Bleak, Gryphon, Kyronix, Misk, Pratt, Phoenix, Waterloo, Malachi, Elizabella, Messana and Lady Lava OH MY !

April 30, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Bleak, Gryphon, Kyronix, Misk, Pratt, Phoenix, Waterloo, Malachi, Elizabella, Messana and Lady Lava OH MY !

It was a celebrity filled Tic Tac Dough event, part of the Rares Fest on Great Lakes. Engineers, Devs, EMs, QA, Stratics Big Wigs and even a reporter filled the boxes in this Hollywood Squares type game.

The one and only Mesanna with hostess Melian of MOA ran this event. Before Messana introduced the celebrities she made it clear that there would be no funny business at this event. To make sure of it she brought along two of her thugs both named, Tic Tac Dough of DEATH. They were big so when Mesanna yelled out to the crowd, ” These guys are not going to take you to jail or warn you if you mess up or disrupt the game. We are just going to slay you “  everyone heeded her word.

Melian being the hostess with the mostess gave the rules and the two first contestants were selected after answering trivia questions correctly and quickly. Those two were Vida Guerra and the infamous bank sitter Ghost.

The questions asked in this game were from the real world and my first question was, ” Flour and fat, mixed and heated together form a thickening agent called ? ” The answer was , roux.  It was rather strange being transported into the game box. When watching Hollywood Squares as a child I always wondered what it would feel like being in one of those boxes. Needless to say this is the closest I will ever get. All the questions were rather good and fun. The second set of players selected were Kara and Jill. There was only time for two rounds of this game as other things were planned for the evening. I could have played this for hours! The winners were given gold reward prizes but this was about the game and having fun. The set for this game was beautifully designed.  My only minor complaint, I was on the bottom level and could not hear what was being typed on the top level but it did not matter really.  

Thank you to everyone that put time and effort into this event. It is just another example of how great Great Lakes, UO and Stratics staff are. 

A little side note to Messana, if you ever want to lend me your Tic Tac Dough of DEATH buddies I could use a couple body guards when this Tram girl ventures into Fel.

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