Britain election “too close to call”

September 14, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

Vigorous campaigning in Moonglow

Citizens of Britannia now have less than a day to cast their votes in the governorship elections, and in Britain, Minoc and Moonglow, each one could be crucial.

The closest contest is in the capital, where Sprago has narrowed the gap to his challenger, Hugibear, and now trails by only three votes.

“The latest count is 17-14,” said Jebidiah the herald, “and there’s an awful lot of folk who haven’t voted yet. The summer contest was effectively over two or three days before the end, but this one is going down to the wire. It’s too close to call.”

The Britain election has been universally acknowledged as a rather lacklustre affair, with no candidate making any efforts to reach out to anyone but their own core voters. In Moonglow, though, after a relatively slow start, campaigning has been furious and the city has turned into the main battleground of this term’s elections.

Yesterday saw governor Sam stepping up his efforts for re-election with a fresh appeal to his supporters, the result of which has been a doubling of his vote count in the past twenty-four hours. Challenger York, meanwhile, is employing elaborate (and no doubt expensive) advertising methods including the use of specially trained birds flying “Vote York” banners. This has helped him keep up a steady stream of votes and he still enjoys a decent, but reduced, advantage of 24-18 over Sam.

But it is still all to play for, and York is maintaining his stoic demeanour, “It’s not over until tomorrow, so it’s still up in the air for me. I am campaigning when I can.” He also went on to add a conciliatory note to his adversary, “Sam has great support in Moonglow. I don’t see why we can’t work together regardless of who wins.”

For his part, Sam was far less forthcoming about the situation, seemingly genuinely shocked by the vigour of his hitherto unknown opponent and the support which he his enjoying. “Who knows?” was his only reply when asked if he still thought victory was possible. But he went on to suggest that he would indeed be willing to work with York.

It has been a quiet day in the other two contested cities of Minoc and New Magincia. There seems to have been no voting activity at all yesterday in the former, but with such a low turnout one cannot rule out a last-minute rush of votes tipping the scales in Ladra’s favour. And in the latter, Viscount Goop is still without a single vote. There have been sightings of the slime at his swamp in Zento, but he has been unavailable for comment and it is anybody’s guess of quite what his game plan is. But it would seem that nothing short of starting a Barracoon spawn in New Magincia is going to save him now.

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