*

[EM Event] Taryn’s Travels Continue

March 08, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Taryn Sullivan looked up hopefully as the healer emerged from the small hut. The look on his face soon dashed all hopes she had held as to the outcome for her friend.

“Is there no way to save her then?” Taryn asked sadly, watching as two more healers and three of the finest veterinarians in the land filed quietly out as well.

“I’m afraid not Taryn,” the master healer said gravely. “Her injuries were too numerous. We’ve tried everything we know but it’s only a matter of time now my dear. I’m so very sorry.”

The healer patted Taryn’s shoulder and moved away. Taryn sat down heavily and placed her head in her hands. She couldn’t help but wonder if she’d somehow been responsible for the fate of the Shaman and the rest of the Wolfkin. The scene they’d found still haunted her. So many bodies; so many more missing. And now it seemed the Elder Firehair was to be added to the list of the missing.

Nothing the Shaman had muttered had made any sense. The fact that something evil had crawled out of the ground and wreaked havoc on the Wolfkins’ lair was obvious. What that evil was, however, was not so obvious. Maybe they’d missed a clue or overlooked something?

Taryn turned her journal over in her hands. She couldn’t imagine how she could have possibly been responsible but she couldn’t shake the feeling. She also couldn’t shake the urgency that was growing to check on the other friends she’d met as well as looking over the Wolfkin lair one more time. She only hoped that she was being paranoid and the rest of her friends were safe.

She opened her travel journal and turned the pages slowly from back to front. Yes, there. That’s the next group they’d check on. If all was well, it would be a chance to introduce the groups to each other. Taryn guessed they’d find out as she stood up and brushed off her skirt and headed into town.
Meet Taryn Sullivan at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall, Sunday, March 9th at 4:00 p.m. Pacific.

[EM Event] Taryn’s Travels

February 21, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Event]Taryn’s Travels

Taryn Sullivan tossed her pack onto the table, stretched her arms above her head and looked around the cozy room grinning. It felt good to be home. She’d seen some amazing things in her time away and her travels had taken her to unbelievable places but, in the end, there really was no place quite like home.

Taryn chuckled to herself as she wondered if Donal would even realize how long she’d been gone. The scattered books and papers as well as the overturned bottle of ink and shavings from the quills indicated that he’d probably been lost in his research again. She wondered when he’d eaten last as he tended to forget everything when he got engrossed in a new project.

Turning back to her pack, Taryn picked it up and walked into her bedroom to unpack. She pulled her clothes out and put them in her dresser and then moved on to the trinkets collected in her travels. She smiled over each one, carefully placing them on the shelf beneath her window, as the memories poured over her. She couldn’t wait to see her friends again to tell them of her travels and share the amazing sights. Some of the creatures she’d met on her journeys were curious about the humans, elves and gargoyles Taryn called friends. Really, though, Taryn considered them the next thing to the family she’d never really had. They’d been through so much together and she’d missed them so badly.

Taryn reached into her pack for the book of her travels. That would be a good thing to use to plan some excursions. Maybe they could start with the dragon colony. No, on second thought, maybe they should wait a bit as the new little dragons would be just hatching and the mothers would be in super protective mode. The slightest breach of protocol at this point could prove, well…ok, scratch the dragon colony for now.

Taryn stopped her musings to frown as her fingers didn’t encounter the book she knew should be in the bottom of her pack. Concentrating more fully, she turned her pack upside down, dumping the remaining contents onto her bed. She sighed in exasperation. Now where on earth could the book be. Thinking back to when she had last made an entry, she started to grin. Well, of course! That’s where she’d left the journal she’d just bet. And what a wonderful place to show her friends! It was the perfect place to start the introductions.
You are cordially invited to meet Taryn Sullivan on Sunday, February 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Pacific at the West Britain Counselor Hall.

[EM Announcement] Cupid goes traveling!

February 13, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Announcement]Cupid goes traveling!

On Friday, February 14th, Cupid will be spreading the love to our red tinted friends! I will move the Cupid statue to Felucca, near the Yew Gate but outside of guard zone around 12 noon Eastern. It will stay there until approximately 12 noon Eastern time on Saturday at which time he will travel back to the West Britain Counselor Hall.

Remember, this is OUTSIDE of Guard Zone IN Felucca for about 24 hours.

[EM Announcement] Curtain going up!!

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[EM NEWS] Hey there Origin, Guess What???

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[EM Event] Meet and Greet Origins New EM!

July 21, 2013 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Hail and well met Originals! I bring you exciting news.


Tomorrow…July 22 (Monday) at 7:3o PM PST we will be welcoming our new EM!


Please put on your Sunday (Or Monday!) best and come out to meet and greet EM Chaotica and give her Origins warmest welcome!

[EM EVENT] A Wing and a Prayer

April 19, 2013 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Gather Monday night, April 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Pacific at the Counselor’s Hall to investigate the strange, random invasions of Zento and see if it can be determined what is behind the odd, heat bearing creatures.

Immediately following the event, there will be a meeting at the Counselor’s Hall. I have some news to share. Hope to see you all Monday.

[EM Fiction] Things that go bump in the night

April 14, 2013 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


Emiko scrunched her eyes tightly closed and curled into a tighter ball, making herself as small as possible in the corner of the basement where she hid with her family. She tried so very hard not to make a sound but it was hard when she wanted so badly to sob out loud. Haha said that if they were very good and very quiet the monsters would not find them. Emiko just wanted the strange beings to go back in the hole they climbed out of and everything go back to normal.

Chichi has said that when the strange machine was destroyed and the land was normal again, that things would be well for them. But then the strange hole opened up and the scary monsters climbed out of it. They kept coming even though the people tried to fight them back. Everywhere they went, a trail of fire went as well. The people of the town had been kept busy putting out fires and trying to fend off the attacks that were getting more frequent.

When the attacks first started, they had sent out pleas for help to the far corners of the world. None had responded to the desperate entreaties and Emiko didn’t understand why. She had seen the armies of citizens band together to fight in the desert above her home. She had heard tales of their courage and perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds. And yet, to a small girl, it seemed unbelievable that none had come to aid them. Chichi said perhaps they never received the messages beseeching help. Maybe they didn’t know that for many nights in a row, evil things crawled out of the ground to wreak havoc on their city.

There had been a pause for several days and the people had almost managed to fill back in the hole. Everyone had hoped that the worst was over, even without help. And then tonight, the hole reopened and creatures poured forth again. They seemed to be looking for something. Emiko only wished they would find it and leave her family and her city in peace. She wanted to run and play and sing again. She wanted to go to school with her friends and play with her dolls.

Emiko curled even tighter and tried to hum softly to drown out the sounds of fighting and fire and the weird sounds the monsters made. She hoped and hoped and hoped and hoped that either they would go away or someone would finally answer their calls for help. She just wanted the awful night to end…