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Below, we present the autumn manifesto for governor candidate Morgan Ironfist. Viscount Goop’s will also be published here if and when it becomes available.

Morgan Ironfist’s manifesto:

Why are you running for governor?
Having the chance to influence Britannia’s well-being and speaking for the honorable people of the trade town New Magincia is my primary concern.

Have you any previous political experience?
Besides being the leader of Gilfane’s PvP branch, House Nemesis, and being the only Duke of Magincia ever appointed, I have no other guild-leading experience since Gilfane was the first guild I joined on Siege and I have been a member since then. Loyalty is very important to me.

What qualities do you think you possess which would make you a good governor?
I am able to listen. I make decisions on the facts that I have access to at the time. I make plans before I act. If I have my eyes focused on a target, I usually get it.

Are you planning on running any trade deals? If so, which ones and how do you intend to finance them?
New Magincia was the only town able to sustain the trade deal throughout all three months of my previous term. Besides private funds, loyal citizens who used the trade deal donated through my office mailbox (just north-west of New Magincia bank) a considerable amount of gold (ten million last term). Power scroll hunts for the benefit of Magincia are held, and those collected are sold to fund the treasury of our town. If elected, I will be looking to continue running a trade deal with the Guild of Assassins.

Do you have any plans to petition the King for town improvements?
I will be campaigning for treasury changes. Right now, every citizen of respected status is able to utilize the active trade deal for free. I believe that a token amount of, for example, 50k gold pieces when you want the benefit of your town’s trade deal would be a great way to fund the trade deal. It would also give the citizens of a certain town the benefit of showing their governor whether they approve the current deal or not. In addition to that, the costs of all trades done inside the city of New Magincia should be lightened.

Do you have any other plans/promises for the towns, e.g. events, etc.?
Besides the above mentioned hunts, sheriff Nyssa has been issued with the order to listen to what our citizens need and want, so we can act and react on their needs and demands.

Would you have any particular policies towards specific groups, e.g. murderers, thieves, elves, mages, etc.?
We are a free trade city so obviously everyone who has something to sell or wants to buy is welcome. But murderers, bullies and thieves be aware that threatening gestures towards our honorable citizen and guests or acts of thievery will be dealt with…swiftly.

What do you think of your opponent, Viscount Goop?
I have the highest respect one can hold for him…a slime. After his defeat last term we actually worked together and I passed the responsibility of keeping the streets of New Magincia clean to him. And let’s face it, since the rebellion the streets have never been any cleaner, so he is a slime that can get that job done very well.

Any other thoughts or messages you would like to pass on to your electorate?
Everyone who knows me either likes or hates me, but everyone knows that I am true to my word. So hear this: I will represent New Magincia to the best of my abilities and fight for its rights in the Council should I get re-elected for another term.


Viscount Goop’s Manifesto:

Not yet available

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